World of Warplanes: XF-85 Goblin

World of Warplanes has just released the XF-85 Goblin and is currently selling it as the apparently the first and only premium plane you could by in Wowp, which is a first for any WG title. This is a rather unexpected move made by Wargaming and i’m not sure what i should think of it. But you be the Judges of WG selling a tier 9 vehicle for money in their game.

More details on the plane can be found here

Quick description of the Plane: The XF-85 Goblin is a parasite fighter and was meant to be launched and retrieved in mid flight by B-29 bombers in order to protect them. The project was cancelled and the Goblin never entered mass production as the docking maneuver was simply to dangerous.

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World of Warplanes: XF-85 Goblin

6 thoughts on “World of Warplanes: XF-85 Goblin

  1. As a fan of WoWP 2.0, I hate this direction WoWP is taking premiums. We’ve had tier 9 and 10 premiums before, but they didn’t have the increased credit earning potenial and they were usually like CW reward or something. I hate this tier 9 premium crap

  2. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    Nothing strange since after Do 335 and XP15C event ended, a big success as WoWP 2.0 is, established lowest players count since few years, and nothing suggests that the trend will stop.
    So after this sale, I’d expect another event with prizes quite soon.

  3. wolvenworks says:

    if you count the Buffalo prototype during the Warplanes beta way back then when warplanes just came out, no it’s not the first one

    1. LevelZer0 says:

      That is because they have a “the” too much (i suggest one of the 2 around “apparently”) and a “tier 9 ” too less (I suggest to put if before “premium plane”.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love how in the vid they show all those airplanes exploding and especially the Russian GA… They don’t show you how long in too the machine guns to take it out. Unless these are special machine guns then you gotta be blasting for a long time especially against GA’s.

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