WoT 1.0.2 Test Changes

Here’s a list of the upcoming (preliminary) changes for the 1.0.2 test server:

Main Changes

  1. Bootcamp has been significantly improved. A set of combat and Garage missions has been added. At the same time:
  2. The missions are available to new players (who have fought less than 1,000 battles and do not have vehicles of Tier VI and higher) after completion of Bootcamp. The missions help players learn the basic mechanics of the game. Players receive useful in-game property as a reward for completing the missions.
  3. The missions consist of three sets:
    • Completion of Bootcamp
    • Briefing
    • Road to Glory
  4. After completing all sets, a player gets a token they can exchange for any non-Premium vehicle of Tier VI, even if the player has not researched it yet.
  5. Training Center has been introduced to help new players learn the game basics that they need to know to succeed in World of Tanks.
  6. All topics are sorted by categories and presented as files containing images together with brief descriptions.
  7. Training Center consists of the following sections:
    • For Newcomers
    • Game Modes
    • Player’s Vehicle
    • Vehicle Types
    • Attack Basics
    • Defense Basics
    • Other
  8. Training Center is available in the game menu displayed upon pressing the Escape key.
  9. Several issues of game locations have been fixed, some passages to areas not intended for playing have been removed on the following maps:
    • Ruinberg
    • Cliff
    • Abbey
    • Sand River
    • Tundra
  10. Several balance improvements have been made to the following maps:
    • Fjords
    • Malinovka
    • Mountain Pass
    • Erlenberg
  11. The Klondike map has been added for Grand Battles.
  12. Vehicle exterior
    • Currently, if a player wants to change the vehicle exterior, the vehicle is transferred to a special customization Garage
    • Currently, styles can be applied to all vehicles of Tier VIII, not only to Premium ones.
  13. Besides, some changes to the Garage interface and its sounds have been introduced.


Changes to Vehicle Technical Characteristics


The following vehicles have been added:

  • К-91
  • Object 277
  • T-34 Shielded

Changes to vehicle technical characteristics:

  • Object 268 Version 4
    • Increased dispersion during movement of the Object 268 Version 4 suspension by 33%
    • Increased dispersion on hull traverse by 33%
    • Changed the traverse speed of the Object 268 Version 4 suspension from 23 deg/s to 22 deg/s
    • Increased dispersion on gun traverse of the 152 mm M-53S gun by 20%
    • Changed the aiming time of the 152 mm M-53S gun from 2 s to 2.5 s.
    • Changed the gun traverse speed from 30 deg/s to 28 deg/s
    • Decreased armor of the hull
    • Changed the top speed from 55 km/h to 50 km/h
    • Changed the rear speed from 22 km/h to 18 km/h
    • Changed the engine power from 1,500 h.p. to 1,350 h.p.
    • Changed the vehicle durability from 2,100 to 2,000 HP.


Some sceenshots of the new training screens and the customization garage (granted, in Russian, but y’all know how this works by now):

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