WoT 1.0 Test server Update 5

Yesterday there was an update on the test server. These were the contents:


Fixed problems:

– Colour filter selection interface errors
– Fixed a problem, due to which it was possible to change color correction parameters with minimum graphics settings in full-screen mode.
– Fixed an issue where the currently installed theme filter was disabled after switching to the user-defined color correction settings.
– Fixed an issue where disabling effects in the game settings caused all effects to be turned off on the map.
– Fixed a problem in the operation of auto-selection of players for team Battles.
– Fixed a problem causing the reload indicator to display incorrectly after minimizing the game while reloading.
– Fixed a problem with low framrate for Ultra presets for the first few seconds after loading the map.
– Fixed an issue that sometimes caused frame rate drop when switching to sniper mode.
– Fixed a problem that caused the client to hang when hovering over the marathon flag.
– Fixed an issue where the number of gun marks was not displayed in the garage .
– Fixed a problem that caused the turret to interact incorrectly with the hull after bombing explosions.
– Fixed a problem, due to which the shape of trees changed when you moved away from then towards them.

Know Issues:
– The penetration indicator is sometimes red all the time.
– Differences in terrain on some maps between client and server
– Framefate dropping when destroying buildings supported by Havok
– Reduced sound level of one channel
– a full-screen not saving mode

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WoT 1.0 Test server Update 5

9 thoughts on “WoT 1.0 Test server Update 5

    1. Anonymous says:

      I think that’s a general test server issue. The marker has not worked correctly on most test server updates for the last year.

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