WoT 1.1 Micropatch

Small micropatch set to go live later this week (September 9th, roughly 6AM CEST)

Among the planned fixes are:

  • Fixing an error with Strongholds where players can’t reserve the required number of slots.
  • Fixing an error with the damage done to invisible vehicles by allied players on the post-battle screen.
  • Some general technical errors.
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WoT 1.1 Micropatch

One thought on “WoT 1.1 Micropatch

  1. The MM Template is working much better today now rotating from -2 ~ +2MM quite evenly
    top tier almost 50% of the time and having good games, and teams seem better, so yes kind’a happy player

    Suppose THIS micro-patch is going to ‘fix’ all that and put it back to before 1.1 update to WHEN I was barely top tier ~ and was pissed off playing endless quick turbo slaughter games,

    new micro-patch Cant wait …………………………

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