WoT 21st January Q&A

Good day everybody,

A late Q&A here from various WG folks, discussing the newest Sandbox iteration and the recently tested Trade-In feature on the RU server.

From Anton (Evilly) Pankov:

* Evili, and some of the crew in the know- when will the Tier 10 lights come?

– There’s a transition of the experience, crews, camo etc. dilemma discuss.

– There will be changes to arty in another iteration.

* It looks like the LT will be limited in the fighting. Keep one on each team (Sandbox).

– No.

– In the Sandbox we will shoot the offenders without trial. And for a chat offences or team damage/killing, just throw screens on the sandbox forum.

* And the automated report system does not work there?

– It works.

* And you can not ask for a transfer to at least partially altered model for the Tier 10 Sheridan? His appearance, especially at the rear, completely discourages any desire to grind for this machine.

– It’s in the process.

* When are the Tier 10 Lights?

– It’s not done being configured.

* What are the plans for transferring gold bought camo when the light tank lines are adjusted?

– We’re discussing how best to do this. We haven’t decided anything yet.

* (Relating to a bug caught forcing high tier Swedish TDs to have to go through the cycle of deploying seige mode when bumping other players)

– I’ve checked, there was a report already Fix will go into the next version..

* Any plans on having an ‘’auto accept” (DN: possibly referring to removing the need to activate specific missions) for personal missions?

-. For personal missions, no ”auto accept’ is not planned

* There are fears that the action “Trade-in” slow down, or even cancel upcoming award premiums.

– Awards are not affected.

* But if you can answer the specific question: Premium tank prizes for personal missions and other marathons take can not be added to the trade-in list on some sort of principle?

– It’s a test for a new function, it did not include all the levels because it is a test event, no sense to add everything. If things go well we’ll continue to expand the list. A list tanks that are not available for the exchange is in the first news post on the forum.

* Will there be a “road map” for the frankly garbage 59/Patton to somehow predict a change?

– N/C.

* In general, the potatoes failed in “Trade-in”, as always greed wins. Dismiss whoever you have in charge of monetization. All that had to be introduced for money to flow was to create a trading platform for the exchange of technology between the players. WG could then collect a small percentage of the transaction amount, but not this draconian amount.

– Why is it necessary to produce black markets?

* That’s just the white market, Wargaming as a site owner will charge a tax of 20-30%. What we have now is a black market: pumping equipment and farming fixed dummy battles with the help of WG employees, gold from the clan of farmers, etc.

– One idiot was caught, stupidly, lets not get a ‘’one size fits all’ thing going. Unless, apart from this incident, there is the evidence of others?

From Alex Ilyin of WG FM

– Today (20.01), we added a big wave of participants in the “sandbox”.
– Amount of time spent on the first iteration will depend on how quickly and accurately we will collect feedback from players, and how quickly we will process all of the statistics.
– The selection criteria are not hard to Sandbox. It is also worth considering that if you come to us, we see how many players we need to add in comparison with the amount online currently + should take into account the opportunities and capacity of the server, it is not that big.
– Now MM balancing is actively being worked on, but it can not be said that it is ready, there are many technical issues. The task to create more equal and fair teams, there are many nuances. More is necessary to provide many situations: stocks, stream, somewhere something is such a big splash system should work so that players do not notice the changed conditions.

From Michael Zywiec (Storm)

* It seems to increase the armor role it is necessary to add a few more essential, complex, elements.
1. Change penetration/damage based on distance. That’s how armor penetration changed/reduced momentum and so reduced damage.
2. More awards from tanking, with damage blocked/taken visible in the statistics. The problem that the player still has to know how to tank.
3. Greatly reduce the flight speed of the projectile. Those shooting from a distance will be seriously affected, only able to fire at stationary targets, and only if the projectile will reaches will a lot of things will change. A flanking maneuver will be safer, because I have to get in on the move will be an order of magnitude more difficult.
– IMHO these changes will make the fighting at long range generally useless, and the fans of sitting and shooting from afar get the shaft in game. For example, I like doing that. We must be very careful to find a balance.

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WoT 21st January Q&A

47 thoughts on “WoT 21st January Q&A

  1. Infernal969 says:

    “We want everyone, no matter what kind of a tank they are driving, to drive to the nearest corridor, shoot, get shot, die, pay for gold and leave. Also, be sure to check out our very serious and competetive e-sports scene where players fight the RNG!”

    Btw, apparently I have a WoT account to sell.

    1. A Dude says:

      “Look at me! I need attention so I’ll openly puke into the comment section about leaving the game! Now that will teach WG a lesson!”

      Completely ignoring the fact that every fucking competetive game on the market, be it Overwatch, BF1, CS, CoD or whatever, you name it, IS NOT FUCKING PERFECT.

      The quality of competitive games is mainly measured by their popularity, both in the scene and in pop culture.

      And…WoT is among the most popular.

      Now just leave. We don’t want your kind of bullshitters here either.

      1. Infernal969 says:

        Oh, did I accidentaly piss into your Cheerios, buddy?
        I’m entitled to have an opinion like everyone here, especially about the game I put a lot of my time and money into.
        If you have problem with that and are opting to add nothing to the discussion but to whine that someone doesn’t enjoy WGs retardation, then you are welcome to choke on a dick. You can choose freely whose, from the wide range of WG’s employees, that dick will be.
        Also, WoT is apparently among the most popular competetive games. Lmao. Probably why almost no one is watching that shit on twitch and WG has to throw bonus codes at QB so at least one dude playing their turning-into-shit game gets any views.

      2. Exhar Khun says:

        Sanity! Well done dude. You can’t just keep up with the game on sites like this or in the forums. There’s always the constant background whine of infants like this with the same “Wargaming is out to get us!!1!” bullshit and the constant rng rng rng rng rng rng litany.

        “I’m entitled to an opinion!” the kid cries. Yeah kid, and we’re entitled to open up a window because you stank up the place by opening your mouth and sharing it. Now go sell that account take your poison with you.

      3. Infernal969 says:

        Type in “kid” and “infant” one more time so we make sure what an adult you are.
        Is this just a simple projection from a little shit thinking being 18 is top of the line or maybe the number of candles on your cake is the only thing you have going for you?
        The only thing stinking here is your shilling for WG while adding nothing of value to the discussion.
        And apparently I’m the one crying here, lol.

      4. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

        While WoT is quite popular among the European and Russian audiences, WoT is one of the more niche games. I’m not contesting that it’s popular but the fact that it is not comparable to the larger ones. You cannot fully compare WoT to some of the newer ones, like BF1 or Overwatch, nor to the titles that change frequently, like CoD. The people in WG have had over 5 years to create the game. Unfortunately, they didn’t do it too well. However, you still cannot compare to WoT to anything else. WoT is unique and no other titles compare to it. You must compare it to itself and work ethics of the people over time. If the game has had a good crew with responsive developers, then it’s a success. The success of Battlefield and WoT are independent of one another. They do not affect one another so there is little use in attempting to use them as a solid base for comparison.

        I would also like to contest to your comment about popularity. I live in the US and, maybe because I’m a student, but WoT is by no means popular. In terms of pop culture, WoW and (potentially) Overwatch are more popular. I go to a university that is one of the best in engineering and computer science but WoT is nothing here. While it is a poor indicator of its actual success in the country, it can offer a good idea. Our school has a large international population and if they’re playing LoL or Overwatch, you can get an idea of how popular WoT is.

      5. Exhar Khun says:

        And there’s the background whine again. With the so very predictable: you’re a shill for wg “opinion” that these young adults throw around when they’re having their little tantrums.

        Don’t worry son, we’ve all went through that phase. It’s a part of growing up. Just do your growing up somewhere else.

      6. Wow such harsh words, bet your a really big tough guy huh?

        of course ~ your just 1 person same as me and everyone else, shame you cant remember everyone has a opinion (without confrontation) and what you or myself say means NOTHING

        its what the other 99% of WOT active players think that count as important to WOT
        and if they don’t like the World of Heavy Tanks as in the Sandbox 2017?

        the small corridor brawling Maps and same small selection of boring Maps over and over
        and a Match Making system that does not work in fact it does nothing regards balance
        and Arty is left as it is OP and killing the game

        They will leave stop playing WOT most or all of them, and once there gone?
        simple really.

    2. Did you miss the point of the Sandbox server? Give it a week and a patch to the sandbox will be out with revised changes. The chance of this ever hitting the live server remotely close to what it is now or at all is incredibly slim to the point of nonexistence…

      Please don’t over exaggerate an issue that shouldn’t even be there

  2. A Dude says:

    Geez, the translations on this site were better once. Sometimes the answers completely miss the point of the question, either because of bad placement or apparently insufficient translation.

    But what do I know, if anything I can expect some super helpful “do it better then” replies to this…

    1. Do it better then….

      Also it’s not always possible to full translate every word into another language especially while keeping contaxt and tone.

      Not to mention WG answer the questions like idiots in a lot of cases which is why the answers have almost nothing to do with the question….

      1. OrigamiChik3n says:

        To HAVOC199:
        I did offer my help in translating Russian texts. Received no reply whatsoever. No one can “do it better” if people responsible for this blog do not want it.

      2. VladCelTroll says:

        Translating from Russian ain’t the problem. It’s actually the faulty grammar. After translating they don’t even bother to at least to the smallest amount of proofing. No. They just dump the Russian text into Google Translate, copy-paste it here and pretend to have translated it on their own. If they really did translate it on their own, then it looks to me like they didn’t pass grammar class at all.

        Now, I do understand that English isn’t your first language (almost all the admins here are coming from anywhere else but the UK or US). But, really now, if you’re bad at grammar then call a guy that speaks perfect English and ask him if he could proof your translated texts. And if this ain’t possible, then buy a grammar book for Christ’s sake. Or go back to school, for that matter. And yes, I am a foreigner (Romanian, to be more exact), but my English is very close to the one spoken by your average British or American citizen (close to no grammar mistakes). So, simply saying that you’re a foreigner ain’t an excuse.

        I, too, offered to help them proof their texts. All I got was nothing. This, to me, looks like complete stupidity which is incurable.

        I’m sorry to say all of this, but I had enough of faulty translations.

      3. A Dude says:

        I am just used to a different standard on this particular website. I care about this blog, this is why I pointed that decrease in quality out.

  3. “1. Change penetration/damage based on distance. That’s how armor penetration changed/reduced momentum and so reduced damage.”

    I see the logic behind this, but not with the current state of the penetration drop off over range. It needs to be tweaked some more and balanced around the tank roles they tested in the first Sandbox, something like this:

    Breakthrough: penetration drops off after 50m
    Fire Support and Assault: penetration drops off after 65m
    Cruiser: penetration drops off after 75m
    Tank Destroyer: penetration drops off after 90m

    Breakthrough tanks are your JgPz E100, Maus and Type 5 style of tanks
    Fire Support are your auto-loaders, M48 Patton and FV215b style of tanks
    Assault tanks are your IS-7 and T110E5 style
    Cruisers are mediums
    Tank Destroyers are your snipers like the Obj 263, Obj 268 and Strv 103b

    “3. Greatly reduce the flight speed of the projectile. Those shooting from a distance will be seriously affected, only able to fire at stationary targets, and only if the projectile will reaches will a lot of things will change. A flanking maneuver will be safer, because I have to get in on the move will be an order of magnitude more difficult.
    – IMHO these changes will make the fighting at long range generally useless, and the fans of sitting and shooting from afar get the shaft in game. For example, I like doing that. We must be very careful to find a balance. ”

    I fail to see the need for this

    1. I like your idea that the tank role should dictate he shell dropoff. I would use different values myself however.

      All the heavy heavy tanks that are frontline like Maus or is7 etc should have 25% pen dropoff at max range with dropoff starting at 50m.

      Brawling meds and close range support tanks like the Russian meds and t57 heavy should have 19% dropoff with dropoff starting at 75m.

      Long range support tanks should have 13% dropoff only starting at 100m.

      Sniper tanks that absolutely rely on range like the Leo 1 and amx30b etc should have 7% dropoff starting at 125m.

      Soft back line tank destroyers like the grille, Borsig and swedish td’s should have 0 dropoff at any range but the base penetration should be lowered to similar of other same tier heavy tanks.
      E.G. grille 5 pen should be about 255mm and not 270+. Swedish should have about 260 and not 308mm. But they should have no dropoff at all.

      That way all tanks are forced into their role.
      The heavies who need to be at the frontline will have to be there otherwise their guns won’t penetrate everything.
      The ridiculous base penetration on all tank destroyers etc will be lower which will give back some meaning to armour but tanks that rely on sniping and range to be useful can still do so.

      Reducing shell speed is a stupid all round idea tbh. It takes even more skill away from the game. Leading a target is an important skill for shooting at moving tanks at range. By lowering shell speed even more it just makes it practically worthless to be a sniper. On top of all that it is completely unecessary if the other changes are implemented correctly.

      However the most important change needs to be to gold ammo. You want to make armour useful. Fix the one thing that makes it useless WG.
      Firstly nerf penetration across the board on all gold ammo with a few exceptions on tanks that already have gold ammo.
      There are many secondary ways to balance the ammo. You could have an AW style where the higher pen ammo does less damage and vice versa. This is my favourite option. Then it adds skill into which ammo type would be the most useful, rather than one ammo just being the best. The cost of gold ammo would also be reduced using this method as it no longer just a better ammo but an option. (Of course it is extremely unlikely WG will implement this because they are greedy scum sucking bastards that don’t seem to give a single shit about the game but about how much profit they can make….rant over…)
      You could limit how many gold shells can be carried but this is impractical as it would have to be done on a tank by tank basis. Some tanks require gold to be useful while others have more than enough penetration with standard rounds.
      There are many other ideas out there by many different people that rebalance gold ammo in many different ways. Just test them all and see which is best.

      1. I would personally change prem rounds in the following way, current 120mm as example;

        dmg – 400
        pen – 259

        APCR (-/+ 15% AP):
        dmg – 360
        pen – 297

        HESH (-/+ 25% AP):
        dmg – 500
        pen – 194

        HEAT :
        dmg – 440
        pen – 300 (150% of the shell caliber)

        What this does is removes the pure benefit of better pen for more damage and moves the rounds into a more situational/specialized role

    2. I like that idea, more detailed version of what I was trying to explain. I don’t know if you play AW at all but that’s how they do it.

      However some of the examples here are quite extreme. APCR pen of 297 but 360 alpha would be too strong. I know it’s reduced from 400 but you would be able to snap shot into whole areas of tanks that are easy pens and you would be able to do it safely enough that the enemy won’t have enough time to aim and one trate you properly.

      Maybe the alpha is reduced by 1.5% for each 1% of pen gain on APCR. So as an example 10% increase in pen and 15% decrease in damage. I think the high pen ammo would still be useful against tough targets but it would be a big disadvantage against someone who used normal ammo and hit weakspots or flanked you.

      I don’t agree with the heat ammo however. High caliber guns can over match many many tanks. This change would stack advantages in the favour of high caliber guns. They can already use peek a boom tactics to trade effectively. That said I have no idea myself how to implement that as of yet.

      I really like the idea of the HESH/HE. That is pretty much ideal and I think should do really well like that in the game.

      The 4 ammo types should exist. The exact numbers can be tweaked. I understand this is an example but the idea and mechanics behind it are solid.

      Edit : the damage on APCR according to your numbers threw me off. It should be 340, not 360 lol.

      1. the thing with HEAT though is that there’s a bit more mechanic behind it. While the penetration is higher it loses effective penetration quicker then AP or APCR

        For example, AP and APCR may be able penetrate armor that’s at a 60 degree angle while HEAT would bounce.

        This is because HEAT is the most effective on a flat surface but as soon as you start adding in spaced armor and angling it quickly drops in penetration.

        Another mechanic with heat is the “fist to finger”. This means that as it penetrates the hole in the armor made gets narrower. The end result is that the more armor the round has to penetrate the less damage it deals.

        That’s the downside to HEAT which allows you to get away with 300mm of penetration while maintaining the same dmg (I accidentally thought to the 440 sandbox damage, I meant the current 400 dmg)

  4. Brian says:

    I would love to be able to trade shit tanks to someone who wants it. Not just premiums either. Anything. Give WoT their cut and be done. You would still need to train the crews, (gold) cammo (more damn gold).

    Seriously WoT, figure this out.

  5. Too many changes at once to tackle one issue (armor effectiveness).

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to
    (1.) increase dispersion AND
    (2.) decrease pen over distance AND
    (3.) lower shell velocity

    Sounds like fun, ehh…?

  6. Storm is insanely retarded if he thinks those changes will make armor relevant again. Simple fact is the biggest problem with armor is gold rounds which either need to be reworked for 20% less damage but keeping their good pen or simply remove them entirely and go back to paying gold for them instead of credits.

  7. FappiePolish says:

    WG are utterly retarded. They are inventing an issue just to milk people, because they know that people will just shoot more gold if they nerf accuracy and increase pen drop.

    Gold ammo is the only thing that makes armor useless. If WG really wanted to make armor valuable, they would remove gold ammo and then balance standard ammo accordingly. And if standard ammo still have too high pen then nerf it.

    As long as they keep gold ammo in game nobody can take their balancing for real. The only way for any balance regarding armor will work, is IF gold is scrapped from randoms totally.

    Lets say they make armor more valuable on long range by nerfing accuracy, pen drop, increase shell time etc. In close to medium range, armor will still be useless because heat and premium apcr will have more than enough pen to damage non-weakspots, or weakspots that are thicker than the standard pen on the enemy.

    Maps are also an issue, if they made maps the with way, people would be able to come closer and tanks would flank. Several of the removed maps had many flankign corridors but they were removed for some reason.

    In the end the issue will still be there as long as gold ammo exist. Because if everybody stops sniping, they wiull be forced to close range and also forced to use more gold ammo because there is no other way to damage enemies, and/or standard ammo becomes so useless that gold is the only option. How is this good for balance? What good balancing have WG done the last 3 years, except buffing already strong tanks, introducing OP prems and removing weakspots and nerfed accuracy?

    Why not test to remove gold ammo first and then start messing with accuracy, pen drop, shell time and reduced damage on range? There will be no point staying on WOT if these retarded changes take place. Why should skilled players not using gold be punished even more than they really are?

  8. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

    My suggestions to fixing premium shells:

    [Pen] +15-25% standard AP penetration
    [Damage] -66% standard AP damage

    [Pen] -33% standard AP penetration
    [Damage] +33% standard AP damage


    [Accuracy] For every 100 meters of the distance to target, 0.5 meter is added to the dispersion for gun calibers 100mm and up*

    * For example, a T110E5 shooting at a target 300m away will have a dispersion of 2.7 meters (1.5 from HEAT penalty, 1.2 naturally from the gun)

  9. Snuble says:

    My wishes for a new matchmaker.

    1) special attention to platoons. They need to be balanced both in tank type, tier AND skill. The benefit should be in coordination and xp/credit buffs, not in «fixing» the game by making sure your own team always have 3 dice with a guaranteed 6, while the other team rolls 3×1-6. This is what I see breaking matches mist often now.

    2) 3 arty is too much. Of course that can change with a class rebalance.

    3) actual tier balance.

    4) a more fine grained definition of tank type. Not all ht are assault tanks. Dividing each class into close/med/long range would be a good start, but still it might not cover the main flavours. Maybe adding another level with assault/assassin/support

    5) some sort of active skill comparison. It will favor the game to get rid of the extreme matches with all sub-45 vs above-55.

    Of course this might highlight map imbalance more, and it will give good players lower winrates, but it will also reward those good games you have more, and punish mistakes more.

  10. What’s all the talk about ‘transition’ when LT10 arrive in the game? I’d expect the LT8 that change tier will change it as they are, regarding crews, equipment, camo etc. Then we’d have to grind the T10 tanks.

    Is this a naive view on the matter? Do people expect to get the LT10 for free and their LT8 crews and camos transfered to the LT10? Is there precedent for this?

  11. Bring_back_southcoast says:

    Just in case I wanna ask how to sell an account? Isn’t that ” forbidden ” and how much would you get for an account with tanks such as obj.260, obj.907 multiple tier10 3- marked tanks like grille15,e100,t57.. and several prem tanks like Skorpion, e25, blackdog.. ??

  12. party1c says:

    same as every patch: make the game more noob-friendly. because educating the playerbase is more complicated to simply give us skill mm.

    i guess when 1.0 is out it will be more of a challange to play plants vs. zombies

  13. JohnJr_1 says:

    Some of that is sound, but then you will need to think about those tanks that come standard with APCR and gold round is HEAT. For example the M-41 Bulldog has standard APCR with 175 pen and 150 alpha. The pen on the Bulldog’s HEAT is only 210 for 150 alpha. Then most the tier 10’s come with APCR standard. Then there will be a lot of balancing that needs to be done in general that not all was thought of. But then the dispersion values you brought up is a decent idea, but will also need to be done on a tank by tank basis. But another possibility to lower the gold spamming could be, lower experience gained for use of gold ammo. Then they could drop the experience earned further if used on lower tier tanks. For example, same tier and up lose 20% experience for use of gold ammo. Used upon a tier lower, lose 40% experience. Two tiers lower lose 60% of the experience earned. But, it’s just a possible way to stop the gold spamming.

  14. fighting_falcon93 says:

    I see that the translator is drunk again… 😐
    Anyone that want to actually understand this content is recomended to visit one of the other blogs, they have the same Q&A but translated to english 🙂

  15. siralexice says:

    WG is overcomplicating the issue. Some tanks are snipers, less armor, have lower damage, more precision at long distances. Other tanks are brawlers, more damage, less precision, more armor.

    The problem is that brawlers manage to hit weak spots at long distance more often than not. And the only issue is to make sure these tanks start to have to come close to do damage by increasing the chance to miss.

    Of course WG is totally ignoring this simple issue and simple solution.

  16. “The problem that the player still has to know how to tank.” Apparently not every player knows how to use their armor? What is this heresy! If you can block 400 damage in your maus before you die, you know you’re tanking fine!

    lol, thanks for showing us the Q&A DecoNoir, was fun to read!

  17. Dreadnought says:

    “Anton, did you happen to give amnesty for bot users? Three battles, and my reports are gone. More than 10k battles and around 300 WN8 – 95% sure that it’s a bot. ”

    I know several players (and talked to them) who have 10k+ battles (in one case 40k) and WN8s in the 300 range. They tend to be older guys, in their 60s and 70s, Their reflexes are crap, One guy I know has the use of only 1 hand, and controls his tank with one of those mice with a full keypad on the side. Needless to say, not someone who you want to go into a tournament team with.

    But guess what – they are there because they love to play the game, and they are often great people to talk to and sometimes yes, even play with. They know their limitations by and large, and if you give them a specific role (e.g. “follow me close and shoot at anyone who tries to flank me”), they often do that quite well because they don’t have the ego young guys have which pushes them to poke and push someplace they really don’t have the skill to do.

    So please, don’t get all snooty at low WN8 players. They are not all bots. It could be your grandfather.

  18. wolvenworks says:

    what Storm said abt armor, i think that will just encourage the plebs to goldspam like they own a gold mine. i’m still pro-no prem shells outside CW

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