WoT 21st January Q&A

Good day everybody,

A late Q&A here from various WG folks, discussing the newest Sandbox iteration and the recently tested Trade-In feature on the RU server.

From Anton (Evilly) Pankov:

* Evili, and some of the crew in the know- when will the Tier 10 lights come?

– There’s a transition of the experience, crews, camo etc. dilemma discuss.

– There will be changes to arty in another iteration.

* It looks like the LT will be limited in the fighting. Keep one on each team (Sandbox).

– No.

– In the Sandbox we will shoot the offenders without trial. And for a chat offences or team damage/killing, just throw screens on the sandbox forum.

* And the automated report system does not work there?

– It works.

* And you can not ask for a transfer to at least partially altered model for the Tier 10 Sheridan? His appearance, especially at the rear, completely discourages any desire to grind for this machine.

– It’s in the process.

* When are the Tier 10 Lights?

– It’s not done being configured.

* What are the plans for transferring gold bought camo when the light tank lines are adjusted?

– We’re discussing how best to do this. We haven’t decided anything yet.

* (Relating to a bug caught forcing high tier Swedish TDs to have to go through the cycle of deploying seige mode when bumping other players)

– I’ve checked, there was a report already Fix will go into the next version..

* Any plans on having an ‘’auto accept” (DN: possibly referring to removing the need to activate specific missions) for personal missions?

-. For personal missions, no ”auto accept’ is not planned

* There are fears that the action “Trade-in” slow down, or even cancel upcoming award premiums.

– Awards are not affected.

* But if you can answer the specific question: Premium tank prizes for personal missions and other marathons take can not be added to the trade-in list on some sort of principle?

– It’s a test for a new function, it did not include all the levels because it is a test event, no sense to add everything. If things go well we’ll continue to expand the list. A list tanks that are not available for the exchange is in the first news post on the forum.

* Will there be a “road map” for the frankly garbage 59/Patton to somehow predict a change?

– N/C.

* In general, the potatoes failed in “Trade-in”, as always greed wins. Dismiss whoever you have in charge of monetization. All that had to be introduced for money to flow was to create a trading platform for the exchange of technology between the players. WG could then collect a small percentage of the transaction amount, but not this draconian amount.

– Why is it necessary to produce black markets?

* That’s just the white market, Wargaming as a site owner will charge a tax of 20-30%. What we have now is a black market: pumping equipment and farming fixed dummy battles with the help of WG employees, gold from the clan of farmers, etc.

– One idiot was caught, stupidly, lets not get a ‘’one size fits all’ thing going. Unless, apart from this incident, there is the evidence of others?

From Alex Ilyin of WG FM

– Today (20.01), we added a big wave of participants in the “sandbox”.
– Amount of time spent on the first iteration will depend on how quickly and accurately we will collect feedback from players, and how quickly we will process all of the statistics.
– The selection criteria are not hard to Sandbox. It is also worth considering that if you come to us, we see how many players we need to add in comparison with the amount online currently + should take into account the opportunities and capacity of the server, it is not that big.
– Now MM balancing is actively being worked on, but it can not be said that it is ready, there are many technical issues. The task to create more equal and fair teams, there are many nuances. More is necessary to provide many situations: stocks, stream, somewhere something is such a big splash system should work so that players do not notice the changed conditions.

From Michael Zywiec (Storm)

* It seems to increase the armor role it is necessary to add a few more essential, complex, elements.
1. Change penetration/damage based on distance. That’s how armor penetration changed/reduced momentum and so reduced damage.
2. More awards from tanking, with damage blocked/taken visible in the statistics. The problem that the player still has to know how to tank.
3. Greatly reduce the flight speed of the projectile. Those shooting from a distance will be seriously affected, only able to fire at stationary targets, and only if the projectile will reaches will a lot of things will change. A flanking maneuver will be safer, because I have to get in on the move will be an order of magnitude more difficult.
– IMHO these changes will make the fighting at long range generally useless, and the fans of sitting and shooting from afar get the shaft in game. For example, I like doing that. We must be very careful to find a balance.

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