WoT- 60G FT Supertest Stats

Preliminary stats for the Tier 5 Chinese tank destroyer:

Tier: 5

Hit Points: 380

Engine Power: 430hp

Weight: 26t

Power-to-Weight: 16.54

Max. Speed: +45/-18 kph.

Hull Traverse: 35 deg./sec.

Gun Traverse: 45.9 deg/sec.

Terrain Resistance: 1.055/1.342/2.014

Hull Armor: 25/20/??mm

View Range: 340m

Signal Range: 600m


Gun: 85mm 62-85TG FT

Penetration: 145/220/43mm

Damage: 180/180/300

DPM: 2125.1

Rate-of-Fire: 11.806

Reload: 5.802 sec.

Accuracy: .364

Aim Time: 1.92 sec.

Depression: -8


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