WoT 7th birthday Free Gift Garage Slot Filler

T-29 tier-3 Russian Premium Medium

On August 12th World of Tanks turns seven years old and this is the gift tank for that occasion. This tank was originally covered here and the stats haven’t changed since.

Source WoT Express

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WoT 7th birthday Free Gift Garage Slot Filler

34 thoughts on “WoT 7th birthday Free Gift Garage Slot Filler

  1. wolvenworks says:

    isn’t that the stock T-28 on tier 3?

    good. that gun is actually useful in tier 3. i’d keep this for the lulz (same with the BT7 arty)

  2. swatdennis says:

    Please WG, make fun of the players who want to sell it and make its saleprice 1000 Cr again, so that it is worth more playing actual games in it so we kinda have to keep it.

  3. Matthew Shine says:

    They can shove their shitty low tier prem up their arse.
    All I want is tier 8 MM that isn’t complete dog shit…

    1. I would say that tier 6 and 8 need some work. Every time I play either tier, I’m always on the bottom. I’ve spent a whole week playing 5 and 6 to see if it was for that one day, and after that week I’ve concluded that tier 5 has the best matchmaking, seeing tier almost never, and absolutely never seeing a tier 6 game.

      So I thought that all the tier 6’s where being dragged into tier 8, so I began playing that tier too for a while. Tier 10 every single time I clicked the battle button. Either I’m just really unlucky, or something really is afoot.

  4. Jeffrey Bangle says:

    I forget, do the gift tanks come with a 50% or 100% crew? A buddy of mine has no Soviet medium crews yet…

  5. Anonymous says:

    No chance of fixing Tier 8 MM its not just about you always fighting against Tier 10’s its more about a team of skill vs a team of noobs. Whilst they try to sell even more Tier 8 premiums so we get even more noobs jumping to tier 8 without having a clue. If the likes of XVM can sus out that teams are unevenly balanced based on WN8 why cant WG? 15:1 either way around not much fun.

  6. "Light" tank-player says:

    I always enjoy these low tier gift tanks, and this one might be the new BT-7A too from the stats 🙂

  7. They’re literally throwing Sovijet garbage at me,giving it away for what?i don’t play turds like t44-100,t34-85m.bt-7art,tetrarch(why isn’t that tank british?)…WG shove it where you get your brilliant ideas for the game.

  8. the biggest joke is last weekend XP boost mission reward…….to get it you need to play premium tanks….when you get the reward XP its on a premium tank….so you need to use gold ( pay REAL money) to convert it………THOSE WG ******* ARE GETTING SMARTER,ARENT THEY?

    1. bbmoose says:

      You don’t have to convert XP for gold, it’s completely up to you. You don’t buy an advantage either, if you decide to convert some XP. It’s just a ‘pay to progress’ mechanic, which is not ‘pay to win’. The only thing you buy is time, which I like to pay for, because I have a busy job and other stuff to do.

      The XP-event of last weekend was awesome. Grinded and converted 200k free exp. to skip modules on the lines I’m working on.

  9. flint74 says:

    The big question I have is how can the T-29 be a tier 3 tank though, when it’s actually a design variant (from 1934/35) of the existing T-28 tank already in-game at tier 4?

    At the very least surely the T-29 should also be a tier 4 tank, given not only that the only real physical difference between it and the T-28 is that the T-29 used Christie suspension and so was perfectly capable of running on its road wheels without tracks, but also that the shortlived T-29 project was part of a series of experimental tests that eventually led from the T-28, through the T-29 and on up to the T-34 series of tanks (at tiers 5 & 6 in WoT).

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