WoT 8th Anniversary Garage and Gift Tank

Quick post showing off the garage that will celebrate World of Tanks’ 8th anniversary, set in Minsk’s Gorky park (and looking a bit like a WG booth at a tank event). There are also day and night versions:

Also, the Polish tankette TKS z n.k.m. 20mm seems set to be this years gift tank (full stats here)


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WoT 8th Anniversary Garage and Gift Tank

24 thoughts on “WoT 8th Anniversary Garage and Gift Tank

    1. wolvenworks says:

      well to be precise it’s T-34, not T34. that dash is important. T34 is that american heavy/TD. T-34 is the sovietski medtank

  1. wolvenworks says:

    oh hey i see Ranzar’s WT E100, Der Frankenwaffle. i wonder if WG will do an event with it on halloween? i know they still have the assets for it since they made it a prem in KZ

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think they gave out the gift tank yet, did they? I don’t see performance stats for it anywhere I look.

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