WoT 9.19.1 Info

Good day everyone,

So a bit of info about the upcoming 9.19.1 info was posted on the RU forum. Full patchnotes should be out in the next few days, but we have this to look forward to (or not) so far:

“Dear tankers!

Today we will share with you a small handful of information about update 9.19.1 for World of Tanks.

The forthcoming update will focus on improving already introduced features that we have presented in the spring- changes to matchmaking and artillery. We will introduce a few changes to the high-level tanks from the Chinese tree, bring in the first Polish tank to the game, and introduce a new training mode. And of course we didn’t forget to add some new HD vehicles. Interested? Read the details below.

What is this about streamlined matchmaking? We tightened the criteria for vehicle types- now the teams will be better balanced in terms of TDs, lights, and SPGs by matching these classes on there place in the team list. For example, if one team has a light tank at the top of their list, the matchmaker will try to find a light tank for the top of the opposing teams list. Previously the matchmaker did not consider place on the team.

While artillery will once again be able to platoon, there can only be one vehicle of this type per platoon.

There will also be some changes to how vehicles of the same tier will be sorted in the team. Full details will be in the patchnotes.

What other changes will affect arty? In addition to platoons, we improved the targeting system- making it a bit more useful. There will also be changes to the stun mechanics: damage will be taken into account when calculating proficiency badges. In addition we considered the need for an improved interface model for artillery.”


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