WoT 9.20.1 Release Dates

Good day everyone,

Brief bit of news for today, the announced date for the release on 9.20.1 on the RU region has been announced for October 17th. As usual, you can expect the update to roll out on EU and NA from the 18th to the 20th.

All for now folks.

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WoT 9.20.1 Release Dates

11 thoughts on “WoT 9.20.1 Release Dates

  1. Never mind says:

    Thanks for the info for SEA. I will have to guess we will get the patch 7 to 10 days later per the norm. WG wonders why it’s player base is shrinking. Everyone enjoys being treated like second class citizens.

    1. banjoman150 says:

      Judging by its stats and its armor profile i really dont think it will be anything special.
      DPM isnt as good as it was, HP pool ist as good as it was and only the turret placement make it a bit more versatile. Turretarmor got a buff but i dont think it will be one of the cool and competetive T10 heavies

      1. Mizutayio says:

        You do know that the second iteration have the Super conqueror the same dpm as the FV215B and more HP and some other more minor buffs.

      2. fuckartillery wgcunts says:

        fv215b is the worst tier ten heavy any ways disgusting amour doesn’t bounce shi* and s.conq was allready ten times better now they buffed it lol so ill be selling fv pile of dog shi* and keeping me super conq

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