WoT 9.20 Japanese Heavy Changes

Good day everyone,

Something news worthy on an otherwise slow day, changes to a few select Japanese heavies in supertest, apparently for Patch 9.20. Even better, the screens are in English!

O-I Exp.

Overall frontal armor will be increased, allowing it to serve better as a breakthrough heavy. However, its 105 will be removed and overall mobility will be reduced.



Overall rear armor reduction.



A premium AP round will be added to the 10cm gun, giving the tank a bit more flexibility when engaging armored targets. Penetration is looking to be 250-260mm.


Type 4 & Type 5 Heavy

Both heavies will receive some buffs to maneuverability, bringing them slightly ahead of the Maus. However they will also be gaining some (relative) weak spots to their frontal hulls.



Just general news for now, of course we will update as more news comes out.




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WoT 9.20 Japanese Heavy Changes

52 thoughts on “WoT 9.20 Japanese Heavy Changes

  1. Anonymous says:

    So the OI Exp is becoming a super heavy but will only have medium tank guns?.. Awesome… Totally awesome…

      1. I think you just answered your own question. Do you really suggest they shouldn’t address overpowered weapons or tanks? That’s just ridiculous.

      1. Indy says:

        you mean l2p like like flank it right?
        like those kind of tanks are always wandering around alone, so you can run circles around them right?

        Nevermind just make that cupola reliably penetrable, nothing more needed.
        There should be no tank in this game , that simply can go into full retard mode and win due to its absurd high armor values.

      2. artillery_ruins_wot says:

        nothing wrong with using premium rounds its part of the game that’s like saying only noobs use prem rep kits LUL

  2. Huguenot says:

    O-I Exp. changes should make it a bit like the t1 heavy. I already run the long 75, as the 100mm is just too inconsistent and derpy, so it might be nice to get a mild armour buff to make rapid fire brawling easier.

  3. Anonymous says:

    O-I Exp: The armor increase is of no value in world of goldammo. The loss of the 105mm gun of course is a huge nerf as well as the loss of mobility. People argue over armor meta, but the fun fact remains that the best performing japanese heavy is the one with the least amount of armor.

    O-I: I dont like it. People should be punished for not knowing weakspots… especially if those weakspots are two giant 35mm sides that can be hit at any range with any gun. Of course still retains the op 150mm cHEAT pen on goldammo. Because fuck balancing, give us your money.

    O-Ho: The tank is about the derp and only the derp. Which is the only useful thing on an otherwise completly useless turd. IS3 in the most incapable of hands will rape this anywhere anytime. Still shit tank, not worth playing.

    Type 4: While it is technically nice to see WG bringing back weakspots, the reality is that unless they make it go 60 km/h it will remain an absolutly piece of shit of tank. Any credible threat on the battlefield will make it eat 330mm cHEAT for autopen anywhere. Not to mention the gun is still shit…. because it is balanced unlike pretty much all other gold ammo.

    Type 5: Basically the same issue, just a tier higher. Useless gun or pay to win gun, your choice. Still even with full gold loadout no match for any autoloader from 3 tiers below. Useless shit tank.

    1. For me personally the type 5 is one of the most fun tier 10s i have played yet out of my 16 tier 10s… its a tank like the FV183 you dont shoot standard ever, always pream HE.
      and if you know how HE mechanics work and know where to shoot tanks so your HE does the most damage it can at any given time….
      my average damage is somewhere close to 4k in it when an average damage of 500-800 a shot depending on the tank, and 75mm of pen doesnt seem like a lot but you pen a lot more shots than you think you would. and like any derp the 1200-1750 damage shots when you pen just make up for every little thing bad about the tank.
      onto the armor, its a bunker that can bounce a lot and you can work the armor somewhat but if a half decent player knows where to pen you they will pen 50% of the time but if they load that HEAT your done. no matter how you move your armor they will pen 9/10 times because of how flat it is. its like any other tank it has its strengths and weaknesses and when played right can become a monster..

  4. Lance Scott says:

    “its overall 105mm will be removed” for the O-I Exp.

    Well, if i look at that table and on the ingame stats the O-I Exp will get a massive buff of its frontal armor (BEFORE 85 to AFTER 115). No wonder he will loose speed.

      1. cynicaldutchie says:

        Low-Mid tiers are unplayable because of all the derp guns and now it’s starting to infect high tiers as well. Being able to reliably do a couple of 100 HP of damage per shot without aiming is a retarded game mechanic especially since there is no way to negate this damage.

        WG wants to make armor important again but the only way to do that is to remove derp guns and fix gold ammo spam, not these retarded armor buffs all the super heavies have been getting.

  5. Renarde_Martel says:

    Yay, the changes they promised ages ago, and which should have been in the super-heavy patch, are here! [/sarcasm]

    Not that I’m terribly happy with more tanks getting their historical values screwed over, although for O-I it won’t matter too much? I don’t often get tanks riding up my ass and shooting over and over, and when they do they generally have their skill ammo loaded anyway.

  6. Anonymous says:

    wait, when is 9.20 coming out? i can’t wait (i have SID (super impatience disorder)) any longer. i mean, i get that wg can’t have a new update ready on the drop of a hat but still. also, on type 5, its a noob’s favorite tank. you just hop in, watch those tiny little dots scratch your fat *** armour, then shoot everyone to death, one giant *** shell at a time. then wrinkle your nose when a pro flanks you and kills you. NO SKILL REQUIRED! BUY TODAY AND RECIEVE A O.O1% DISCOUNT! (each sold seprately.)

    1. HUN_Sector says:

      I guess you never ever played with type4, or type5. For tier 9-10, their armor is nonexistent. The 70 pen on the gun can cause 300-500 damage, and then play tetris for 20 secs.

  7. Okay, that the 105 gets removed on the POI EXP is nice, but why does its armour get buffed above the average of tier 5 meduims and even most tier 6 meds are not going to pen it anymore? The Chi-Nu it’s gun is good enough, but just WHY WG? this thing is going to be a Maus at tier 5, and it is retarded, keep the armour as is, since it is troll enough already….

    1. fyperG says:

      O-I exp has shit armor, what are you on about, it’s completely flat and most things will go through it, with the buff, it will lose the 2 things that are good on it- the mobility and the gun, adding some armor which will be useless when you have a shit tank in all the other aspects

  8. Historical armor on O-I? Fcuk that, let’s invent our own armor! Retardew WG with all of their latest ultra retarded balancing decisions!
    And 10mm less aromor on small weakspots on Type5? Still you cannot pen that “weakspot” reliably with standart ammo but almost all high tier gold will go through that, so this does not change anything.

  9. Tel says:

    Can you please not use the word “rape” in any context as if means bad things to people and i personally find it offensive
    Would think you should know better

  10. Anonymous says:

    I feel that those people saying type 4/5 needs nerf are trying to snipe it frontally with basic rounds and don’t actually own one. Because the Japanese Heavy line is just…shit… here is a summary of type 5, w-w-w, wait 3 minutes… sizzle…sizzle…sizzle… you dead..

  11. xXdolanXx says:

    just buff the 7.5 cm type 5 alpha to 160. and keep the durp gun. so it’ll be a RIDICULOUSLY BIG KV-1 with paper side ofc

  12. Thijs van Leeuwen says:

    Why remove the 10 cm gun? That what makes the OI EXP an good tank. its not OP because the tank itself sucks and can be take out very easy. I don’t know if you people ever played this tank, it can be a pain in the arse especially without the 10 cm. So I am not happy about the new update!

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