WoT 9.20 Japanese Heavy Changes

Good day everyone,

Something news worthy on an otherwise slow day, changes to a few select Japanese heavies in supertest, apparently for Patch 9.20. Even better, the screens are in English!

O-I Exp.

Overall frontal armor will be increased, allowing it to serve better as a breakthrough heavy. However, its 105 will be removed and overall mobility will be reduced.



Overall rear armor reduction.



A premium AP round will be added to the 10cm gun, giving the tank a bit more flexibility when engaging armored targets. Penetration is looking to be 250-260mm.


Type 4 & Type 5 Heavy

Both heavies will receive some buffs to maneuverability, bringing them slightly ahead of the Maus. However they will also be gaining some (relative) weak spots to their frontal hulls.



Just general news for now, of course we will update as more news comes out.




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