WoT 9.20: New 60 Player Mode

With news from 9.20 coming out, we have a bit more info on the latest go at a 30v30 mode, this new “General Battle” (yeah, that’s probably just an off translation) will apparently be variant on Random Battles. Here are the basic rules:

  • 60 Players: 30v30
  • 15 minute battle time
  • Tier X only
  • Victory Conditions:L Capture the enemy base or destroy all enemy tanks


  • Players will be drawn from the Random Battle queue
  • Tier X vehicles only
  • The occurrence of the new mode will be largely random
  • The new mode will be enabled by default for all players, though you can manually disable it in the same manner as the other game variants
  • Each team will be further divided into 3 subgroups of 10 each (cannot be manually chosen, this is determined by the matchmaker)
  • The composition of each team is still bound by the new MM 2.0 rules
  • Each subgroup will try to be matched as equally as possible with a subgroup on the opposing team
  • The number of SPGs per team will be limited to 4
  • When matching up platoons, there can not be a difference of more than two players when matching platoons between both teams
  • If one player in a platoon has the new game type selected, then it is possible for the platoon to be queued into the new mode



  • Only one map will be available so far: Nebelburg (previously known as Sunny Valley)
  • Map size: 1.4 x 1.4 km
  • One base per team, as in Standard battles
  • Each aforementioned subgroup will have its own starting spawn position


A few changes to the interface will be coming as well. The UI showing teams will be adjusted to compensate for having 60 players. The team display will show subgroups, with each subgroup able to be viewed in greater detail. The team display will also have a “total strength” score for each team.

As this is a new mode for Random Battles, all of the rewardsthat come in Random Battles will also be available. Players can earn MoEs, complete Personal Missions etc. just as they normally would. Statistics for the new mode will be available in their own separate tab and will not affect statistics for normal game modes.

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