WoT 9.20: New 60 Player Mode

With news from 9.20 coming out, we have a bit more info on the latest go at a 30v30 mode, this new “General Battle” (yeah, that’s probably just an off translation) will apparently be variant on Random Battles. Here are the basic rules:

  • 60 Players: 30v30
  • 15 minute battle time
  • Tier X only
  • Victory Conditions:L Capture the enemy base or destroy all enemy tanks


  • Players will be drawn from the Random Battle queue
  • Tier X vehicles only
  • The occurrence of the new mode will be largely random
  • The new mode will be enabled by default for all players, though you can manually disable it in the same manner as the other game variants
  • Each team will be further divided into 3 subgroups of 10 each (cannot be manually chosen, this is determined by the matchmaker)
  • The composition of each team is still bound by the new MM 2.0 rules
  • Each subgroup will try to be matched as equally as possible with a subgroup on the opposing team
  • The number of SPGs per team will be limited to 4
  • When matching up platoons, there can not be a difference of more than two players when matching platoons between both teams
  • If one player in a platoon has the new game type selected, then it is possible for the platoon to be queued into the new mode



  • Only one map will be available so far: Nebelburg (previously known as Sunny Valley)
  • Map size: 1.4 x 1.4 km
  • One base per team, as in Standard battles
  • Each aforementioned subgroup will have its own starting spawn position


A few changes to the interface will be coming as well. The UI showing teams will be adjusted to compensate for having 60 players. The team display will show subgroups, with each subgroup able to be viewed in greater detail. The team display will also have a “total strength” score for each team.

As this is a new mode for Random Battles, all of the rewardsthat come in Random Battles will also be available. Players can earn MoEs, complete Personal Missions etc. just as they normally would. Statistics for the new mode will be available in their own separate tab and will not affect statistics for normal game modes.

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WoT 9.20: New 60 Player Mode

42 thoughts on “WoT 9.20: New 60 Player Mode

  1. Matt Shine says:

    Hopefully it’s integrated into the normal random battles queue. Having all those tier 10’s taken out of the queue would help the joke that is tier 8 MM since they ‘ improved’ it…

    1. Ion7 says:

      This is the way it should be implemented. With less tier 10s, tier 8 and 9 mm will be more enjoyable. and tier 10s get something special instead of 15v15 all tier 10s. Placing it in the random battle mode also helps with que times. The map plays well and I’m looking forward to seeing it along with the other content in 9.20.

      1. Seth says:


        “Players will be drawn from the Random Battle queue…… The occurrence of the new mode will be largely random….. The new mode will be enabled by default for all players, though you can manually disable it in the same manner as the other game variants”

    1. heinz says:

      Because its not fair. In this new mode there is 2x the amount of max xp to earn so premiums can earn enormous amounts of credits. Furthermore people who play tier 6 are to noob to play against 15 enemies and not skilled enough for 30 enemies. Also take into account that there it used to be the case that there were tier 10 only maps (eg Dragon Ridge) and atm there is nothing special for the biggest tier in the game.

      1. Dracon says:

        And you think just because people are at Tier 10 that they are “skilled”? LOL get real. Ive seen more noobs in Tier 10 than bottem tier. At least those people down there have the balls to play aggressively.

      2. Anonymous says:

        All tanks can earn 2x the amount of max xp by that logic. The real problem is the fail balance wargaming has been giving to their premium tanks.

        Also, not sure what you mean by tier 6 players playing against 15 or 30 players. It’s not like they will be all clustered on one map grid. It will just be a bunch of 2v3’s and 5v5’s all around the map. Just because there is a battle with 7v7 does not mean that individual players will have an easier or more difficult time getting rofl stomped by a unicum with improved equipment in his Skorpion G for example.

        Someone said this before, but 60 man games can do well for taking out excess players from a tank tier for the regular mm and allow more people to have a fair chance of being top tier.

      3. Dan says:

        Hmm wouldn’t the easy solution just be to give premium tank players their own
        mm or just excluding premiums from the new game mode? Might encourage some stat padders to get out of their defenders and chryslers long enough to remember how awful they are without their gold spam.

  2. sefhyro says:

    ou seja este novo modo vem em defenitivo pro jogo, continuam com a merda de ser so em tier X, depois o posicionamento das equipas ao longo do mapa e identico ao que se encontra no 15vs15, o mapa em si 1.4 km x1.4 km… o que tem de especial e diferente … nada so 400m de diferença da para colocar 30 jogadores??? vesse mesmo as hipoteses de um tanque ligeiro ser detectado ser ainda maior que nas batalhas convensionais de 15 vs 15…fodasse mas estes gajos sao burros ou comem palha?

      1. heinz says:

        I like that. I like that alot. Now I will play tier X way more then now! And did I mention that my tier 10 light is happy too?

  3. Berto72 says:

    30 vs 30, nice.
    So instead fall down in 14 noob, you will find 29…
    and when in normal game you try to reverse the tide 3/4 vs 6/8, now try to do in 3/4 vs 12/18…
    any good player will avoid this lottery carnage as black plague, this scenario will be full of mega noobs…

    more than this, megaboring, think about whenthe survivedt 2/3 players per side searching each other for hours.. but better of this…

    the best habitat for campers…! GG, have fun…
    let how many time will need to fail and remove…

  4. Pedalpowered says:

    “Players will be drawn from the Random Battle queue
    Tier X vehicles only”

    -All tier 8s cry tears of happiness

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      A majority of tier X players already don’t like 15v15 tier X only battles ; don’t expect them to play with twice as many boredom.

      -credit sink
      -boring, like every single-tiered match
      -more rng, less skill, cannot influence the outcome of a battle (1v5 is doable. 1v20 not so much)
      -no need for xp at this tier

      There is no reasond to play this gamemode.
      Unless they add a credit booster that would basicaly give tier Xs the same profitability as premium tier 8s when in this mode, nobody will play it more than a few games to try out.

      A good portion of the playerbase already disabled Assault mode for years ; expect at least as many people to turn off this mode.

      1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        Also tanks like BC25t and other tanks limited by ammo capacity will avoid this gamemode like the plague. And people who own these tanls wont take the time to enable/disable it every game, so they’ll just switch it off and never turn it on again.

      2. Dan says:

        Personally, I dislike tier 10 because it is a credit sink, 15v15 is nothing new, and the gold spam is frustrating/balancing is frusterating.

        I don’t think 30v30 is going to be a magic bullet but it will get players interested in high dmg and dmg assist carries to join in.

        At the moment, the only reasons to play tier 10 is for fighting marginally better players, stat padding, missions, etc.

        As for Assault and Encounter, I still have them ticked on because it breaks up the monotony of standard 15v15 battles.

        So long as there are at least 100 players queued up for 30v30 it’s going to still be a relief for some lower tier players, stat padders, and players interested in exploring.

        The material is already there, so why not use it.

      3. Dan says:

        As for tanks with limited ammo, it might teach players with those tanks to aim in a bit more and make their shots count by focusing priority targets rather than whatever comes across their cross hairs.

        Otherwise, there rests the potential for mobile low ammo count tanks to pick up a lot of damage with assistance and considering 2 dmg with assist counts as 1 dmg almost, this means if a bc gets 7k dmg assist because more enemy tanks, then that means 3.5k extra damage.

  5. Thagomizer says:

    Sounds fine to me. I liked the Sunny Valley 30×30 mode in test and found it allowed multiple play styles. Bring it on 😉

  6. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    The only positive aspect of this mode is helping complete some personnal missions that require many kills of a specific class.
    Otherwise it sounds like garbage. And apparently it wilm have dedicated personnal missions. So expect a failure similar to Steel Hunt and National Battles combibed.

    1. Anonymous says:

      To be honest, 30 v 30 games are not really something that should be introduced to players on their first day of playing the game. At least for tier 6 and up a player can be expected to have at least several days of experience under their belt before being introduced to the hell that is a 30 man chat log.

    1. Anonymous says:

      It’s almost as if a game mechanic is trying to encourage scouts to not camp at the back snipping and get off their tushies to spot targets for their team.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Am I the only one concerned with how insane a 30 man team chat would get with 30 guys telling each other to “get gud” or “die from cancer” simultaneously? Does anyone know what happens when you double the number of map spammers in one game?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ranked battles,only for tier 10,15vs15 and 30vs30,only for tier 10s. Nice,so I that I am not in any hurry to go to tier 10 won’t experience the new content. I am playing the last 4 years and I have decided to grind all the lines at the same time so I am at tier 7 in most of them,some at tier 8. When I saw the 30vs30 I was so happy but wg in true wg spirit fucked it up…
    If you want to dislike at least explain why with a coment below.

    1. Kris says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been grinding, and I mean GRINDING for one tier 10 of one single tree, and I’m still not even close. It’s as if WG feels like the 30v30 needs to be earned by paying them to help you grind faster. In the end however, you’re still the one grinding. It’s ridiculous!

  9. Tel says:

    another shit mode from WG , but wait only 4 arty scum fucking bags per team
    4 arty targeting 1 player cause he actually went forward should be fucking HEAVEN
    AND then once hes hiding behind a rock thats 2m thick hes still gunna get stunned to fuck
    Cant FUCKING wait for this pile of fucking shit
    GIVE me a box to TICK like encounter and assalt battles


    1. Linus says:

      You gain 0 with that attitude. It only makes playing arty more enjoyable. You don’t die from arty now as much as before. Stop whining.

  10. Nietzche says:

    Well, personal missions become a joke then.
    Not mad, actually happy I still need to do MT 15 (4k dmg only to TDs) and TD 15 (8K battles)

    I foresee some issues with AMMO if they wont have reload stations like they put in other mods

    Hell I finish my ammo on the batchat on a regular bases in 15 v 15 >.>

  11. mi96romeo says:

    15 vs 15 matches are already bad enough with bots/noobs/trolls/inebriated/ragers/laggers/idiots/biased russian meds I am IMMEDIATELY turning off 30 vs 30.

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