WoT – A new Soviet Premium Tank STG Guard

And yet another step in the direction of “World of premium Tanks” The introduction and sale of the STG Guard. Previewed by us here. The introduction of this vehicle to the premium store follows the now standard practice of no testing access for players only for community contributors and selected reviewers. So purchasing choices have to be made solely on YouTube reviews and published stat’s, so the buyer is somewhat blinkered when making their choice. But at least there is a choice of bundles from barebones to hand over your wallet and even one without the special all seasons camo paint.

We start with the promotional video followed by two reviews from DezGamez and QuickyBaby .




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WoT – A new Soviet Premium Tank STG Guard

20 thoughts on “WoT – A new Soviet Premium Tank STG Guard

  1. Mizutayio says:

    After playing it myself i think it’s fairly well balanced, It’s a bit sluggish, it’s hull armor is garbage, the DPM is bad and the turret rotation could be better. However the gun does have a lot of alpha with good pen velues for a med and it’s fairly accurate, and the turret isn’t bad either. It is a med that can easily be killed, as it has one of the worst DPM ratings ever, combined with the low hp, it’s unlikely to win a 1 vs 1 engagement unless the enemy is lower tiered or just downright sucks at playing. It’s a support tank and does it’s role best from medium range where it can lay the hurt down with it’s damage and where the turret gives some protection against higher tiered tanks.
    So i’d say it’s a good efford by WG to get away from the OP premium spam, now if they would only get away from the premium tank in general and focus on bringing tank lines which will net them more money in the long run.

    1. Ragnarokbazil says:

      It has insane standard pen and armor buddy look at isisland wz111 and super Pershing they cant complete with it don’t get me started with the raviloi

      1. M4 Rev is one of the best tier 8 meds in the game. It has excellent gun handling and gun depression for its alpha at that tier and can even trade shots with higher tier opponents which other meds can’t do.

        Super persh is a joke. Always has been and still is. At least it’s armour got a buff in HD…..

        WZ-111is fine. Other than issues withnsilly MM isn’t sacrifices some armour for mobility. It has ok gun handling for a heavywith a 390 gun. It can also go hulldown quite well.

        I am not sure what it is you are complaining about tbh.

  2. Anonymous says:

    They could have made another soviet medium tank branch. Starting with tier 6 T-34-85M, The sluggish version of T-34-85M with similiar DPM to T-34-85. T-34-85M would with better armor. Then Comes A-44 at tier 7 and at tier 8 Obj. 416. At tier 9 we would have STG instead of Obj. 430 II. This beast would have gun choice of either 122mm or 100mm gun. 122mm Obviously deals massive damage and being slightly more accurate while 100mm would have better DPM and penetration. Obj. 430 II would be new tier 10 with improved stats overall.

  3. Wot Gamer says:

    I didn’t know that “guard” is the Russian word for “garbage”. Everything about this tank except the gun’s accuracy and alpha is bad. The AP pen is on par with French and British mediums.

  4. Mikosah says:

    In isolation, I’d say the STG is decently balanced. And it doesn’t have cancer armor so that’s always a plus. The problem is that the one major balancing factor, the low DPM, is still better than that of the T-34-2 and T-44 when they’re equipped with 122mm guns, which mind you are also way less accurate and have much worse pen. And with the one exception of the Obj. 416, tier 8 mediums have laughable DPM at any rate.

  5. Never mind says:

    You guys know this tank has been out for a few days now. It’s hardly new. That said, I see very few of them in game. I’m sure WG thanks you for the promotion. 😉

  6. As long as it’s not OP I don’t mind.
    I don’t want to have to fork out 30 quid just to be competitive in tier 8 clan wars….

    Another issue with the recent premium spam is that they never add them to the bloody tech tree for in game gold. I have over 20k gold sitting there and nothing useful to use it on.

    All in all I do think this is a decent tank and much better than the majority of tier 8 medium garbage….but nothing special either. Better than tier 8 mediums isnt saying much at all.
    Also the improved MM of seeing only tier 10 still exists and you have to deal with Defenders and IS-3’s at your own tier already.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Depends on what your definition of “better” is.
    The Ravioli is much better as a long range sniper with it’s higher shell velocity, view range and higher DPM while the STG can brawl better because it has actual armor, assuming it hides the entirety of its hull and cupola.

    1. Wot Gamer says:

      So it doesn’t actually have armor. Or how do you want to hide the cupola – turn the tank upside down? Oops, that would expose the hull. The STG is garbage.

  8. Berto72 says:

    Another consolle camo for World of Barnum Circus Tanks…. 52.000 battles from 2011, but my friends leave one after another tnx to WG marketing policy that just introduce those s**t tanks that just noobs buy, hoping to improve due to vehicle stats instead by to learn… me too lose intersest on this game…

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