WoT- Anton Pankov Q&A Part 2

A continuation of yesterday’s Q&A (which if you haven’t caught up on can be read here). Here we go:

(Regarding Ranked Battles) If everything goes well, the 3rd season will probably be released near the beginning of the year. As of now we’re still going into the 2nd season under the label of a “test”.

We want to continue to develop bonds, this is true. In the future we could possibly use it to replace gold in some instances, but right now we want to use it as an example for marathon type rewards.

More customization is being looked at. First there’s 2D, which is camouflage, emblems, color, regional camo and backgrounds etc. Naturally the Asian region will be given a bit more in terms of variation and color scale. The second part, 3D, is things like bags and nets. None of this will give an in-game advantage, and it’s a huge amount of content per tank. 2D is something we want to possibly show off this year, though there’s no real forecast for the 3D stuff.

We’re pretty satisfied with arty in Random Battles, though there have been a few bad points. There really isn’t any sort of quick adjustment we can make, and at the moment we are focused on working on the high-tier light tanks.

I want to work of Personal Missions, as I want more people to be able to get through them.

A lot of balance changes are planned for this year.

We will continue work on the light tanks, and not just the high-tier ones.

We intentionally didn’t give players a tank for the birthday event. We have been reproached for many years to just give 10k silver and a garage slot.


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