WoT- Anton Pankov Q&A

Good day everyone, quick Q&A from Anton Pankov today covering a few different things:

There are several ideas for additional Chinese lines (Lights, Artillery) but it’s still up in the air whether or not they’ll be added.

The Tier 9 premium WZ-120G FT will be another Chinese server exclusive. Other regions will get the Tier 8 WZ-120-1G FT.

The Chinese have a lot of unique content, such as premiums and the Empire’s Border map. They also have their own way’s of combating bots and chat spam, which over there is regulated at the government level.

We’re not planning on selling the WTE-100 in other regions outside of China. Even for 80-100 dollars, that amount of money isn’t worth the negativity that would generate.

Many people with a large amount of battles (20k or so) ask for the ability to buy a premium at Tier 9 or something to that degree. That’s not something that has a high probability of happening. We really don’t want to add such things to the game.

The idea of replacing the FV215b with the Super Conqueror came from Murazor.

There are a lot of plans for substitutions/replacements, and not only at Tier 10. It could solve a large number of problems.

There are even some plans for the Soviet branch. For example, we could substitute the IS-4, leave it in the garage for those who have it and get no ill feelings. The issue it finding a decent vehicle to replace it. Perhaps the ST-II with the two guns, though that’s going to require some technical work.

There’s a large amount of subjectivity with tank performance, especially regarding things like the WZ-111 or the IS-7 being “so-so”. We’ll look, as shown with the Maus this is something that can work in one direction or another, and it can work in these cases.

Next patch will officially be 9.20.1

Still a bit early, but updates going to February-April 2018 will be more balanced regarding the replacement of individual machines and the balancing of old ones.

Back to 9.20, we wanted to experiment a bit with the KV-5, but we had some difficulties. Still, you’d have to touch the preferential matchmaking in some way and there’d be a lot of discontent… Personally, regarding balancing premiums I tend to favor removing the matchmaking and rebalancing them under the current realities of the game. Still, we’ll see what comes.

With the new rating system, we really want to increase the player’s perception of their skill in a particular machine. Real skill.

The devs aren’t ready to cover players names in chat, there’s no active work on that issue at all.

We’re continuing to watch Ranked Battles, and we have a few adjustments ready to ship already.

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WoT- Anton Pankov Q&A

38 thoughts on “WoT- Anton Pankov Q&A

  1. Never mind says:

    For those of us that had the WT E-100, it’s a damn shame we got such a shit replacement, and no “reward” tank of any kind.

    1. A Dude says:

      Your fault for abusing a broken tank. Even WG admitted that it was broken, and you must have been blind to not see it yourself. Literally everything about this tank was extreme: Extreme burst damage, extremely bad camo, extremely high accuracy and gun handling, extremely bad armor.

      You can’t balance something like this properly.

      1. A Dude says:

        Besides, given the popularity of the Grille 15 I’d say it’s not a bad tank at all. If you can’t play it, you also can’t play literally every tank in the respective line.

  2. Arty still needs to be removed from the game. Instead of being one shot from full health you still get randomly killed from lower health. It is still not fair to be killed that way. Arty tends to fire at the first tanks spotted which means scouts get focused down first. Arty has to go to make the game fair.

    1. Seth says:

      LOL….. Most arty players typically target areas/chokepoints that they can expect the most effectiveness for their shots. I hate being on the receiving end of arty, especially when you have multiple arty or even autoloading arty that can perma stun/track you, but then I also note if there are arty on the enemy team and attempt to avoid areas that I am most likely allow me to be hit by arty as well as sitting still.

    2. Mizutayio says:

      so hulldown tanks and inpenetrable superheavies can wreck your face instead. While yes, i can understand the frustration with some players. Others do really enjoy the class.
      What i personally would like to see is to make Arty only available for grand battles in the future.

      1. suffywuffy says:

        Arty is brilliant when used properly, to dislodge a hull down is7 or a 215b 183 that is covering a chokepoint. Trouble is it only serves this purpose 1 shot in every 50, if that. The other 49/50 shots they will shoot the only enemy tank actually pushing forcing a slow campy game, or xvm focus the better players regardless of where they are or what they’re playing.

  3. Vedranooo says:

    Removing tanks with preferential matchmaking? Lol good luck with that, many others and me bought some FOR that special MM, if you remove that start the refunds machine directly 🙂

    1. Ragnarokbazil says:

      Just give the kv5 the kv2s derp gun as an option gun like in wows and buff the guns pen and take it off the kv2

    2. Kwixis says:

      He never said that he wanted to remove the premiums tanks with pref MM, he said clearly that he wants to: “removing the matchmaking and rebalancing them under the current realities of the game. Still, we’ll see what comes.”

      1. Vedranooo says:

        Thats the same thing, removing pref MM from tanks. It’s like removing a Ferrari engine and selling you the car, it’s missing the most import future.

      2. stormcrow99 says:

        @Vedranoo Not comparable, what makes a sports car great can’t be really altered, what makes a premium tank good, you can write a bibles worth of text on varying reasons, that can be tweaked into many many forms.

    3. Anonymous says:

      Just remove the pref mm that does not realy exists! I mean even in my tanks with pref mm i am still 95% of the time bottom tier. 9.18 killed pref mm but the tanks that had it didn’t get compensated with buffs. Just for the record since 9.18 i have seen tier 6s in my tier 8s with pref mm 2 times

      1. same here. i played 10 battles in a row with my WZ-111 and did not see even tier 7 tank in matches. actually 6 out of 10 matches were against tier 9 tanks.

        the only thing they can do is buffing that tanks if they are not able to solve this problem. because they are not “premium” any more in this way. i cannot earn credits while shooting 10+ gold rounds per battle.

    4. stormcrow99 says:

      Look into why the tanks need pref mm these days
      I’ll say it for you, because they’re shit against top tiers in +/-2.
      If you make them viable in normal MM, you divide the playerbase into two:
      Braindead (sell the tank because muh prefs)
      And not braindead (won’t sell tank because not cuckboi)

  4. Time to remove the preferential MM from tanks and buff them to current normal Tier 8 standards and not the OP premiums

    Also boggles my mind that WG, despite all its resources, cannot program a 2 gun system or a multi-turret system.

    1. Nocomment says:

      Who mentioned that they had tried and failed or tried at all. The vast majority of tanks in this game have one anti-tank gun mounted on one or less turret. We are talking about a handfull of exceptions to the rule here.

    2. kingtrygon says:

      I’d imagine that there are two likely ways to pull it off for the ST-II. Either give it a two shot autoloader with a fast intra-clip reload that fires a shell out of each barrel or have the ST-II have a high DPM with each gun firing one after the other to represent the gunner switching between each gun as it is reloaded.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Remove the damn pref mm!!! I have almost all the tanks with pref mm and it just isn’t worth it! Remove it and buff everything accordingly!!

    1. suffywuffy says:

      They don’t need to remove pref mm, they just need to nerf the damn broken new t8 prem heavies… Which they will never do so they’ll have to remove pref mm.

      I can’t believe I actually saw a video of the WoT devs saying the the 252/defender wasn’t broken whilst keeping a straight face. 210+ lower plate effective armour, yes balance right there boys.

  6. Benjeeh_CA says:

    Personally I would love to see my fcm rebalanced and have preferential mm removed. Had a long rant about arty then deleted it cause it doesn’t matter anyways

  7. Pangzhu says:

    instead of even thinking of removing pref. mm, they should rather have done away with the entire +2 mm thing ages ago…

    i bought almost every single pref mm premium to avoid +2 mm – i am sure others did this too.

    3/5/7 mm helped a bit, but it has brought a completely new set of problems.

    there is many hundreds of tanks in the game, so it is nonsense to say, that battles would be less interesting, because of less diversity.
    it would make balancing much easier, since you wont have this too good against low tier tanks and too bad against high tier tanks -problem.

    1. Anonymous says:

      A human with average intelligence would know that with the new mm and the fact that most players play tier 8 would insure that the huge pool of tier 8s would ruin tiers 6,7 and 8. Tank with pref mm were good because they were almost always top tier and usually with a lot of tier 6s and 7s to feast on (cause a pref mm tank was worse than a regular tank) . Now you are close to never top tier,you almost never see tier 7s,not to mention 6s,and you must fight patriots,lebertes,defenders and o-hos with 167mm pen in kv5,175 pen for wz111 and is6,203 pen on 88 and 212 on fcm! Meanwhile the tanks mentioned above can derp through the toughest armor without even aiming and you bounce your gold (!) shell on their with no weakspots armor. Not to speak about the laughable balance where you see defenders soloing whole teams of 6s and 7s that are like food in a metal package. The fact is wg is greedy and they don’t really want to buff old tanks,they want us to buy the new ones. But as i said at the beginning these are thinks a human with average intelligence would observe and most palyers and surely wg stuff aren’t among them.

  8. Veda says:

    Give the pref MM tanks the ability to either go +/-1 or +/- 2 by allowing them to mount an upgraded gun/engine/turret, etc. If the upgraded pieces are equipped, make it have regular MM and balance the upgraded gun/turret/engine around current T8 standards.

  9. stormcrow99 says:

    “We really don’t want tier 9 premiums” Why not? After the current tier 8 prem HT META GAME coming in, why not?? If it makes money, the most restraint in seizing the opportunity you’ve shown thus far is not enslaving the employees (I hope). WG not wanting something profitable is pointless waste of words, no credibility whatsoever.

    Surely the twingun ST-II is a joke… right…?

    I don’t want pref MM, I just want a tank that is competitive with normal MM. My T-34-3 however cannot de-prefed because the D-25 122mm only ever penetrated a hundred and seventy change millimeters or steel armor (WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE IS-3A, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?)

  10. Jurrunio says:

    How about IS-6? This heavy has pref MM, but it’s utterly useless against other tier 8 heavies (especially the newcomers like the Chrysler GF and 252U) no matter it’s a duel or group fight.

  11. Anonymous says:

    “We’re not planning on selling the WTE-100 in other regions outside of China. Even for 80-100 dollars, that amount of money isn’t worth the negativity that would generate.”

    And yet after all that outrage surrounding defender and crysler they would like to add the vk 168 or something like that as a new premium. (looking like the vk 100 01 but without doubt more armor)

  12. At this point I agree with removing limited MM but buffing tanks accordingly, it’s not like tanks that aren’t supposed to see tier X tank are still forced to face “totally not tier X” tanks like Type 4 or Mauschen

  13. wolvenworks says:

    realistically speaking, “real skill” can only be measured by removing gold shells from the equation alltogether, so realistically, i don’t see that happening anytime soon, and thus the rating will still be inaccurate.

    same issue with PR, WR, and statpadding

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