WoT- Anton Pankov Q&A

Good day everyone, quick Q&A from Anton Pankov today covering a few different things:

There are several ideas for additional Chinese lines (Lights, Artillery) but it’s still up in the air whether or not they’ll be added.

The Tier 9 premium WZ-120G FT will be another Chinese server exclusive. Other regions will get the Tier 8 WZ-120-1G FT.

The Chinese have a lot of unique content, such as premiums and the Empire’s Border map. They also have their own way’s of combating bots and chat spam, which over there is regulated at the government level.

We’re not planning on selling the WTE-100 in other regions outside of China. Even for 80-100 dollars, that amount of money isn’t worth the negativity that would generate.

Many people with a large amount of battles (20k or so) ask for the ability to buy a premium at Tier 9 or something to that degree. That’s not something that has a high probability of happening. We really don’t want to add such things to the game.

The idea of replacing the FV215b with the Super Conqueror came from Murazor.

There are a lot of plans for substitutions/replacements, and not only at Tier 10. It could solve a large number of problems.

There are even some plans for the Soviet branch. For example, we could substitute the IS-4, leave it in the garage for those who have it and get no ill feelings. The issue it finding a decent vehicle to replace it. Perhaps the ST-II with the two guns, though that’s going to require some technical work.

There’s a large amount of subjectivity with tank performance, especially regarding things like the WZ-111 or the IS-7 being “so-so”. We’ll look, as shown with the Maus this is something that can work in one direction or another, and it can work in these cases.

Next patch will officially be 9.20.1

Still a bit early, but updates going to February-April 2018 will be more balanced regarding the replacement of individual machines and the balancing of old ones.

Back to 9.20, we wanted to experiment a bit with the KV-5, but we had some difficulties. Still, you’d have to touch the preferential matchmaking in some way and there’d be a lot of discontent… Personally, regarding balancing premiums I tend to favor removing the matchmaking and rebalancing them under the current realities of the game. Still, we’ll see what comes.

With the new rating system, we really want to increase the player’s perception of their skill in a particular machine. Real skill.

The devs aren’t ready to cover players names in chat, there’s no active work on that issue at all.

We’re continuing to watch Ranked Battles, and we have a few adjustments ready to ship already.

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