[WoT] Big changes coming on Monday


according to a WoT Livestream that aired today, some big changes will be announced on Monday the 10th of February, this is the transcript of what was said:

-Monday there will be a stream where they discuss something that’s called the “new Balance update”
-There will also be videos on it on Monday but it’s gonna be a huge list of changes, roughly 3 pages long
-It’s not gonna be called Sandbox because it’s gonna be essentially all of the changes they’ve been planning all this time to be released later this year is all gonna be put in one Test client and is basically the new game on a separate client (separate to test server and sandbox from what I can take away from it)
– Everybody can join and WG hopes to get as many people on there to get as much feedback as possible so they can tweak stuff or if all fails, cut it like they did rubicon.
Massive thanks to Mizutayio for taking the time to write these down!
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