WoT Blitz: Angry Connor


want to share this video of hot Irish girls “hoppidy hopping”:

Oh and WoT Blitz is also selling an Archer with special camo to celebrate the St. Patrick’s day called “Angry Connor” (tier V British TD):


-Until April 1, 02:00 PT / 06:00 ET:


  •  Angry Connor
  • 1 Garage Slot



Protection Manoeuvrability Firepower
Hit Points: 600

Hull Armour:

  • Front: 20 mm
  • Sides: 20 mm
  • Rear: 20 mm
Weight: 16.26 t

Engine Power: 192 hp

Speed Limit: 12 km/h

Traverse Speed: 45 deg/s

Standard Shell Damage: 120 – 200 HP (avg. 160 HP)

Standard Shell Penetration: 128 – 214 mm (avg. 171 mm)

Rate of Fire: 12.00 rounds per minute

Aiming Time: 1.9 s

Dispersion at 100 m: 0.36 m

View Range: 240 m

Not a bad price for a shitty tier V (just got this in WoT and I’m so not enjoying the fact that it drives faster in reverse).


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WoT Blitz: Angry Connor

25 thoughts on “WoT Blitz: Angry Connor

  1. Dontspill McGinnis says:

    You get used to it, and at tier 5, that top gun is pure troll. I find the lack of gun depression more annoying than the driving backwards.

    1. Renarde Martel says:

      Exactly my thoughts. Also, the reverse speed does make for quick getaways.

      The wide gun arc is a plus, too.

  2. Marc t says:

    What? I love the Archer. That gun is so good, you rip OI xp into shreds and make tier 6-7 cry. I’m currently thinking of buying it back and going for 3 marks.

  3. LordofDiscord says:

    meanwhile PC version on EU server at 20.30 GMT not one clue what the St Patricks special that starts in morning is or actually offers..usual fucking contempt and incompetence for the customers

    1. pixywing says:

      Wargaming gives zero respect for customers and its really sad. We used to get specials posted on Wednesdays now its late Friday if we are lucky and one day special events don’t get posted until the event is half over.

  4. pixywing says:

    240m view range? The KV-1 gets 70 meters more . . . Even with binoculars this thing still has 10 meter less view range than the KV-1 and that’s assuming the KV-1 isn’t mounting their own Coated Optics/ Binoculars.

    1. Toxic_Vanilla_Coke says:

      These are the stats for blitz. The view ranges of all tanks are toned down a lot to make up for the map size. The KV-1 has 220 meters on blitz. And the Patton only has 270 meters. Most tanks end up spotting each other at around the same time.

  5. Actually, Rita, while I was skeptical about this little thing in WoT PC, it actually grew on me. Once you actually find a decent firing position, with camo net and binocs, this thing is amazing, that 17 pounder shreds entire teams and you can just sit in the open and shoot! Gun depression isn’t too bad, either.

  6. A_Blackstar says:

    Why is it called “Angry Connor”? It’s not a pun on Archer. Are all Irishmen angry? Why Connor?
    I do like the camo, though.

  7. siralexice says:

    The WoT special for St. Patrick is pretty cool, 3x crew XP is great for that grind from 95 to 100%. The offers for tanks, not so much, IS3A is a crappy crew trainer for heavy soviets.

  8. S the K says:

    This is just an Archer, right? A Valentine hull with the gun mounted backwards? Yes, I am familiar with it. I’m struggling with it on WoT PC and I Free XP’ed it on WoT Xbox.

    The Archer is the biggest pile of poo in the game. Even worse than the M3 Lee.

  9. wolvenworks says:

    uh rita, remember that Archer runs faster backwards since in real life, that’s the FRONT.

    yes what a suprise that Archer is mounted backwards, and is specifically made to hit and run~

    (don’t worry this is just my standard banter vs ppl who whine abt Archer going faster backwards in game)

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