WoT Blitz: Canyon


WoT Blitz has a new map in supertest called Canyon:


For some reason reminds me of a PVE map from AW, now it depends where the bases will be positioned but seems like an intricate enough map.

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WoT Blitz: Canyon

8 thoughts on “WoT Blitz: Canyon

  1. Carl says:

    Completely off topic Rita but just watched the latest episode of Mingles with jingles and he told us a story about you cooking his birthday meal and i just want to say it was 100% pure adorkable, (google it if that’s a word you haven’t heard before :p). Good Luck for next time :).

  2. magnus11211 says:

    Rita can you adress the issue with binocular telescope and camonet always deactivating when you stand still and the tank just decides to move because of new physics even tho you have stopped and it has activated once. sometimes when you stand still the tank glide even tho it should not and it diactivates camonet and binocular telescope

  3. magnus11211 says:

    Rita please adress the issue with tanks gliding when you have alrady stood still on fairly flat ground and camonet and binocular telescope diactivating in the new physics

    1. Loch7009 says:

      You my friend, Tom Johnstone, Have a great idea. It would be a good map for the PC/Mac. However it would need to be larger.

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