WoT Blitz Communication Changes

Coming in Blitz update 3.6, the following changes to communications will be made:

– Players will no longer be able to communicate with the enemy team.

– Communication with allies will only be possible so long as your tank is alive.

– Platoon chat and training room chat will remain unaffected.


The Blitz devs justify these changes for the same reason cross team chat was removed on PC, denying toxic players chances to give away allied positions to the enemy and to cut down on toxic behavior.

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WoT Blitz Communication Changes

15 thoughts on “WoT Blitz Communication Changes

  1. thebugmonster says:

    but not talking with aliies after you die??? uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    there goes pointing out obvious things they are missing. talking with my allies has actually won us games from that were on the brink of defeat

    1. spodula says:

      Yeah, but if its like WOT-PC, its mostly used to tell your team slightly less useful information such as that they should go and play Hello Kitty online, they all suck and are noobs and such like.

      1. Uuuhhh says:

        The only time I’ve ever seen that was when someone decides to charge out into the open to get the last TD

      2. party1c says:

        this happens because thats like it is. wot puts total tomatos, average normal players an unicums in the same battles.

        the tomato is mad because he doesnt understand the game and why players do what they do.

        the unicum gets mad because others dont play smart and situational.

        and the average everyday normal player is mad at all kinds of players out of all the reasons above.

        as long as WG is to lazy to give the game skill-mm nobody will be happy.

  2. Anon says:

    Wot PC may as well be bots…yeah some negative cross chat happened ( like every other game ) but now it’s dead silent. People on your team dont communicate any differently. If anything the trolls just focus on their own team.

    Bring back all chat! Don’t like it…fine, mute it!

  3. ” Communication with allies will only be possible so long as your tank is alive.”

    Oh wow someone there managed to turn on his brain ? Impressive !
    This is the BEST AND ONLY WAY to fight chat toxicity ! You can even reactivate cross-team chat to an extent, the main solution is here : IF YOU’RE DEAD YOU SHUT UP AND LET OTHERS PLAY.
    -No more post-death rage, because it doesnt only affect ennemies, mostly the team too.
    -Allies will have to pay attention instead of waiting for allies to tell them everything they need to know about the situation.

    Put this on PC too.

    1. party1c says:

      the ONLY and BEST way to fight toxicity is skill-MM. dont put noobs with less than 2k wn8 in my teams and i have nothing to complain. because i dont call people “stupid retarded idiot noobs” for no reason. if i ping on map 10 times its because you need to go there or we lose the battle. if you call you retard its because your are retarded. thats how it looks like.

      if you dont want to be called “noob” dont act like one.

      1. And that’s thanks to obnoxious people like yourself that they’re removing those chat options. I thought it was a fairly bad idea but I’m ready to reconsider my position 🙂

        Oh and I’m so glad I’m over 2k WN8, I’m not a total noob, phew…

  4. Not liking the idea of being unable to tell allies any useful info after death. Things like, last known enemy position, remaining health of the heavy I was brawling before I croaked, likely camp site of the still undetected TD, etc. And as for the argument of “allies will have to pay attention instead of waiting for everyone else to tell them everything,” well, when you’re in the middle of a 2 vs 1 fight or hauling ass to avoid the wolfpack, it’s kind of hard to pay attention to someone else’s fight or even the chat box.

  5. I find “Communication with allies will only be possible so long as your tank is alive” hilarious, if this were implemented in world of tanks, it would certainly be sweet to enjoy the silence and non-map pinging madness a dead player with too much free time might do.

    On the other hand, silence in pubs is fine, in team battles and skirmishes, we can trust our teammates to not give away our positions to the enemy team so all chat should be brought back there just so I can enjoy salty enemy teams better.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Back in WW1 we listened to the most experience chaps so we could survive. In my experience some of the best advice during combat situations is communicated by use of explitives. The reallity is that war brings out very powerful emotions within people. The competitive nature of WOTBlitz brings out high emotions too. It’s a great game. What I must remember is that there going to be some ‘Little Pitchers’ in the game that aren’t really prepared for the abusive laguage that gets throwen around during some battles. I think that game people are right to try and contain the abuse however we’ve lost various teachable moments and some realism as well. I just mutter under my breath. After all, it is preferrable to cultivate the higher conciousness of self.

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