Wot Blitz: Gamescom 2016 trailer


this is the official Gamescon trailer for WoT Blitz:

That music is awful…

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Wot Blitz: Gamescom 2016 trailer

2 thoughts on “Wot Blitz: Gamescom 2016 trailer

  1. **Wintermute** says:

    I started on PC, daughter tossed my laptop off balcony, then played Blitz for awhile. Not a bad game and the community is amazing for a mobile game. The only issue in the community of Blitz are the Bottom Feeders. The worst is Spinee, a Brit who migrated from PC so he can feel great stomping 7 year olds playing in the back of their mothers Sequoia. I finally got a descent rig, along with a console and am back to playing larger maps, with 15 v15 play. I don’t think Blitz is a bad game, I just don’t get how you would choose to leave PC or even console, seal club all day and consider yourself a “uni.”

    Despite what the “top players” of Blitz may think, Blitz is checkers, Console is Chess and PC is Go.

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