WoT Blitz- Girls und Panzer Hetzer and WZ-111 Stats

Quick update from the mobile side of World of Tanks. Some new Girls und Panzer related content and stats for the WZ-111:

Hetzer Kame


HP: 440

Hull Armor: 60/20/8mm

Weight: 16.41t

Engine Power: 220hp

Power to Weight: 13.40

Speed: +42 kph

Hull Traverse: 41.72 deg./sec.

Damage: 160/140/200

Penetration: 110/158/20mm

Rate of Fire: 6.95

Aim Time: 3.7 sec.

Accuracy: .355

View Range: 210m


It’ll be interesting if anybody tries replicating the Maus battle with this thing.


For those looking to collect the GuP tanks in Blitz (“Anko” Pz.IV, “Kuromorimine” Tiger I, and the “Kame” Hetzer) there is a new medal for those who collect the aforementioned tanks. The “Chi-Ha-Tan Academy” Ha-Go is not needed.




HP: 1500

Hull Armor: 120/80/60

Turret Armor: 230/120/60mm

Weight: 44.5t

Engine Power: 520hp

Power to Weight: 11.68 hp/t

Speed: +35 kph

Hull Traverse: 27.12 deg./sec.

Turret Traverse: 27.12 deg./sec.

Damage: 400/340/500

Penetration: 175/270/61mm

Rate of Fire: 4.47

Aim Time: 6.8

Accuracy: .412

View Range: 240m



In addition, there is a new Dunkirk themed camouflage:

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