WoT Blitz: IS-3 “Defender”


WoT Blitz will have a mission/marathon and an IS-3 “Defender” as reward, this is the trailer:

I know is nitpicking but I cant help it, the fact that the vehicles are missing and bouncing each other at such range makes me cringe and to the lady who’s singing, you are not going to get the tank because you are better, you gonna get it because you are most likely a single woman with cats and have far too much time/money on hand! 😀

Only the first 60.000 players who complete the mission will be able to get the tank.

The mission has 8 stages, to proceed you need to collect special tokens:

Currency: 1 Token for 1 XP earned.

Stage I – 3000 Tokens
Stage II –
10 000 //
Stage III –
25 000 //
Stage IV –
52 000 //
Stage V –
90 000 //
Stage VI –
130 000 //
Stage VII –
180 000 //
Stage VIII –
210 000 //

For the lazy, you can progress by paying with Gold.



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