WoT Blitz: Premium Shell Nerfs

A bit late, but still relevant considering the ongoing conversation regarding overpowered Premium tanks and premium ammo.

World of Tanks Blitz has took measures to balance premium ammunition, both with overall changes and fine tuning a few select tanks. Mixed in with a few buffs to certain standard ammunition buffs, the goal is to make a more level playing field. Here’s what will be happening:

The two main parameters of Premium shells will be adjusted:

  • Damage will decrease by an average of 15%. The change will not affect U.K. HESH-shells, so FV215b (183) fans can relax.
  • The price will decrease by an average of 20%, reaching 40% for some vehicles.

For Premium vehicles that use Premium shells more often than other vehicles, the penetration values of standard shells were increased:

  • Churchill III: to 130 mm, was 110 mm
  • Matilda IV: to 97 mm, was 86 mm
  • Matilda BP: to 130 mm, was 110 mm
  • M4A2E4 Sherman: to 106 mm, was 92 mm
  • T14: to 106 mm, was 92 mm
  • T26E4 SuperPershing: to 205 mm, was 170 mm

These Premium vehicles will now be able to earn more credits. The cost of Premium shells will decrease, while standard shells will score more penetrating hits and cause more damage; altogether, it will increase the net profit in credits.

For many researchable vehicles that had premium shells as the key type of ammunition, the penetration value of armour-piercing shells was increased:

  • M3 Lee, M8A1, M4 Sherman, M7, T21, M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo, and M4A3E8 Sherman
    Gun 75 mm Gun M3 and 75 mm AT Gun M3: 106 mm, was 92 mm
  • E-100
    Gun 15 cm. Kw.K. L/38: 258 mm, was 235 mm
  • Medium II and Medium III
    Gun QF 6-pdr 8 cwt Mk. I: 65 mm, was 57 mm
  • Churchill I, Crusader and Cromwell
    Gun QF 6-pdr Gun Mk. V: 130 mm, was 110 mm
  • Ha-Go, Chi-Ni and Chi-Ha
    Gun 5.7 cm Gun Type 97: 38 mm, was 30 mm
  • Renault FT and D1
    Gun 37 mm APX SA18: 37 mm, was 29 mm
  • D2 and B1
    Gun 47 mm SA35: 62 mm, was 45 mm

Shells for the SU-100Y and Tankenstein will not undergo any changes.

This issue is being addressed (in the Blitz developers words) in order to promote vehicle rolls, for example, a lighter armored vehicle with great gun stats will have an advantage over a heavily armored vehicle also using premium ammo for a large caliber gun, as the heavy really gains nothing and its armor advantage is more or less done away with.

With the new nerfs, that lighter tank now has to make the decision to switch to premium ammo and take a bit longer to do a certain amount of damage, or aim for weak spots with standard rounds but potentially killing the target faster.

As well as the nerfs, the reduction in premium shell prices will hopefully create a bit more equality among players, as well as allow competitive players to carry a decent loadout without braking the bank.

Perhaps kicking the hornets nest here, but what do you guys and gals think about these changes? Would you be interested in seeing other versions of World of Tanks adopt something similar?


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