WoT Blitz: Standard to Premium Tank Upgrades

Good day everybody,

WoT Blitz is introducing a very interesting option for players. Those who have a much loved tank in the tech tree will now have a way of making the most out of it, by upgrading that tech tree tank to Premium tank status for a set amount of time (14 days) or permanently. This bonus stays with the tank for the specified amount of time, regardless of the tank being sold or not.

Here are the prices per tier and eligable vehicles:

14 Day Prices & Tiers

– V tier – 2.200G
– VI tier – 2.600G
– VII tier – 3.000G
– VIII tier – 3.200G
– IX tier – 3.400G
– X tier – 4.000G


Permanent Options

Tier 5

– VK 30.01 (H) – 5,200G
– StuG III Ausf. G – 5,400G
– M4 Sherman – 5,000G
– M10 Wolverine – 5,300G
– Crusader – 4,700G
– Churchill I – 4,200G
– Type 3 Chi-Nu – 4,400G
Tier 6
– SU-100 – 9,000G
– VK 36.01 (H ) – 8,700G
– Nashorn – 8,700G
– M4A3E8 Sherman – 9,200G
– M6 – 9,200G
– M36 Jackson – 9?000G
– AT 8 – 9,200G
– Churchill Gun Carrier – 7,200G
– Type 4 Chi-To – 8,000G
Tier 7
– KV-3 – 14,000G
– SU-100М1 – 19,000G
– Panther I – 15.600G
– VK 30.02 (D) – 14,200G
– Tiger I – 14,700G
– Tiger (P) – 15,200G
– T25 / 2 – 15,700G
– T25 AT – 14,500G
– Black Prince – 14.600G
– AT 7 – 14,200G
– Type 5 Chi-Ri – 13,700G
Tier 8
– T-44 – 20,200G
– KV-4 – 18,400G
– SU-101 – 19,100G
– Panther II – 19,800G
– Indien-Panzer – 20,600G
– VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. A – 18,000G
– Ferdinand – 19,500G
– M26 Pershing – 19,800G
– T32 – 18,300G
– T28 Prototype – 18,500G
– Centurion Mk. I – 18,300G
– Caernarvon – 17,600G
– STA-1 – 20,000G

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WoT Blitz: Standard to Premium Tank Upgrades

63 thoughts on “WoT Blitz: Standard to Premium Tank Upgrades

    1. grimreaper977 says:

      prob just not allowed to change it, as it would be very easy to play the tank very well. for example the Hellcat is not there and neither is the Tiger II

    1. Teknokraatti says:

      T9 and 10 tanks can only be temporary premiums. This is to avoid people playing only their favourite high-tier tanks, and to provide gold sink for the players that have more than enough gold, or have decent sum of disposable income available.

      Personally, I think that this is a great idea even though the prices are fairly high.

      1. Teknokraatti says:

        WT and AW have very similar ideas, you’re right on that. WT had that feature even before AW did. I think that it would be way better in WOT due to its crew mechanics. Currently keeping lower-tier tanks while advancing in a tech tree is kind of a PITA because in order to be enjoyable to play, the previous tanks would need a decent crew, and I, for one, don’t have several 2- or 3-skill crews just laying about in the barracks.

        I also think that AW showed promise and still has potential. AW experimenting with an idea doesn’t automatically mean that the idea is bad-

  1. James k says:

    I actually like this idea quite a bit. It would allow people to spend money (wg loves that) and allow the player to get what they actually want.

  2. leo says:

    wow….thats an interesting system to say the least!
    much-requested, but also very expensive…but i can see it being viable for folks who dont want to buy unknown premiums
    would be cool to see similar features on Console!

  3. This is actually a very good idea, but… those prices are completely insane. If a t8 costs 20k golds, then t9s and t10s are going to cost about 30k and 40k respectively. That’s 100+ euros! Come on!

  4. Eraser_tr says:

    Love the idea, NEED this on PC.

    Pricing needs work though. It should be consistent with the price of premiums at that tier.

  5. Ion7 says:

    Not only do I love this idea, huge selection of premiums (Listed prices are a tad high, blitz has a different scale I believe), but WG will be happy as they can make a hell of a lot of money from this.

  6. Homer_J says:

    So 3200 gold would buy you 1.2million credits or you can “enrich” your tier VIII and play 10 games and earn an extra (at best) 350k?

    What planet are they on?

    Oh, hang on it’s WG.

    1. Tony says:

      @Homer_J Your maths is balls. 3200 gold (presumably youre referring to tier 8) boosts that tank by say 15-20k creds profit per battle depending on premium account or not. Thats 60-80 battles in that tank over 2 weeks to break even on the 1.2 mill you could have exchanged that gold for, which is a mere 4-6 battles a day in the tank. Which you love, or why did you pay the gold to do that, so its not exactly a hardship. Anything above those 4-6 battles a day is pure profit. Plus in addition to the creds you also get extra exp, which you’ve totally ignored. Your crew winds up better and you get the next tank faster if youre grinding it.

      I like the idea.

      Its expensive for the permanents, but if its a favorite tank it will pay for itself in time if youve ever exchanged gold for creds, no question. Its more expensive than normal premium tanks I assume because in general normal tanks are supposed to be better than same-tier premiums. You’ve “buying” a better tank.

    2. leo says:

      you’re a fool if you convert 3k gold into Silver instead of investing it in a T8 that will make that amount back in 40 games
      you’d be a fool to convert gold–> silver anyway, but moreso over this option

  7. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    If this comes to PC…
    -Premium KV-2
    -Premium PzIV H
    -Premium T67
    -Premium UDES-03
    -Premium ISU-152

    Credit making couldnt be more fun.

    Prices are too much tho… A tier 6 premium would cost as much as some tier 8 prems… Let alone tier 8 which get the gold price of tier X CW premiums…

    I understand that it needs to be a bit more expensive but not THAT much. They’re asking for almost double the regular price here… The difference should be 10-15-20-25 % respectively for tier 5-6-7-8, not 50 %…

      1. siralexice says:

        Hardened has much better cost, yes. It is not conversion to full premium though. I do hope to see it in WoT, would be awesome to apply it to tier 10 tanks. Would stop the credit bleeding that is every match in a tier 10.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Its interesting and can be bad as much as it can be good (for Pc version atleast) As i dont want to fight a emil or Oi unbeknownst to me that someone has put their 8 skill tier 10 crewmen in it to increase their sealclubbing ability. IMO Maybe they should limit to specific tanks or tanks only gaining certain advantages of premium like money making and repair. No hate

  9. Honcho says:

    Tiger 1+2, Panther 2, Pz4 H, AMX 50 100, KV1-S, WZ 131, M26 Pershing would be my favourites for a conversion.
    I was hoping for a feature like that, ever since i bought the Rudy. Just a normal top equipment Tank to grind for cash!

    1. SCARed says:

      as much as I do agree on the tank (that little bugger is one of my all time favourites!), I don’t know if tier 5 prem is that good for credit-making. the basic income is rather low in comparison to tier 8 or the like. even with rather good rounds (I did 1,6k damage this morning with T67), you “only” get about 20k minus the expeneses. so a “prem”-T67 would net you something between 10k and 30k per round without prem acc, I guess.

      plus for WoT Blitz the crew training aspect is no problem, as you cannot exchange crews (plus you only get more creds – NO bonus XPs are listed … ;-/ ). for WoT PC this would an additional issue when people would start training crews in their favourite tanks.

      basically I like the idea, but the prices are really too much. you don’t get a “real” prem-tank, only the credit-multiplier is changed and it still costs WAY more than a normal prem of the same tier? no thanks! give it another try!

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      Why not ? It would only makeit affordable.
      At tier 8+ if you die you lose money period. Even on a big game on a win.
      At tier X even when surviving if you do less than 3k dmg you’ll most likey lose money

      Arty is too expensive, 400hp repairs cost as much as 3k hp repairs, and because they never spot for themselves they get only half the xp and credits. Making them premium would at best turn them into regular tanks.

  10. Sleipnir_793 says:

    Giev teh KV-2 Premium…And never forget the Borsig…This would be a huuuuge Income-plus…(after you raided your bank-account)

  11. Tiger88 says:

    Nice way to rip players off of the gold (i.e. Money)
    20K gold for a tier 8 premium; I’d just say WG FU

    And WG comes up with these schemes because there are ample number of idiots who willingly promote this thing by buying it.

    Guys please let WG be creative in ways which improves the game without extorting money from us.

    1. jeffrey6046 says:

      you dont have to convert your tanks to premium this is a great idea for those who want it

      wg gives the OPTION and you complain about something you can do but dont have to do
      stay away from other peoples wallets and let them decide what is worth their money

  12. Håvid Falch says:

    I like the idea, but not unconditionally. Don’t think they should automatically allow this for just any and every tank if they ever bring this feature to the standard PC version. It does mess with fundamental balancing, by allowing people to fire nothing but premium on certain high tier tanks while still making a profit or negligible loss.

    But as long as it’s only done for certain tanks and/or tiers after consideration, I do like the idea. In fact, I like it a lot better than the current bullshit they’re doing, which is to just make clone premiums based on normal tanks.
    So instead of making a premium Jagdtiger for example, they could just add that particular tank to a list of “premiumable” tanks. Then instead of adding a pointless clone to the game, people can pay to have premium benefits on a tank that’s already in it.

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