WoT Chinese Server- Alpine Tiger

A brief little thing from the Chinese server.


A black WZ-111 with what looks like a snow leopard decal on the turret. Notable is its 2× XP coefficient. Stats ares imilar to its counterpart aside from a 12 second reload (from the 10.8 seconds of the normal WZ) and a reduced view range of 380m (from 418 on the WZ).


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WoT Chinese Server- Alpine Tiger

34 thoughts on “WoT Chinese Server- Alpine Tiger

      1. Horizonwalker says:

        In fact, WG earn 60% of profit on Chinese server, so stop talking like WG is a innocent child on this matter.

  1. A Dude says:

    Inconsistent. It says “Alpine Tiger” in the title, but in the description it’s suddenly a snow leopard. On top of that both animals are much more like likely to be encountered in the Himalayas.

    1. parthenon says:

      “Alpine” does not actually refer specifically to the Alps. Its applicable to the higher slopes of any mountain cluster or range so it works just fine for the Himalayas. Mind you, it tends to refer to areas above the tree line which isnt usually tiger country…

      1. A Dude says:

        I’m sorry, did I say that tigers are frequently encountered above the tree line? I don’t quite think so.

        And since alpine comes from the word “alp” it would obviously refer to this mountain range, wouldn’t it?

  2. wolvenworks says:

    rule no.1 regarding chinese servers: we DO NOT talk about that abomination called the Chinese Server. Just a friendly reminder, they are not run by WG, and it’s packed with pay2wins. there’s a reason why the good Chinese guys went to SEA, guys. (and that’s why ELONG represents ASIA region even though they’re from China. they play on SEA)

    1. MegamiHestia says:

      Technically speaking chinese server is more like pay to grind instead of pay to win. Although many still-in-supertest tanks and already-removed-from-shop tanks are available for purchase, those are still tanks ‘made’ by wargaming and follows in-game balance. The game is still the game under exactly the same mechanics. The only thing really special about chinese server is that x5 and x3 xp events are much more frequent than that on any other server I have played on, making it generally faster to reach top tier. Also, if you suck at playing the game, just like on any other server, you can’t get very far no matter how much money you dump into the premium shop.

  3. How about finally starting using “100% crew” option in the comparison tool, instead of “Current crew”?
    Really dumb mistake being repeated over and over again and resulting in false assumptions…

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