WoT Chritsmas and New Year decorations combinations


these are the “GTA-like” codes/combinations of the Christmas and New Year decorations from WoT:

Have fun!

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WoT Chritsmas and New Year decorations combinations

41 thoughts on “WoT Chritsmas and New Year decorations combinations

    1. Zemoch says:

      This can be used to make t4 and t5.
      The girlands are still girlands. These tree skirt thing is still tree skirt. And the ball is still ball slot.
      Don’t look at the item itself look at what slot it goes into.

    2. iuly says:

      no way to make free this christmas tree level 5 or it very very hard ,because wargaming give you a lots of duplicates,i make till now aprox.50 decorations level 5 but my tree still need 3 decorations to complete level 5 why because i have a lots of duplicates i have 15 duplicates toppers decorations 🙂 and it not random or RNG how wargaming say it almost impossible to get this if was random ,Wargaming arranges them so as not to do christmas tree free to buy box whit decorations os concluzion from me wargaming cheat as give decorations who whant not random not RNG have a soft who dont give decoration to complete a tree free only if you buy special box .ps.50 decoration duplicates level 5 hahaha or hohoho and happy new year cheaters wargaming.

  1. Infernal969 says:

    This is the biggest unneeded bullshit I’ve seen them do. Just do squeeze out a few more bucks.
    This company is pathetic.

      1. jetcannon says:

        You can also buy special packs of them, if you wish, and there’s a chance to get premium time, gold, or even the Patton KR, Skorpion G, and AMX M4 49 L (maybe also the Mutz?) if you do.

      2. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        “A chance”

        So basicaly buy hundreds worth of decorations and maybe you’ll get 30€ worth of tank.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Except there’s no reason to buy them when you can complete a crap ton of missions for boxes in 1 game. Purchasing the boxes is just for the extra stuff you can get with it.

    2. iuly says:

      confirm pathetic and cheaters if you whant to make a business make honest not cheating or deceive consumers and wargaming this is do deceive consumers in my opinion because it say it free game but not true it true only half because it to game in one on tier 1 to 6 it a game and tier 7 to tier x another game ,first it free second need money in game if whant to play need premium account at least, trust me nothing is free on this world,i play many games but only in this i see cheaters like wargaming ,exmpl.battlefield cheats not allowed,how allowed wargaming in this game,team killer not allowed how wargaming allowed in this game and many many things ,wargaming whant players to be angry angry player more money it a fact,and xvm same it a big shit make kids to whant good stats and put money in game,it not good to show live stats in-game on enemy or team mate to know who it bad and who it good playe to avoid ,it rong wrgaming cheat here.so the list go on …. no time to write all.Have a nioce happy new year all.

  2. Anonymous says:

    there is a method in pairing them????:(:(:(:(:(:( I just throw in 5 randoms and get a random next level….after 1 day in on level 8 with my Christmas tree

  3. KCHoB says:

    Only 1 day, my X-Mas tree is already on level 8, I have considerable reductions on purchasing Swedish TDs and got a multitude of consumables for free. And people are still complaining? What a sad world of egoistic morons who want everything fro free.

    1. fighting_falcon93 says:

      I agree with you, the event is nice and people should really complain less. The only thing I can complain about is that WG should have let us choose nation/specialization for the female crew members just as when we get them from personal missions. Also, keep in mind that the event is kind of exponentional when it comes to progress rate, so taking it up to level 9 and 10 will take massive amounts of time 🙁

    2. Infernal969 says:

      Yeah, because we couldn’t get normal missions instead of this bullshit.
      But you can’t sell missions, so they had to come up with some cashgrab.

      1. fighting_falcon93 says:

        @Infernal969: Yeah, because shitting out the same old missions year after year is so fun right? :/ WG gave us some variation, something that suits the theme of the year and that is interesting and fun, but people still just complain. You know, you told me before that I was “crying” about the 103B getting nerfed… but I have to say that you cry a hell of a lot yourself 😀

  4. Passing Strangers says:

    Great, useful info. Thx for that. Hopefuly some formulas for mixing higher levels i.e. 3,4 and 5 will leak soon. 😉

  5. Anonymous says:

    the completed mission can be purchased and/or gifted in prem shop for £40 – that’s £40 for 1 garage slot and some consumables – Merry Xmas from WG

    1. KhaelaMensha says:

      Well… if you would take a look at it for just one second, you would see that you also receive 12500 gold. plus another random item, which can either be 2500 more gold, a month of premium time or a fucking tier 8 prem tank. where’s the problem with that? you will actually always get more out of that deal than you pay for it, PLUS the fucking decorations, which mean another slot, 4 crew members, about 900k in consumables if you choose to sell them, and probably about 5 million in saved credits if you go up the swedish TDs. HOW IS THAT NOT A GOOD DEAL?

  6. LANCISTUL says:

    THE Only thing good about this are the 4 FEMALE CREW with BIA and one more free skill. DO NOT FORGET THAT. They are the easiest to get, comparing to missions for stug,T28C, T55a etc.

    1. MonsieurHiss says:

      ” They are the easiest to get, comparing to missions for stug,T28C, T55a etc.”

      Definitely, I got to lvl 9 in 5 games. Lvl 10 would be like 500 with my luck with lvl5 decorations…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Get 3 girls in one night. LOL 🙂 consumables, reserves, td branch almost free
    For me this is one of the best moves of WG in recent history.
    I know we need free exp for tonks and gold for crew etc….
    For first time must say GJ WG. 🙂

  8. Anonymous says:

    3 girls for one night… LOL 🙂 +consumables +td branch almost free + reserves
    + fun with tree and kv-2…. (for young players)
    I know we need gold for crews and free exp for tonks and td’s are not so good etc… but.. c’mon girls and guys. 🙂
    For first time I must say GJ WG!!!

  9. I have level 5 decorations I cant use on my snowitzer, because I already have a level 5 in that spot. How do I get more level 5 decorations? Ive got like 5 of them but I dont know how I did it. Is it like a top gun or something? I didnt see it in the mission list.

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