WoT Codes from Gamescom

We have 4 codes from the closing Gamescom stream, some work on EU and some on NA. Good luck.

  • Update, GC18MACHTMUH
  • Update, W0W54TG4M35C0M
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WoT Codes from Gamescom

30 thoughts on “WoT Codes from Gamescom

  1. Edwinj says:

    Fun fact, you can activate W0W54TG4M35C0M as many times as you like and it always gives you the same thing! Absolutely nothing!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wtf! None of the codes work on the na server… you type it under redeem code under your profile on the main website??

  3. Benjeeh_CA says:

    I watched QBs stream his code only worked for the hour and a half after gamescom ended so I assume that how they all work. It was also only 3 boosters

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