WoT Common Test Shop Icons

Good evening everyone,

Quick post showing a few vehicle shop icons from one of our readers digging through the game files:

WZ-111 QL:

Ch41_WZ_111_QLGrille 15 L63:


No word on either of these, when of if they’ll be available to all servers (WZ looks like an easy Chinese exclusive though). Still, neat to see what people dig up in the game files.


Edit: Credit to FastestClassic down in the comments for showing these


ST-I (with upgraded gun)

Chi-Ri II


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WoT Common Test Shop Icons

12 thoughts on “WoT Common Test Shop Icons

  1. Found a couple of other ones which might be of interest as well.
    Chi-Ri with 88mm Gun:
    IS-4 with Object 701 turret:
    (In addition, the ST-I appears to now be shown with its’ top 122mm gun, whereas it was usually shown with one of its’ stock guns in most other places/icons: http://www.tracks-up.com/uploads/1/1/7/9/117971710/r63-st-i_orig.png)

  2. Nameless says:

    IS-4M most probably a tier 8 premium and Chi-Ri II… I can’t really tell. Maybe it’s an upgrade to the existing Chi-Ri? I really hope WG will buff it cause, as it is right now, it seems to be one of the worst tier 7 mediums.

    1. Benjeeh_ca says:

      Weren’t they planning on swapping the st1 and is4 positions in the tech tree maybe that’s why they got new icons

  3. wheeledtank says:

    There’s quite alot of Server-Exclusive tanks in there, such as the Gold Type 59, Bejing Opera 113, Eldwiess, Nameless, and a few others, even when their tank files are clearly not there

    As for those others, I’ve noticed that there aren’t any “new” vehicles as much as strange combos (as listed above). The STA-2 is represented with a T-34-2 in the PTS, and there wasn’t a Grille 15 (as we know of) in there, while that Grille was in its place (I mistook it for a GW Panther at first)

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