WoT Console- April Overview

WG has done another overview for upcoming content in the console editions of World of Tanks. Here’s what we have to look forward to, or dread…

Heavy Metal

Three new premiums will be released, and they’re actually somewhat interesting. These do have a set camo theme (Heavy Metal Heroes, or HMH), and at the moment its not shown if they are customizable, that said, the default schemes aren’t bad looking.branded_hmheroes2

The three premiums are the Soviet HMH ISU-130 tank destroyer, the HMH FV305 (which seems to be an FV304 hull with the gun of the Crusader SP), and HMH M51 Super Sherman (similar to the M4A1 Revalorisé, but with a few cosmetic diffirences).

Overall, not too shabby. Nice job on the tank artists.

Tech Tree Add-Ons

Two new additions to the German and French tech-trees: the Grille 15 and Bat-Chat 25 t AP. However, unlike the PC edition, these will not be replacing the Lorraine 40 t and WTE-100. For no good reason really.

Both lines will also have On-Track Events, with XP/Credit bonusescfor playing tanks in those lines.


March Madness Final Four

The end of the previous months March Madness event will be coming, with US, Soviet, French and Japanese tanks facing off. The players who selectvthe winning team will recieve a free ‘Vanquisher’ Sentinel AC 1. Players who earn 100 points in the event get 50% if they purchase the vehicle.



The Girls und Panzer variabt of the Pz.IV H will be coming to Xbox on April 28th.


A new series of ranked battles will start April 28th. This time at Tier 8.

And the following emblems will be available, following the ‘heavy metal’ theme.

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