WoT Console- April Overview

WG has done another overview for upcoming content in the console editions of World of Tanks. Here’s what we have to look forward to, or dread…

Heavy Metal

Three new premiums will be released, and they’re actually somewhat interesting. These do have a set camo theme (Heavy Metal Heroes, or HMH), and at the moment its not shown if they are customizable, that said, the default schemes aren’t bad looking.branded_hmheroes2

The three premiums are the Soviet HMH ISU-130 tank destroyer, the HMH FV305 (which seems to be an FV304 hull with the gun of the Crusader SP), and HMH M51 Super Sherman (similar to the M4A1 Revalorisé, but with a few cosmetic diffirences).

Overall, not too shabby. Nice job on the tank artists.

Tech Tree Add-Ons

Two new additions to the German and French tech-trees: the Grille 15 and Bat-Chat 25 t AP. However, unlike the PC edition, these will not be replacing the Lorraine 40 t and WTE-100. For no good reason really.

Both lines will also have On-Track Events, with XP/Credit bonusescfor playing tanks in those lines.


March Madness Final Four

The end of the previous months March Madness event will be coming, with US, Soviet, French and Japanese tanks facing off. The players who selectvthe winning team will recieve a free ‘Vanquisher’ Sentinel AC 1. Players who earn 100 points in the event get 50% if they purchase the vehicle.



The Girls und Panzer variabt of the Pz.IV H will be coming to Xbox on April 28th.


A new series of ranked battles will start April 28th. This time at Tier 8.

And the following emblems will be available, following the ‘heavy metal’ theme.

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WoT Console- April Overview

26 thoughts on “WoT Console- April Overview

  1. Jureidini says:

    How could they Frig up the 13-90 > BC25 so hard instead simply just replacing the 40T and making it an 8? 600k to grind that 13-90 is sill beyond belief and means we are one less French prem we could really use.
    Lets not touch the joke they are doing with the Waffle.
    “We don’t want to take away peoples favourite tanks because that wouldn’t be cool”.
    What a load of Horse manure.

    OH….doing the Mars event the same weekend as the final of the latest freemium party has just invited the scumlords to do the bare minimum and get carried to a free tank…again.

    Maybe if enough people buy this latest batch of prems however they will make enough money to hire somebody with atleast a High School education to develop a new suite of OPs and can comprehend balance while also being able to actually play the game with the leftover brain cells.

    First post here, nice site.

  2. Honcho says:

    A premium Pz. IV H would be amazing. I dont like the camo, but it will surely outperform every other tier 5 german premium medium, except for the hydro.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Console’s had the M6A2E1 for sale a couple of times over the past year. Plus the current sale they have right now is tanks like the Type 59 for 6700 gold or the T-34-88 for 3480 gold

  3. Ruthless4u says:

    Looking forward to the premium arty, hoping it’s a tier 8. Either way it’s an instant purchase. Especially with my 8k in free gold.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yep, because WG are morons who don’t understand balance or how it affects gameplay. They gave the excuse of “we don’t want to remove someone’s favourite tank”, they they’re happy enough to change the Vk30.01, VK36.01, KV-1s, T18, FV4202 and others beyond recognition. You know, because stuff them originally being someone’s favourite tank.

      And when forumers asked about this WG just ignored them or said to ask in the Dev stream, and then ignored them.

  4. RAD FROOD 25 says:

    I actually like what we on the console are doing with not removing tech tree tanks, although they should Nerf the waffle in this update or the next.

    1. Renzo says:

      The tier 6 KV-1S got nerfed so hard and downtiered that it basicly got removed.

      M5 stuart lost it’s derp gun.

      Can I expect tose back too? Exactly the same as they were.

      1. RAD FROOD 25 says:

        Well they haven’t been removed just repackaged and restructured. They retiered the KV-1S to tier 5 but added the KV-85 at tier 6 what’s the problem with that. Wouldn’t know about the M5 Stuart. Of course you can’t expect those tanks back as they were because of balancing the tanks out

      2. Renzo says:

        So the you say that the KV-1S and M5 stuart got nerfed so hard that they are basicly removed because balance, but you are fine with the waffle staying.

        Also saying the KV-1S got downtiered but you got the KV-85 in return. The same could be said about the waffle: waffle gets removed but you get a grille 15.

  5. Swatdennis says:

    damn, I want the PZ4H Aniko SO BAD on PC, please let it have the official crew names and above all, the crewvoices, stupid WG broke the voicemod I had in the latest patch….

  6. According to our devs the Lorraine performs fine and the WTE100 is “Fair, balanced and extremely popular”. Also yes, the 305 is interesting, the Israeli “Super Sherman” should be in the Mercenary line when they finally finish it and the ISU130 is just cool. Also, I’m going to have a lot of fun murdering the Anime Panzer.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Well it is true, 3rd Most played tier X recently. Stats are pretty so so.

      Console’s​ lack of large cover makes Chai Sniping in it difficult, plus Console meta is more about movement then positioning/sniping

      1. Not really true though, the Waffle is still overpowered as shit, just because idiots on console don’t know how to use it doesn’t mean it should be kept. Take the E25, people who didn’t know how to use it claimed it was balanced, which is why it took them so long to begin to remove it

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