WoT Console Armor Inspector Leaks

Good day everyone,

Interesting bit of info from the WoT Console community on Reddit. The Armor Inspector app has been updated with console specific data, and a few interesting things were found.


While most of these have popped up in PC testing or rewards from the games earliest days, a few stand out, such as a captured KV-1 that would be a German Tier 5 premium (a cross nation trainer to go with the T-34-88?), and the T-44-122.


As well as a Sherman Firefly going by the name Boilermaker. Theres a possibility that this is another tank from the World of Tanks Roll Out comic series, shown at Gamescom with the two already released tanks from the series.


A sign of things to come? Possibly. WG Chicago-Baltimore has released content before that was long buried in PC testing, such as the AMX Chaffee, and content only found on the Chinese server (Chieftain, the abomination of a map known as Great Wall to name a few). Will be interesting to see.

For those interested, the full Reddit post can be seen here.

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WoT Console Armor Inspector Leaks

16 thoughts on “WoT Console Armor Inspector Leaks

    1. wheeledtank says:

      Its not like any of those 3 vehicles are “new.”

      The T-44-122 has been in the PC files for quite some time, and seeing how the console is more lenient with what it put in, it isn’t surprising that it is there

      The “Boilermaker” has already been seen, and outside of the name and look it is just a Firefly with a possibility of more armor (due to all of the spare tracks)

      Last but not least, the Pz.Kpfw. KV-1 756(r) (yes, that is the whole name) has been on the old German tech trees for quite some time. Considering the T-34/88 is here, it isn’t too surprising to see the other “captured” tanks popping up there as well

    2. For a PC player, I’ve heard little of these tanks in the past year, it’s good that news of them is surfacing again as though wargaming are picking the projects back up and perhaps means that we might see versions of these tanks entering the pc version as well but most certainly not in the near future. Simply because of wargaming streak of printing premium tanks as fast as they can.

      I would like to add that I don’t see why you’re saying that console people are clueless or what is so awful. Armor inspector isn’t a bad program, it’s fairly elegant but it just does not provide anything all that interesting or meaningful on the table that sites like tanks.gg or other 3D armor viewers provide for free. If they want to make a profit with the system, armor inspector needs to contract itself with wargaming and get armor inspector in the in-game garage.

      I’ve recently grown a bit numb to new premium tanks, they don’t even make me feel like they’re all that special anymore, tanks that I really treasure now a days are the mission reward tanks like the T28 Concept and T55A, there is some serious pride for driving those tanks. Here’s to the hope of console getting some new mission reward tanks!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hmm looking at the mobile app it says that the German Captured KV-1 has the 57mm gun.
    That’s hilarious,how are the Germans supposed to capture something that never existed? lol
    Sure they do some cool stuff that pc doesn’t get,but they are truly brain dead.

    1. IndygoEEI says:

      There’s a good chance of that not happening… Remember the SU76i, the tank that got pulled from the store in under 24 hours? Well the that tank got sold later in Blitz, but it was given some huge nerfs to keep it from killing everything in that game.

  2. As an owner of T-44-122 on PC , I can confirm console player (especially tier 7 and 8 battle, along with other tier 5 and tier 6 tanks) will get FUCKED UP PRETTY HARD when T-44-122 on sale

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