WoT Console Armor Inspector Leaks

Good day everyone,

Interesting bit of info from the WoT Console community on Reddit. The Armor Inspector app has been updated with console specific data, and a few interesting things were found.


While most of these have popped up in PC testing or rewards from the games earliest days, a few stand out, such as a captured KV-1 that would be a German Tier 5 premium (a cross nation trainer to go with the T-34-88?), and the T-44-122.


As well as a Sherman Firefly going by the name Boilermaker. Theres a possibility that this is another tank from the World of Tanks Roll Out comic series, shown at Gamescom with the two already released tanks from the series.


A sign of things to come? Possibly. WG Chicago-Baltimore has released content before that was long buried in PC testing, such as the AMX Chaffee, and content only found on the Chinese server (Chieftain, the abomination of a map known as Great Wall to name a few). Will be interesting to see.

For those interested, the full Reddit post can be seen here.

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