WoT Console August Overview

Good day everyone,

Brief overview of the new content (hopefully going for quality over quantity) and events coming to WoT Console during August:

Beasts of Prey

In what may be one of the most confusingly named events ever, a new Earn Op. No details so far, though based on player feedback it seems that they will go for something similar to the American Dream Op, with multiple tiers of prizing based on points earned.

Beasts of War

In a welcomed move, WoT Console is seeing the introduction of three requested premiums from PC in the form they were introduced in on that platform: The Rheinmetall Skorpion G, the M46 Patton KR, and the Panzer 58 Mutz

So far response to the introduction of these has been well received, though the final pricing is still up in the air.

On Track: FV215b 183

A new On Track event leading to the TIer X FV215b 183, with XP bonuses and Silver Discounts on the line starting from the Universal Carrier 2 pdr.

Gamescom 2017

As expected, WG will make an appearance at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

Coming with this will be a few in-game medals and emblems:



And that is it for August (so far). Hopefully for the community the release of premium tanks without WG Chicago’s personal touch (and hopefully without the increased price that comes with them) is a step in the right direction in terms of content being released on the Console versions.

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