WoT Console Black Friday “Deals”

Good day everyone,

Yesterday World of Tanks Console announced a series of tanks up for sale this Black Friday. A new series of never before seen premiums such as the T-34-88, or the AMX Chaffee? Well…

A new group of reskinned premium tanks from the tech tree. The only new one of the bunch is the British FV201 (A45), which is only available in bundles ranging in price from 38-58,000 gold (around $157 minimum with current gold bundles).

Back in Black Mega

•  FV201 (A45) Black Edition
• Garage Slot
• 100% Trained Crew

•  STA-2 Black Edition
• Garage Slot
• 100% Trained Crew

•  Löwe Black Edition
• Garage Slot
• 100% Trained Crew

•  T-34-3 Black Edition
• Garage Slot
• 100% Trained Crew

•   T34 Black Edition
• Garage Slot
• 100% Trained Crew

•  IS-6 Black Edition
• Garage Slot
• 100% Trained Crew

•  AMX CDC Black Edition
• Garage Slot
• 100% Trained Crew

• FV201 Black Ace Op
• STA-2 Black Ace Op
• Löwe Black Ace Op
• T-34-3 Black Ace Op
• T34 Black Ace Op
• IS-6 Black Ace Op
• AMX CDC Black Ace Op

30% savings!


58,000 Gold

As for the individual tanks on sale, we’ll break down the pricing:

Löwe Back in Black

•  VIII flag  Löwe Black Edition
• Garage Slot
• 100% Trained Crew
• Löwe Black Ace Op

5% savings!


14,500 Gold

Löwe for 14,500 gold.  The tech tree equivilant is available for 12,500. Additional cost for the garage slot (300 Gold), 100% Crew (1,000 Gold), and perminant camouflage for four ‘seasons’ (Summer, Winter, Desert, and Urban on Console for 200 Gold each, 800 total) come too 14,600. Oh, and a 75% Crew XP bonus.

The pricing of the other individual tanks follows a similar pattern.

IS-6 Black Edition: 13,600

STA-2 Black Edition: 8,700

T-34-3 Black Edition: 12,800

T34 Black Edition: 14,000

AMX CDC Black Edition: 8,900

As well as the ‘Black Edition’ tanks, WG CB is selling the previously released flag tanks: T26E4’Freedom’, ‘Motherland’, Cromwell ‘Knight’ etc…

As one can imagine, the reception from the console community has been at best mixed, but anger, and frustration over yet more reskins of tanks being given priority over unique content (six reskins have been made available since June, with the AMX CDC being the only new premium addition ithout a permanent skin, and the regular T-54 Mod.1 arriving 5 months after the Motherland version), in addition to the ridiculous pricing of the bundles, which have increased since they were announced yesterday. Of course with the PCs addition of the T26E5 ‘Patriot’ and ‘Liberté’, I’m wondering if the PC development team is begining to take notes.

So what do you guys think? I’d like to see opinions from console players and PC players.

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WoT Console Black Friday “Deals”

37 thoughts on “WoT Console Black Friday “Deals”

      1. Anonymous says:

        console is still better than pc. only donwside is that some people at wg dont understand black firday at all.

  1. Amrael87 says:

    At least they are reskins of existing premium tanks. In AW we have reskins of REGULAR tanks, that is, researchable tanks that can be bought fully upgraded and with a fully trained crew, and earn as much as regular premiums. Think how the community would react if that stuff existed in WoT. 😀

    1. You are stupid.

      The normal tanks can be got in game without ever spending a penny. That’s the entire point.
      The re-skins you only buy if you want. But they are no different in any way from the in game versions.

      Also look at the Berlin tanks. Tanks which are almost complete copies of the in game REGULAR NON PREMIUM variants but BETTER.

      The problem with WG scheme…tanks like the T26E5 and the AMX M4 49 which are clearly superior to many in game tanks and other premiums and can only be bought with money. On top of that you font even get the option to buy it with or without cartoon wonderland paint.

      No one in their right mind will ever accuse AW of making OP prems only available for money. But almost all the recent prem added by WG are way better than most older prems and in game tanks. Not to mention AW rebalanced prem tanks regardless while WG leave tanks like the IS-3a and SU-122-44 (to mention just 2) in game unchanged.

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      WoT EU is milking their customers because they sell near op premium tanks (for their premium status) in overpriced bundles for very limited periods of time.
      Basicaly if you miss the offer you miss on a huge advantage in game. Those who didnt purshase E-25 (and it was not even time limited) probably feel bad, so imagine tanks like Skorpion and M4 49 once they’re removed if they turn out to not be sold again.

      Skins are just like the regular tanks, so even if you miss the offer it doesnt matter, and they’re not less balanced than the regular ones.

      1. ShapeshifterOS says:

        Have you not seen the KV-5 mega bundle on console? I think it was $250 worth of gold around Halloween.

  2. You forgot to mention that WG hiked the price of all the flag tanks up so their 57.5k bundle would look more appealing.

    Earlier in the year they sold the Freedom, Liberte and Knight for 13k – and then they obviously hired a new marketing team and we got the Kanonen, Monster Bundle and now this crap *sigh*.

  3. Renzo says:

    Well you missed 1 thing. The Black edition tanks recieve a 75% XP bonus while the normal tier 8 premiums only recieve a 10-15% XP bonus.

    I know this doesn’t justify the price

  4. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    I rather have them sell reskins of existing premiums or even regular tanks, than having them add tons of tanks that will never be buyable for gold in game and that are too strong to be premiums.

    CS : GO and LoL have skins as their only form of income, and it works. Wot could do that too, and that would still be an advantage for the paying users (premium tank is still more credits and a crew trainer) while not giving the unfair advantage of a limited time tank only available from online shop and with special features.

    I would pay for a second Lowe. I love this tank, and being able to get twice as much xp daily by playing the same fun tank just in a different skin is good in itself if its a tank you like.

    Whereas AMX M4 49 and T26E5… Really strong tanks only obtainable by those who can afford to pay directly on the web store. Even people with 50k gold in their account dont have a chance to get them, they’d have to pay again.

    So for me, if you’re gonna spend each update releasing prems, might as well be fair premiums.
    Yes for reskins. No for new limited time insane premiums. And ffs USE THE IN GAME STORE EVEN IF YOU HAVE LIMITED TIME OFFERS TOO, MAKE GOLD GREAT AGAIN.

    1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

      Also I’d like the ability to turn a regular tank into a “half-premium” in game, like in AW.

      Some regular tanks are so fun to drive I wouldnt mind spending a bit of gold to make them earn more xp and credits even if its not as much as regular prems.
      And that wouldnt be more pay2win than current premium tanks and accounts : you dont get more powerful in game,you just get more ressources, and it would be much less gamebreaking than allowing a 0k battles player to buy a tier 8 prem straight away.

  5. If you want a comparision google märklin sonderedition witch are beautifull special editions of you know physical toys, with nice and unique realistic skins, that sell (at least originaly) cheaper than this stuff.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wait just a second…I spot an HD T-34-3 (albeit with a different skin, not sure if the regular one is HD) on console, but where is the HD one for PC?!?!

  7. Did you want to spend about $250 for tanks already in the game? no? well to bad we the console team are way to lazy to model different tanks so instead we change the skins

  8. InvaderNat says:

    Ughhh…I don’t want these grotesque, unrealistic versions of tanks in the game. I like to get immersed in the simulation of a tank battle between warring factions, but these gimmick tanks really ruin the realistic aesthetic feel for me.

    Its always slightly bothered me that their are no nation vs nation match-ups (which would help with the realistic feeling I mentioned above), but these gimmick tanks are too much to tolerate. I mean, just GTFO of my game with your silly Patriot, Liberte, WGL etc skins – pub matches shouldn’t feel like tournaments IMO.

  9. Muhamad Adhi says:

    I am okay with funny or colorful paint job, as long as they offer it alongside ‘normal’ paint version like current T26E5 and Mle.49 bundles.

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