WoT Console- Captured King Tiger Update

Good day everyone,

Brief post, but as some of you may remember, WoT Console’s Tankopedia briefly listed a US Captured Tiger II. Many assumed that it would be a dual nation crew trainer, a precedent set by Console’s T-34-88, AMX Chaffee, and Captured KV-1 among others.

Well, not quite, according to the most recent Weekly Assault video…

That’s right, the reskinned premium is being stretched into two reskin premiums, for the US and German trees respectively.

Now, WoT Console’s Twitter account had made an earlier post about this, however it has now been deleted along with the news page on the main site it linked to.

Take from that what you will, folks, but what are you’re opinions on the matter? Do you think this is a case of WarGaming Console getting too greedy? Or do you think having three versions of a tech tree tank is a good idea?

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WoT Console- Captured King Tiger Update

8 thoughts on “WoT Console- Captured King Tiger Update

  1. "Light" Tank lover says:

    Isn’t console already too greedy/silly, at least in terms of premium reskins, map balancing, crew nationality customization, arty (non) changes, and just generally poor decision making all around?

    In response to this latest news: lol.

    Also for the third time in as many months they are selling the SU-76I, oh joy.

  2. RAD FROOD 25 (Console) says:

    I have absolutely no faith in the devs, as long as Paingod is in charge this game will die a slow painful death.

    Bunch of greedy wankers, I refuse to give them any more money except for my Premium time and that’s it. They are useless at balancing because they don’t want to get rid of people’s favorite tank. Overpricing certain tanks and giving away Premiums is fucking moronic

  3. Ruthless4u says:

    They know they will get sales from any tiger varient, no matter how good or bad it is. They figure they will double their profit offering 2 versions of the same tank at the same time. Even those swore off buying anything else from wargaming will trip over themselves to get both versions.

    Kinda sad if you think about it.

  4. Zorin says:

    This could have a been a great opportunity to sell a historic tier 7 tiger with dual crew train.
    But na poopy reskins. They are expensive as heck and are worse the Löwe.

  5. Renzo says:

    I’m not sure what to think.

    Yes it is a resking, but it is sort of historical and I like historical looking tanks (even if they are reskins).

    On the other side 13.800 (something around that amount) tankopedia gold price, so it will be more expensive, is really to much and is pure greed.

    If it would be around 10-11k gold I would consider buying it, but not with these prices.

  6. jack says:

    PainGod knows where to hit the longer time players at where the most painful… 🙂 The guy has been playing good cop in pointing the finger at the restless greedy Marketing team a couple of times already. Aint he the CEO project lead what not? After last years overwhelming battlefront 2 level backlash that Was the series of Blacktanks, they pull out two tigers … and some hinted it may be a Earnable event, perhaps player may randomly win or play (suck at) enough games to get one of the two Free. we will see what the marketing team pull out of their arses …. we will see.

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