WoT Console: Centennial Chieftain/T95


to celebrate the 100 years of tanks, World of Tanks Console is selling a “Centennial Chieftain/T95“:

Minimum Cost: 13 500 Gold

As of why a Chieftain/T95 to celebrate the 100 years of tanks? I have no idea… as much as I admire Console for their map making and other features seems as off lately they are trying to push out a lot of things that don’t make sense whatsoever in the Premium store (like that fugly German camo tank).

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WoT Console: Centennial Chieftain/T95

16 thoughts on “WoT Console: Centennial Chieftain/T95

  1. Fugly camo tanks, Pay to Win premium crew skills, yeah they need to reign themselves in a tad. Especially when we still have blatant balance issues PC fixed long ago (WT E-100 with 6 round clips and 430 m view range, over buffed Tigers that hit 45kph, unnerfed Deathstar HESH pen, and going through and replicating WGs ‘error’ and buffing the T110E5.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I find really AWESOME! It’s like a tank suit for “world of zombies” or something…
    To be honest i bought SuperPersh only cause it has armor plates welded on the front xD

  3. Coop says:

    Tried to earn it, was next to impossible with the match rigging war gaming has going on, its not the unballanced tier balancing that bothers me, but when you are in a game trying your best to win an opp and your shots dont pen, but other team kill in a couple of shots, and all 15 of your team die, and only one of theirs dies. Thats called being ripped off. Its gotta be the main reason a lot of people quit this game.

  4. MaStErOfThEtOgS says:

    imo it sucks, barely does damage + has to go hull down to stay alive but even then, you have a giant AT-like cancer on your turret only partially protected by sandbags + people will swarm you if you get dug in because your gun dosnt do enough damage to keep them back

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