WoT Console Chicago Office: WG’s Kindergarden

This is an article intended to lay a foundation to upcoming ones of the same subject.

As most of you may be aware, I made known many months ago that I had started playing World of Tanks Console. At the time, I pretty much only covered WoT PC on this page but I did quite like the game and decided to give a voice to Console on Status Report.

For that, I brought along Deconoir as a co-author which was one of the best decisions I ever made. He’s someone without agendas who genuinely want to see the game flourish, has played console for a long time, was involved in the Supertest program for some awhile and has a far greater insight of the game than me, still, he always has taken the time to explain and teach me about this version of WoT and we always brief before he posts an opinion article.

Rest assured, every word Deconoir has written about Console has my stamp of approval.

With the Console niche created on the blog, we logically have attracted the Console community and I became more involved and especially now after TankFest 2017, I did not expect to have so many console players approaching to thank us and incentivising keep on sharing Console content and asking to get more things going.

On the latter, and this is something I did explain to those people at the event, is that we have, in fact, tried to create a communication channel with the Console staff like we do with the PC staff but to no avail. I formally requested things through the right people, that we solely want to have a proper constructive and friendly atmosphere going back and forth with Deconoir & I, you and they.

The answer I got back was rather offending if not alarming, to put it into simple words we got dismissed because they disliked the fact that we promote constructive criticism.

I know what I just wrote sounds rather odd but I also say this as a Community Contributor for about 4 years (first for WG ES and then WG EN) that unless you asslick and agree with everything from the Console office good luck trying to get anything from them. I did briefly speak about this yesterday with one of the biggest Youtube Content Creators for Console and his experience was pretty much the same.

Another thing that some of you brought to my attention was the staff’s behaviour towards Content Creators and Community, talking especially in the forum where they got more authority.

I have been lurking for the past months the Console forums and got to witness a number of things. WG’s staff behaviour there is appalling and most definitely not fit to be working and representing a multimillion dollar company.

While fanboys are allowed to create as much havoc as they want, the players who are actually trying to bring something constructive are often bullied and shut down by moderation.

WG Console Staff has gone so out of hand, players simply created a second forum. Also, a few days ago Deconoir got an unjustified 24-hour ban, he wasn’t even worthy of receiving a warning honestly but not even that he got, instead they just banned him. I got the screenshots:

And now things get funny…

A day later, I finally decided to make my presence known in the Console forum (I did not spoke good and neither bad of the product, my post was a simple hello, Rita way) and I immediately received, I kid you not, an “Educational Warning”, check this out:

I need to raise the important question… Was this staff picked from a kindergarten? Seriously, were they?
I probably should be mad that they have made such a childish threat but they have gone so low I can’t even take them seriously anymore!

The only thing that genuinely concerns me here, if they have straight ahead treated me like this, knowing very well who I am, you can only imagine the treatment they give to random players of the community and that for me then makes things serious.

You would think after the Viktor Kislyi’s Rubicon promises and after the Fochgate incident and the current efforts of the company to truly become globalised that the Chicago Console office would read the memo, you know, as a Wargaming.net product but they have only become worse.

Like I noted at the beginning, this article has laid down a foundation for future ones. I intend to post unaltered opinion articles of the Console Playerbase because I believe is about time that they get to have a voice as well. Tomorrow I should have the first article ready from one of you.

Anyone is more than free to email me if you wanted to share your experience and you can even send screenshots of moderation abuse, I will be posting those too.

Besides it all, we still love the game and we still want to see it grow and we can only hope that Wargaming Console gets some education from this.


Email us at: ritastatusreport@gmail.com

Yours sincerely,

Rita Sobral

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