WoT Console- Conquerors of Mars

In the grand tradition of console lunacy, WG Chicago has announced this years April Fools mode: Conquerors of Mars!

This time the old Lunar Chaffee is set up on the Red Planet, with low gravity physics to go with it, and Martian spacecraft flying about.

No word on whether it includes Matt Damon’s potato farm.

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WoT Console- Conquerors of Mars

11 thoughts on “WoT Console- Conquerors of Mars

  1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    4 days to go and PC still hasn’t announced anything.
    Usualy they get leaked earlier I think ? I wonder what they’ll come up with this year

      1. It helps Console that there is rarely anything worth leaking.

        “Oh look, a thing PC has had for two years. Wooooo……”

        90% of the time anyway.

  2. Anonymous says:

    more pc people whining about the fact that wargaming console focuses on these shitty gamemodes where teamplay matters even less to sell their game

  3. john serhem says:

    The Brazilian playerbase will provide both the potatoes and the crap necessary to grow them for Matt Damon’s WOT farm. 🙂

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