WoT Console: Custom Flags

Good day everybody,

With WoT Console’s somewhat unexpected drop of update 4.2, there was little preview or fanfare to cover the new features implemented. So, despite being out for a day, here is a quick look at the new customizable flag feature for World of Tanks Console:

Flags are a new tab under Tank Customization, with the usual assortment of national flags:


Backgrounds and colors:


And symbols being the full assortment of emblems and inscriptions we’re already familiar with:

Pricing as follows:

  • Permanent: 250 Gold
  • 30 Days: 100,000 Silver
  • 7 Days: 25,000 Silver

Pricing stays the same regardless of tier, and these are purely cosmetic.

So what are the opinions of our console readers on this new feature, and would any of you from PC like to see something similar in addition to the recently announced customization features currently in testing?

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WoT Console: Custom Flags

14 thoughts on “WoT Console: Custom Flags

  1. Anonymous says:

    I want a confederate flag on my Lee but thats too “provocative” for everyone and the ensuing shitstorm would cripple wg chicago

  2. Winterx says:

    Interesting… when customization came up in the PC version preview, I left MeatheadMilitia 3 sugestions: One was about Pennants on tanks, not unlike these above. Would certainly like something like it, with Org. Symbols on it 🙂

    1. wheeledtank says:

      Good news for you; you can turn off “Non-Historic” colors (not that the game is really historic outside of the vehicles in it)

  3. Greyweasel says:

    As far as the customization options go, stuff like this trickling in just now has been long overdue. Too long have we had to settle with the ‘choice’ of different & unique visuals on a tank locked behind buying a new (and often more expensive) tank to get them. At least this is offering something more to the existing tanks, like they did with some new camos a while back (Dunkelgelb & British Army green etc). A step in the right direction IMO.

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