WoT Console: Environmental Accumulation Effect


Have to say, WoT console team is making WoT PC players look like the peasants, in the next update (2.7) this is what you can expect in WoT C.:

New sounds, particles and appearance:

-Players will be able to hear these substances interacting with their vehicles in third and first-person view:

  • Concrete, dirt, grass, gravel, mud, sand, snow, water

-These particle FX effects will start interacting with your vehicle:

  • Concrete, dirt, grass, gravel, mud, sand, snow, road, rock, wood, water

-The tanks appearance will be changed:

  • Sand – builds up sand on various places on the vehicle
  • Dirt – builds up on tracks, road wheels and lower hull
  • Water – causes the vehicle to appear wet. How much of the vehicle gets wet varies on the size of the splash when entering water. This effect turns dirt to mud, and can also wash off substance accumulation
  • Snow – builds up on tracks, road wheels and lower hull. Will also accumulate on the top of vehicles when standing still, and dissipate when moving
  • Grass – causes the tracks, road wheels and lower hull to become wet, which can then be turned into mud

This update is coming on consoles next week, lucky buggers.

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WoT Console: Environmental Accumulation Effect

64 thoughts on “WoT Console: Environmental Accumulation Effect

    1. mahmoudahmed131006 says:

      well said, and actually idk why they wouldn’t make a completely different client with all of these effects on pc and if your pc isnt as tough just run the old client

      1. Stanisław Szczypuła says:

        At the moment there is old render still present in game the one that was used long ago (7.x or 8.x ) the one that can run on toaster or old calculator for every one that are stuck on 10 year old hardware. Armored warfare was created smarter there are two versions of AW one for Russia with lower minimal requirements and one for rest of the world.

      2. mahmoudahmed131006 says:

        it would be great if they keep that old render and make a new one with the PS4 graphics

  1. marianr87 says:

    Honestly, none of these effects are calculated by the server, or at least they shouldn’t be. Why can’t they be implemented in the PC version and only visible if the PC is powerful enough, you know, like all the other graphics. These add another layer of realism without affecting gameplay and don’t need to impact performance either.

  2. TDMIllard says:

    Can’t help but wonder how many people get put off of playing WoT by how it looks. The HD models are a major improvement though.

  3. cptcav says:

    You do know that it is very hard to hear almost anything while riding in a tank. That is why I have some hearing loss after 4 years running around in a M60A1 and other armored vehicles. You don’t hear birds, horses, the guy yelling at you while standing next to you, etc. So, all of these cosmetic sounds are just pure fantasy.

    1. that_f-in_guy says:

      Very cool, if I was able to serve in the military that’s probably what I would have tried to do (fairly major knee and back injuries). What was your DMOS?

    2. Having read WW2 and later reports on the amount of sound (in db at 50, 250 and 1000 (iirc) feet) emitting from a tank… I fully believe it.

      I think part of the problem is that in film the sound of a tanks engine is generally at lower rpms and is deadened by the mic. Not to mention probably killed in the editors room. And, well, there’s also the fact that it is rarely heard for more then a few seconds.

      1. cptcav says:

        You are right; however, WG likes to keep saying that certain things are RL versus fantasy all the time (whenever it suits them).

  4. that_f-in_guy says:

    As a ps4 supertester… I can say it’s really cool. I spent about an hour one test doing nothing but playing around with it. Adds such a brilliant touch to the immersion.

      1. Swatdennis says:

        I do not know about that, War Thunder has this on PC AND PS4, they just merge the playerbase, fug WG oblisk, we want WG murica for our PC dev!

      2. Corvi says:

        Sure it would, its just texture overlay. A few kb more in the RAM, nothing that actually requires processing power.

  5. StumpyDaPaladin says:

    Whats really sad is that if WG went to the effort to do this for PC’s the significant portion of the players that could run them would turn off the effects “for better FrameRate” And bitch about the time “wasted” on such artistry not being spent on fixing arty.

    Never mind that there is always the option to run the SD version…

  6. silentvengace says:

    I wish WGing would stop catering to potato computers we already have a SD an HD client why cant they make these options available for thos that run the HD clients an keep them off for SD that way both russian rotten potato PCs are happy an keep thos that want this awsome graphics happy too

    1. RagnarokBazil says:

      Here’s an idea.. an Option to DISABLE the effects.. so If we want it enabled we turn it on ^^ Works for both Good computers and potato computers! support this Idea!

      1. StumpyDaPaladin says:

        Such options exist in the Mod community. And yet this sometimes finds ways to muck with the code in CrashToDesktop kind of ways.
        Presuming that the devs actually follow through with this idea how fast do you think it will take for the forums to start bitching about :
        how; in order to acquire or maintain one’s “competitive edge”, not only are you “forced” to join the PCMasterRace just to be able to turn off all the useless pretty stuff that eats FrameRate (whether it does or not)
        then run all the evol illegal modpacks (because everyone else is)

  7. Steven Cloud says:

    The console designers have a much easier time of it. They have closed architecture(every unit is the same) and already have the base game, so they can pretty much just concentrate on the fluff. Now if WG could port that stuff back tho the HD client …oops not gonna happen 🙁

  8. Muhamad Adhi says:

    Cool and its does kind of pity for PC players.
    But knowing WoT player, the moment WG add this, someone will whine how WG focused too much on cosmetic and not touching ‘real’ problem.

    Yeah, i have read someone whine like that about WoT PC new physics and sound.

  9. atomicemu says:

    I just want to point out that WoT PC came out 5 years ago, so if you expect it to look like something that came out last year, the problem is on your side.

    1. exocet6951 says:

      WoT Xbox 360 came out 2 years ago.
      In 2 years, the xbox team has released consistently better maps, and new features like this one.

      WG PC’s best thing in two years has been improved sounds and physics recently. That’s it.

    2. repofox says:

      it doesn’t change the fact, that WG is postponing PC WOT development, only because of RU players having too poor PC’s.
      Havok was cancelled because of it, and even the weather effects. For example.
      It also took all these years to introduce the fucking multi core support only because “majority of RU playerbase have single-core PC’s so they would not benefit for it at all”

  10. Captain helltheo says:

    I think its great that Console is getting something as we on PC have had new sounds and physics. So its a feature I like and looking forward to seeing it on PC soon.

    And anyone complaining why its not on PC is an idiot as there is a seperate Dev team who work on the Console.

  11. party1c says:

    dont want dont need.

    as a very good player i run the SD-client for best performance in every situation, reduced all effects to minimum. and that on my highend gaming-rigg. 90% of battletime i’m zoomed out 75-150 meters or zoomed in on sniperview at x16/x32 anyway. all the “cool” effects are just a distract and dont add to the gameply.

    maybe it looks good if i watch replays. but i barely do.

  12. Dark_Messiah says:

    A feature that has been available for warthunder on pc for quite a while now only now comes to wot and only for consoles… Arent the people of wargaming looking down too much on pc?

  13. The upshot of a game that rides 1 one core of your multicore machine till it’s begging for mercy and barely touches the other cores (I think some of the new sound calculations are done on a second core?).

  14. I guess as someone who is a Gamer -a real Gamer and not some fanboi that only holds onto their one system and gets pissed when others get treated differently with things they think their entitled too- I have the benefit of downloading this improved version of WoT and trying it out.

    I might just have to. And if I don’t like it, I can uninstall it and go back to enjoying my other games on my XBox and PC without having to worry about missing out on anything. Just one of the benefits of being a Gamer and not a fanboi.

  15. I wish PC devs gave a single shit about players who weren’t Russian shitters on pleb machines, maybe then the game wouldn’t look like shit with the exception of the HD models they outsource

    1. JagdWerwolf says:

      Console might have better graphics, but atleast PC gets balancing and updates. On xbox, TDs and Artillery are buffed quite heavily by PC standards… Pre 8.11 camo / dmg, post 8.11 RoF… 850 dmg / 3.6 RoF on a stock T110E3 (Around 15s reload maxed), enjoy getting camo sniped, out dps’d, and being unable to pen your enemy… Oh, and the boosted RoF on all arty is fuuun (Cant recall exactly, like 2 RPM on 203 M55)… And P2W in low tiers, SU-76I, US Sexton 1 (fully pre-nerf accuracy, RoF, and aimtime), MTLS, and that German H38/9… I quit console WoT 6 months ago, havent looked back.

      1. Anonymous says:

        “and being unable to pen your enemy” i liked this point, just learn to flank… i want to play the console version now

      2. Jagdwerwolf says:

        Flanking doesnt work at camosnipe distance, and every tier 10 game is absolutely filled with TDs, or did you read past that? If you even get close enough, the E3 can out-turn a Leopard 1 anyway, or his teamates near insta-kill you. Ofc it’s fun for braindead TDs, but skill / strategy isnt even a tiny factor

  16. JagdWerwolf says:

    Theres NOTHING to envy about console WoT. Believe me, graphics are NOT worth all the issues… Atleast PC looks playable

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