WoT Console: Forum Closings

In a rather bizarre move on World of Tanks Console, WarGaming is shutting down the non-English community sections of it’s forum on October 26th. The reasoning behind this decision according to the original post by Ph3lan (which has now been deleted, so no screencaps):

“Hello everyone,

For the past 4 years, our game has grown and evolved. Alongside the game’s growth and evolution, so has the player community. This evolution of the community has led to changes on where the discussion about the game happens. With that being said, Wargaming EU must also change in order to better communicate with its console community.

Social Media is now the focal point of the community’s discourse. New and exciting possibilities are also offered by the tools available on the Xbox and PS4 systems.

Moving forward, we will use these platforms to better interact with the community and will move away from the forums as a means of communication from the 26th of October, 2017.

You can find us here:
– On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wotconsole/

– On Twitter: https://twitter.com/…g_neten?lang=en

Please note, that the English forums will remain open and will be used as a core tool for feedback by the development team”

While the English language forums are by far the most heavily used, the decision hasn’t sat well with the console community, regardless of language. At a point where WarGaming is removing content from the game, and failing to deliver on features announced nearly half a year ago, it seems to be another indication of WarGaming’s disconnect with the wants and needs of it’s community

But what do you guy’s think?

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WoT Console: Forum Closings

23 thoughts on “WoT Console: Forum Closings

    1. Sovietdeath says:

      If you have botherd to even check the forum you may actually find out I’m completely against the closing of the EU forums after all I wouldn’t even be anything with this game without them. If I didn’t speak English I’d totally be screwed


  1. Seth H says:

    LOL!!!! If they had closed ALL of the WOT-C forums, I’d have probably believed them. Since they are keeping the English forums up, I have to question their honesty with statements like “Social Media is now the focal point of the community’s discourse.” and “the English forums will remain open and will be used as a core tool for feedback by the development team”. So only people that speak English are the ones that have valid feedback for developers?

  2. SirGruut says:

    I think it is a good change for 2 reasons:
    -Less shitposts from players because now there actual name is attached
    -Less overreacting by staff because their actual name is attached

    1. Baldrickk says:

      It’s not like it saves them anything. It’s not like each language section is a different server or anything like that.

      1. well for sure they need people to moderate it and pay them, so saving a salary is good for them, bad the poor translator. But he was no needed anyway.

  3. Anonymous says:

    its a pretty scummy thing to do, especially since those now-abandoned non-English forumers can get banned if, god forbid, they try to speak in their native language 🙁

  4. wolvenworks says:

    oh consoles. i mean if this happened to PC i’d imagine there will be shitstorms et al. do console users even use forums? lol jk

  5. Moshpit400 says:

    If only a handful of people actually use them I don’t see a problem. It’s not worth the time to moderate and maintain if that’s the case.

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