“WoT Console Getting all the cool stuff”


Thanks to Avalon304 for bringing this to my attention. Check out how the Blizzard and Sandstorm look like in WoT Console:

I actually meet The Beard Guys last weekend, they were very nice. πŸ™‚

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“WoT Console Getting all the cool stuff”

39 thoughts on ““WoT Console Getting all the cool stuff”

  1. Jason Wilhite says:

    It looks like the console WOT works on a newer, more flexible engine. Too bad the pc edition of the game will never be that nice until they scrap the engine and start fresh.

    1. morganthornton says:

      It does indeed, at least to some extent. There was an article about it on the portal a while back but it’s something along the lines of Bigworld as the base game and server stuff, then what you see in-game is done with some evolution of the company’s previously used engine. By that I mean Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore used to be Day 1 Studios who made the FEAR and Fracture games.

    2. shiramakun says:

      I don’t think its entirely the engine’s fault. WG refuses to buff up the PC version because if they do the game will get higher system requirements and Russian players, which are their largest fanbase, wont be able to play anymore as the majority of the Russians play on toasters.

  2. CLAYM0RE says:

    i guess WoT PC is doing a great job introducing new shitty premium tanks and maps they never test and leaving this behind

  3. Roy shein says:

    See Rita, you can make jingles buy console easily… just tell him that the TOG is in sale on Xbox and bang you have Xbox

    1. Roy shein says:

      WoWs uses a different engine from world if tanks… don’t forget, you can fit 100 WoT maps in 1 WoWs map

      1. WoWs actually uses the same bigworld engine. The reason why we dont get fancy stuff on WoT PC is because of WG being scared of losing Russian players running the game on calculators.

      2. Jason Muir says:

        Well that’s not strictly true… the level of detail is as if you made a tank 400m long and called it a ship…

        Rebadging 1km as 10km doesn’t change the real map size.

  4. septfox says:

    Looks amazing.

    ‘course, we’ll never get any such thing, because the average potato PC can’t handle loading and scaling/looping a few extra textures for even a cheap effect, let alone anything volumetric.

    Not to mention WG’s inevitable insistence that most players will find it horribly, cripplingly uncomfortable to play in and will leave in droves because of the occasional adverse-weather match or…something : \

  5. shankmeyster says:

    the PC player base is dropping drastically and the console players are most likely making up a large chunk of new income for WG

  6. Awesome! Love the iced Erlenberg river, which brings new additions to gameplay too.
    And reduced viewrange would be something interesting on many maps and would bring the scout role back instantly.
    PC developers should at least bring the dirty tracks and snow on tanks to the PC version. That feature alone is great and looks enjoyable.


  7. BatelGeuce says:

    Thats because they all have the same rig. There is no % of players who use enhanced calculators to play the game.

  8. Winterx says:

    Wouldn’t it be problematic if we get this for PC and then some people turn the sand storm effect off… for themselves…? A huge issue when mods and cheaters come into play… something where the console is less prone to meddling with… the elements.

  9. Anonymous says:

    So everyone is shits on WG for not introducing a visual efect that will not only not work on lower end PC’s but that will also fuck with gameplay. Anyone right in the mind would disable the maps (presuming you can enable if you want to play on these extra effects maps separately from the old maps). People would just rush to the forums saying how much they hate the maps or something cuz of the view range loss (don’t know how much it is on consoles, but to make it realistic you should be capped at 150-200m view range at the most) or other debuffs these maps have.

    1. Anonymous says:

      awww how cute…you’re trying to find a reason to bash on consoles due to your jealousy… your tears are delicious..

  10. Someone says:

    Ground War Tanks had these effects for years now. What the hell took WG so long to implement them ? Because they’re retarded.

  11. Thanks to all the people who are willing to play on their stupid old PC crap from 2000. Ffs, buy a freaking new PC, so the game can actually make some step forwards! Many would really appreciate these weather things! (..of course it would be better to fix the game mechanics before this stuff..)

    1. Tomislav Stivan says:

      But my wife says no. What can i do? Oh wait, i do have xbox one. πŸ™‚ just waiting patch for keyboard and mouse suport (september)

      1. Shankmeyster says:

        really? i used to use an wireless logitech keyboard and mouse on my 360. surprising that the one doesn’t have support near end of life.

  12. bob beb says:

    Because a CONSOLE has more cpu than the average wot player.
    So blame nobody but yourself πŸ™‚

    …. if you happened to live east europe.

    1. geehinyami says:

      I can see you have no idea what you’re talking about. First of all, consoles don’t have “more CPU” than “PCs”, (Which doesn’t even make sense in the way you put it, anyway). Rather, Consoles are all standard, while PCs have different configs, and most of the playerbase(RU) plays on communist era PCs, so that means that WG doesn’t need to worry about optimisation that much for consoles, not that “consoles have more CPU than PCs” (Which still doesn’t make sense).

  13. Anonymous says:

    Looks really nice. What i personaly would love for WoT PC, too is the optional view of the gunner where you can see the body of your tank in ego-view….sweet.

  14. TrickyP360 says:

    Considering Microsoft have announced that xbox one games will also be available cross platform on windows 10 it makes you wonder why Warham ingredients could not release for high end pc’s and call it WOT Arcade or something…

  15. voodoopc34 says:

    I don’t think this is related to the power of PCs being used to play World of Tanks as much as people on the PC version hate change.

    Change the speed of a tank and the forums act like the apocalypse is coming. Adding something that would change gameplay so much, you would hear nothing but bitching.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Why the hell havent they let us move accounts across platforms. I would be playing on console in a split second if i could take all my premium tanks i collected with me

    1. Shankmeyster says:

      or just use your currently unlocked lineup. I mean I just got to 210 unlocked tanks last night and I have had an account for 5 years. now I didn’t play for a year or more in there but still. it took me 5 years to get that far.

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