WoT Console: IS-3A “Fatherland” Earn Op

From the console side of things, details for their next Earn Operation. The prize this time is the IS-3A (with a perma camo… Because I’m sure nobody wants a plain old premium, right?)

The details for the operation are odd. While previous Operations for free Tier 7-8 premiums have involved doing certain amounts of damage in a certain nations tanks, or points earned for being a top XP earner, this one is seemingly pretty easy:

Do 500 damage in a battle and earn a loot drop. The loot drops can contain Silver, Crew XP boosts or a Fatherland Medal. 5 medals earn you the tank.

What are your guys’ opinions? Reception has been mixed with the console community. Do you feel its too easy for a Tier 8? Too random even?

The tank will also be available in several bundles, ranging from 15,800G to 17,400G.

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