WoT Console is Everything we wish WoT PC to be


Look who’s coming to World of Tanks Console:

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WoT Console is Everything we wish WoT PC to be

66 thoughts on “WoT Console is Everything we wish WoT PC to be

    1. Anonymous says:

      more like rich kids who think they are entitled to everything.. or douche bags who think they are superior to everyone else… dont be that guy

      1. one thing is true, there are a lot more kids with consoles that there are kids playing on PC because it’s cheaper to give a console to a kid than a gaming PC, other than that there are more toxic behaviour in console than on most PC games, with exceptions of course

      2. stormcrow99 says:

        @Armando Toxicity? I play Call of Duty & Battlefield, and toxicity (besides cheaters) is second-to-none. Coming from Playstation of course, I can and will not give reports about a filthy Xbox.
        Returning to PC, well, the average WoT game… Don’t get me started… Fine, TF2? Everyone bitching about random crits, but besides that, rather tame.
        Main point being that on consoles, the rare mic user which I mute automatically without question anyway aside, you have to go up to the person, open their profile, open a message, write it, send it, and wait for a response. Effort is real, reducing toxicity greatly.

      3. #CHARCHARO PC gaming is cheaper? in which world? a PS4 for example costs €400 in some places, on the other hand a gaming PC will easily cost past €800 but you can’t expect that PC to be on the top for more than year and a half
        it’s the problem we know about gaming PCs, for you to buy one that will be able to play any of the AAA titles at least during it’s warrented period you can pay a few thousnad Euros for it because when it comes to PC games the game developers don’t need to “hold back” with it’s minimum requirements, on the other hand they adapt their games to the hardware available on consoles to achieve the desired performance and increase their chance of selling the game to console users
        that’s a luxury PC gamers don’t have, we have to put up with more demanding games regardless if the developers are losing more than 60% of the market

      4. Charcharo says:

        In the real world Armando. There is a reason why Eastern Europe is PC Gaming Land and NOT console gaming land.

        Here is what you do.
        -Buy weak PC as you ALWAYS need a PC. No matter what else, you need one less you are a pensioner or a child. At least 150-200 dollars/euro.
        -Buy console. 400 dollars/euro
        -Buy more expensive console games.
        -Pay for online.
        -Lose a lot of games as consoles have less games released.
        -lose modding and free user content.
        -Lose good backwards compatibility
        -lose emulation.

        Do you get it now?

        Make a good PC, NOT 800 dollars, stop the propaganda. My high end PC in Bulgaria cost me 750 euro and will last 6-7 years being better than any console. All the time.
        You do not need to be on top on hardware to be better than a console. The 140 dollar GTX 950/R9 370 is what already ALWAYS beats a PS4.

        Please, do your research, this is not a hard topic.

      5. #CHARCHARO I wish I lived in your country, no matter how I look at it the price you posted is unrealistic
        even a lower spec I7 CPU can cost more than €300 (Intel I7 4790 3.6Ghz >>€346), add to that at least €50 for ram to the graphics card you mentioned and you still need:
        mouse, keyboard

        of course I’m aware that there are some gaming PCs that cost around €400 ( the youtuber FRANKIEonPCin1080p has been doing reviews of some) and are more than enough to play WoT, AW, WoWs or even WT but the problem is, as I wrote before, that game developers don’t “hold back” when making games for PC

        the specs needed for PC games increase every year while on the other hand, just like I wrote before, they adapt their games to the hardware of the consoles and wether you accept it or not they will keep doing so as long as people still buy consoles and buy their games

        one example is how they still make versions of their games that can be played on PS3s or XBOX360, not all because the big companies don’t like to put the extra effort for it but there are still many games that come out for both PS3 and PS4 or XBOX360 and XBOXOne

        no matter how you look PC gaming is costier than gaming on consoles

      6. Charcharo says:

        Please, learn to respond directly. You did not address my points. None of them. Not modding, not backwards compatibility, not emulation, not the need for a PC by default. Learn to respond directly.

        Here is what 750 euro got me:
        i5 4460 (no need for an i7…)
        8 GB of DDR3 1600MHz RAM
        AMD R9 390 Factory OCed
        A cheap Asrock H97M Motherboard
        A good 650 Watt Bronze PSU
        A cheap case.

        This is in Bulgaria. Hardware here *IS* overpriced. We are *poor* people. And we are PC Gamers.

        This PC I built will last me 6-7 years. It will beat a PS4 ALL the time. Just because some new game comes out with higher requirements DOES NOT mean my PC WILL NOT do better than a PS4.

        Consoles do not use Ultra or High settings. Remember that. They are Low-Medium. Sometimes a mixture of those with a few options on high.

        Another point… my old 2009 PC with 4GB of RAM and a mid-range ATI 5770 STILL plays games.

        So a 150 dollar card from 2009 can still play games like Armored Warfare, WoT and Witcher 3.

        The issue is that you know little about hardware. Do not spread misinformation and console propaganda.

      7. Klimax says:

        @Armando Rodrigues
        Why the hell are you targeting Core i7? 4 cores/8 threads monster. Trying to match 8 weak Jaguar cores (AMD) in consoles? You do know that those 8 cores in consoles are not even as good as 2 cores by intel in mainline CPUs? Core i5 should be target. And if you are going for budget gaming, you don’t even need newest top of the line CPU. Sandy Bridge will suffice for a long time. (Short of playing simulations, which are not on consoles anyway) Same for GPU.

    1. Thag O'Mizer says:

      Agreed, the LTTB is the closest match, but it’s still not as fun. T-50-2. Best. Tank. Ever. I would probably even pay money for it!

      1. the only reason I can see to the comeback of the T-50-2 is because players don’t see console oriented games as simulators, while WoT isn’t a “true” simulator but comes close to it and that’s why in the last 1-2 years they have put major importance in the historical accuracy of their game
        for most console is still and will allways be a arcade platform, and there’s nothing wrong with it, so historical accuracy and realism means nothing to them, that’s why console players are getting one of the “fakes” of the OLD WoT

        P.S: I’m not sure since it happened long ago (3 years in the gaming “world” is a lot) but if I’m not mistaken the major reason that made the T-50-2 a “fake” was it’s speed and gun selection, if I remember correctly it’s true that a prototype seems to have existed but it was never able or even designed to reach 72km/h like the one we had in the game

      2. Asdf says:

        They just rebalanced it.

        PC version being sim?
        Try wt simulator mode for starters.
        Than we might talk, since ur sim seems different from the rest.

      3. stormcrow99 says:

        @Armando I do prefer WoT on PC. Driving a tank just is not a controller thing. Mouse & Keyboard are absolute. Also the feel is completely different.
        However Consoles have all the fun stuff (besides physics). The old T71, now T-50-2, every single tank HD etc. ESPECIALLY the T71. Wargaming killed a little bit of me inside by fucking it up.

      4. #ASDF I believe to have written
        “isn’t a “true” simulator but comes close to it”, WoT is in now way a simulator and neither have they ever claimed to be such thing, however they do try to “simulate” at least some parts of a real tank-on-tank battle and that’s when the second part of my post comes in
        “in the last 1-2 years they have put major importance in the historical accuracy of their game”
        #STORMCROW99 I believe I have writen that there’s no problem on WoT console to be as it is because that’s what people expect of a console game, like I posted most people view console as an arcade game platform and simply don’t care about realism and that’s why most simulators (like ARMA, DCS, etc…) don’t have a console version because they know few of the console players would buy their game
        because of that WG knew that most console players wouldn’t waste 1 second thinking about the historical accuracy of the game and that’s why the OLD T-50-2 and OLD T71 are/will be available in the console version while on the PC version the T71 was changed simply because what WG did when itroducing it was a “mashup” of two of the competing T71 proposals (turret from one design and hul from another)
        because of that they changed the T71 to be all of a single proposal and will be adding the “piked-nose” version or T71 CMCD (hull of the original T71 in-game) as a premium

        you can check for the premium T71 CMCD here in this Blog since Rita recently published some pictures and stats of it

  1. Funny Farmer says:

    While I don’t like adds showing WoT as an arcade game I do think that WG has missed a huge opportunity when they decided to optimize this game for Russian toasters early, i.e two years ago.

  2. Console_peasant says:

    It’s not everything you’d wish it to be
    They visually ruined many tanks with”wiggly bits” which is their term for equipment the crew would have stored on the tank.
    Lets just say they really fouled up because they’ve blocked view ports and hatches on many tanks with ugly tarps and boxes
    Be glad pc doesn’t have that.

  3. celiojedi master of brazil. says:

    Dude`’s some weeks ago they did some upgrades on the t-50-2 on the game ! he was never deleted from the game !!!!

  4. No bots, no cheats, old tanks we all miss, better graphics, cool HD models (not better than the PC ones, but cool), good sounds (but new PC ones are better), HD maps (HQ engine in general in fact)…

    Yeah but good luck to be as accurate and effective with a joystick instead of a mouse and keyboard. Just like FPS, some people just love it, but a mouse and keyboard is just more accurate.

    1. Anonymous says:

      no they arent.. its all preference… a good controller user is on par as a good keyboard and mouse player… this has been proven many times over

      1. jochen balzer says:

        doesn’t make sense since you can plug in nearly every controler on a PC but practically nobody does it apart from racing games or beat ’em ups – cause mouse/keyboard is the better input device.

      2. celiojedi master of brazil. says:

        Not true… back on the day Microsoft did a tests with PRO palyers on Joysticks and Normal players on keyboard and mouse… image who got better points >?>

      3. Dude says:

        Depends on game. Joystick ain’t superior to keyboard here.

        Race n fly. I give u that.
        Not aiming/fast looking around…

        Ms tested u say?
        A) link
        B) …when?
        C) Why would they bother…
        D) everyone knows , cause everyone tested them self.
        …even if wot is on the border of “slow clunky enough”… Its not beyond.

      4. rapikol says:

        It’s a fact, i haven’t yet seen business offices with computers that are controlled with controllers instead of a mouse, good luck doing work in Word, PowerPoint and Excel etc. with controller joystick, precision requiring tasks like these require precise device to do them, that’s why you do not use controller for that

    2. stormcrow99 says:

      FPS’s, I’m on both teams actually. While the joystick is my preference for moving, I’ll take a mouse for my snipers any day.

    3. Huh, you can connect keyboard and mouse plus few other bits and bobs.
      However gave it a try on the PS4 and is a blast to play with the pad. Gets used to it on few tier 1 battles, and is very precise and accurate. I am going to borrow a HOTAS from a colleague to try also. That might work even better. 😀

  5. It has only one problem – it’s on consoles ;P

    WoT Blitz for Windows 10 is a very good alternative to regular WoT PC, though, it fixes lots of issues with the “big” game. And maybe, just maybe, T-50-2 will appear there too 🙂

  6. Concombre says:

    … or not ? Seriously, it’s just another premium, and presently probably OP as fuck. If it is what you want on PC, another premium and probably OP, it is definitively what i do not want.

  7. WOTconsoleplayer says:

    And yet the entitled unicums on the console forum can’t stop whining daily and starting spam threads about how PC players get TD rebalances, new maps, upcoming arty something or other, etc. The grass truly is greener on the other platform (oh, and they complain constantly about console grass obscuring their views too).

    1. x says:

      Well, the t50-2 was originally a fuck you to logic, physics and game balance…. Good riddance, let the console serfs have it, they are handicapped anyway.

      1. It’s not that I’m clamoring for the t-50-2 to come back to PC. I’m not. It’s just the sheer dickery of this move on WGs behalf. They had a good reason for removing the tank from the game, only to bring it back where it is least demanded, while simultaneously calling it out and denying it to those who wanted it most.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Fuck WG

    German release VK 65.01 H (recycling plant)

    Soviet release T-50-2 HD (generation of God tank)

  9. Shrewarmies says:

    I have made multiple threads about this since the T28 F30 was put into the store. Getting back removed tanks as premiums would be amazing.

    I would pay so much to get the 50-2 back.

    I wonder if it will retain 6-11 MM

  10. perji says:

    Srsly, a fckin T-50-2 is everything you wish wot to be?
    Well, maybe everything YOU wish wot pc to be.
    But seriously, no.
    Unless they have the old tier 9 IS-4. That’s what I wish wot pc to be.
    You probably don’t though.

    1. Wg should really bring the T9 IS4 back it was a very fun tank, and it looked amazing.
      Conclusion: Rename the T10 IS-4 to IS-4M (because its actually), and bring back the T9 one
      as IS-4. Another option; Bring back the T9 IS-4 named as Object 701 or IS-4 Prototype.

  11. Madman says:

    Most of all console players dont even know what a t50-2 is or didnt even know that this thing exists so why would you do a comeback on consoles…?? I miss my good old and most favourite tank t50-2…

  12. Give the newest audience the most wanted tank in the game, even above Type 59. But don’t give it to them who have made all the millions for you, and made your game something….

  13. Anonymous says:

    WG: the Soviet Union and Germany, we want to give great gift Oh !!

    The Soviet Union and Germany : WoW told us !!

    WG : I first gifts to the Soviet Oh 3 2 1 T-50-2 + HD

    Soviet Union : WoW~~ WG Thanks ^ ^

    WG : ^ ^

    Germany : WG I gift ?

    WG : …………………

    Germany : ………………

    WG : Of course A superb gift !!

    Germany : Thank WG ^ ^

    WG : 3 2 1 VK 65 01 H ~ good bar !!

    Germany : Fuck WG !!

    WG : Germany rude !!

    WG : The next version weaken Germany !!

  14. Geyson says:

    As a WoT console noob even though we got the type 59, Girls und panzer pz. IV, and now the T50-2 the lemming trains and the zerging across one flank and not firing a shot and then capturing are really ruining the gameplay quality, with all this said I still manage to have a 1,900+ recent (within the last month) wn8

  15. Anonymous says:

    10.0 Failure Cause the truth RU complain WG only to find that wrong immediately change policy

    EU NA ((SEA)) WG just ignore us~~

  16. Luckymarine says:

    For a limited time…? Its not like War Gaming to offer tanks at ridiculous prices for a limited time… Loved the T-50-2, but even I know it just wouldn’t be viable in today’s PC game. With the new physics to contend with you’d see them on their sides more often than on their tracks! I don’t know if the console version even knows about physics.

  17. Major Rager says:

    Are they trying to pull players away from the PC and that is why all the talk and no action in repairing the PC version?
    How is this alleged new MM they are working on expected to function properly with low population?

  18. With the new physics the T50-2 will trip over every time it achieves half it’s max speed. Here we have Leo PTA which is a very wide with low centre of gravity, and tips over on some stones and boulders when passes over them at 60-65km/h+. Or WZ132 or even the much slower M41 90. They all tip over at max speed when going around the maps.

    How T50-2 will cope with the narrow, very high centre of gravity going at those speeds?

  19. Fedman Cassad says:

    Well I’ve been playing WoT for a long time, before gold existed… And now i’m playing WoT on Xbox One and i must say that I like WoT on Xbox more than on PC, mostly because of the controller and better graphics. At the beginning it didn’t go quite smooth, i needed to adjust to controller action but now i cant imagine paying WoT without controller. Keyboard and mouse are strange now when playing on PC and graphics look bleached compared to Xbox1 version (probably usage of different color pool palette and shaders)

    Cant wait for the World of Warships to come to console 🙂

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