WoT Console July Overview w/ Opinion Piece

Once again WoT Console has released another overview for the next month. So far we’re in for… more of the same, but I’ll save the opinions for the later half of the post. So far, here’s what we have:

Frostbite Grizzly

To celebrate Canada Day and the 150th year since Canada’s confederation, WG is bringing out another Sherman variant, this time a Maple Leaf clad Sherman Grizzly:



In collaboration (of sorts) with the release of Christopher Nolan’s new war film “Dunkirk” WG will have another earn-op (so much for toning those down), with prizes being the French FCM 36 Pak 40, German Pzkpfw. T-15, and British Sexton II. Details for the operation will come at a later date.

And in the store, two new Dunkirk “inspired” premiums. First being a (apparently) Tier V Matilda:


And a… Charioteer? Ok then.


Project Valor

A new charity emblem for this month, proceeds this time going to the Fisher House Foundation, which provides comfort homes for the the families of wounded veterans while they recieve treatment.


July Emblems

And the new(ish) set of emblems for the month, including your standard US patriotic fare, and emblems for France, Canada, and Dunirk.





From here on out is my personal opinion, with some notes from others, based on this and recent trends from WG Chicago-Baltimore.

So, we have another earn op, which I won’t really comment on considering the details for the op have yet to be released. If it’s anything like May’s American Dream op which focused on rewarding good gameplay regardless of class, we should be fine.

As for the newest premium tanks, where do I begin?

Once again, rather than introduce some new content we haven’t seen on console, WarGaming has opted to leech from the tech tree in an effort to make a quick buck. Which might not have been too bad if the tanks selected where relevant. The Matilda obviously saw combat in France, but why is it suddenly a Tier V?One would figure with that kind of tier jump WG would be quick to explain the decision. As of now, going off appearances and without stats available, it seems they’re trying for another Tiger 131, a “historical” tank, likely overly buffed, but kept at a higher tier so they can charge more for it.

As for the Charioteer, why? Of all the British, French and German tanks we have that saw combat in the Battle of France, why do we have a conversion from the 1950’s? Was it really that hard to come up with something a bit more relevant? No, instead we have a random high-tier tank, so they can get that high-tier premium price, sprinkled with random bits of British memorabilia to try to sell it’s “authenticity”. A few elements from the 7th Armored Division may have been in France during the Battle of France, but they sure as hell weren’t driving tanks from 1953, and not enough to warrant slapping their emblem onto said tank.

So with that, I’d like your opinions as well, I’ve included a small poll, but would also like to see your opinions in the comments. What do you think about the liberties WarGaming is taking with the game? Does the fact that the game features some unbuilt or semi-fictional machines allow developers to throw history out the window with regard to events and content? And also, how do you guys feel about reskinning and selling the otherwise free content from the tech trees?



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WoT Console July Overview w/ Opinion Piece

21 thoughts on “WoT Console July Overview w/ Opinion Piece

  1. fuck that’s a loaded question at the end there.

    the matilda is fine at tier V as a prem. It is OP at tier IV. I would rather WG should re-skins than prem time/ammo/ foch-mobiles

  2. Morgenstern says:

    You know, as much as I still love WoT Console, I’m starting to hate the devs. Obviously, not all of them are going to be in on reskinning tech tree or premium tanks, but the ones who are obviously calling the shots. I haven’t bought any new premiums since July last year, and before that, I had bought 22 or so over the previous years. It’s aggravating, because console has potential still, but as you said, they just want a quick buck.

  3. As someone who hasn’t played Console. Looking at the premiums alone is sickening this is on the same level as the Tier 8 Black Friday skinned tanks. Also as a Canadian it’s nice to see a Canadian tank in the game but out of all the tanks they can choose, they chose the boring Grizzly and not the Grizzly Firefly, or Ram Mk.II Late, or Ram Mk.I, or the countless SPG and Tank destroyer designs/refits Canada had going on back then. hell they didn’t even slap the 6-pdr “Canuck” gun on it.all it’ll be is a shitty stock Sherman with good hull armor and turret cheeks that’ll shit on low tiers and suck in high tier matches. smells like another Bullshit tank like the Chrysler if you ask me.

  4. I… really don’t know.

    I always said (and I still maintain that position) that gameplay should take precedence over historical value. This is not a tank simulator.

    Also, I am kind of jealous of some of the Blitz/console tanks they are getting and PC is not. That being said, the number of these they are doing now is getting close to ridiculous. As much as I like collecting tanks, it should NEVER be the main focus of a game like that. And even if that, only at a point in time where everything else in game is great, which it is not by far.

    So, I’m going to say
    1. Moderate.
    2. No, at this point, I feel content should be the main focus.

  5. the 2nd poll has bias questions, i prefer tank from tech tree becoming premium rather new unbalanced content. f.e. Charioteer yes its no relevant with Dunkirk and i agree, but why not having as a premium a tank which is very good ? By chance i have Charioteer and stopped the line there cause i loved, if we had it as a premium i would keep it and continue the line. Actually it would be nice if with money we would be able to transform our beloved tierVIIIs into premiums and keep them 🙂

      1. jeffrey6046 says:

        2nd question i dont really care if their reskins if i see a reskin of my favourite tanks i buy if not i wont

        now WG pls make a reskin of the Hetzer i wants it 😛
        favourite tank with more credits earnings.

  6. I’ve said my piece on the Discord, but I’ll put it again here. I would have no issues with the reskins of tech-tree vehicles and premiums if they were made available as premium camoflagues that grant bonus XP and/or Credits for the vehicle, and you have the choice to dismount them if you wish.
    Also, in regards to commemorations, a short event which tells people about the history and gives you a few operations would be fine. Using it as a way to sell premium tanks is just disrespectful

  7. Me says:

    I don’t mind reskins at all. Why would I? At least most of them won’t be overpowered pay-to-win machines destroying game play for everyone.

    1. DecoNoir says:

      No, the unnerfed TDs, arty and 5-man platoons did that before we’d been introduced to those particular premiums.

  8. Anonymous says:

    They could have had several low tier British premiums to “commemorate” the evacuation of Dunkirk. These are:

    – Matilda II: With a stock 2-Pdr, stock turret, and stock leyland engines. Give it premium MM to balance it against the standard Matilda. http://www.warlordgames.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/A12-Matilda-II-BEFa.jpg

    – Cruiser II: The early Cruiser II turret with the additional applique mantlet you see on the stock Cruiser IV. Slightly less armoured turret than the in-game Cruiser II, you’d also be stuck with the 2-Pdr. http://www.worldwarphotos.info/wp-content/gallery/uk/british-tanks/cruiser-mk-ii-a10/Tank_cruiser_Mk_II_A10.jpg

    – Cruiser IV early: Without the applique mantlet you see on the stock Cruiser IV. Would have essentially the same armour layout as the Cruiser III*, the exception being the applique armour at the front would be applied directly to the cheeks (not spaced). Could be a decent tier II. https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-nB8YhuoxpHg/Vzf2KcWp0XI/AAAAAAAAKo8/zIy2rpmh5j8ReVSGch1CmlDLXrdw67Q_wCLcB/s1600/cruiser-4-3.jpg

    – Cruiser IVA: The first variant of Cruiser IVA, missing in-game. Same 30mm mantlet protection as the top turret on the Cruiser IV, you’re also forced to use the 2-Pdr. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/1/11/Royal_Tank_Regiment_officers_confer_in_front_of_a_Cruiser_Mk_IVA_tank_during_exercises_in_East_Anglia%2C_30_August_1940._H3543.jpg/632px-Royal_Tank_Regiment_officers_confer_in_front_of_a_Cruiser_Mk_IVA_tank_during_exercises_in_East_Anglia%2C_30_August_1940._H3543.jpg

  9. Knot3D says:

    @Deconoir :

    – Just like the Churchill 3, the Matilda IV Soviet premium has always been a bit of a sore spot to the UK line imo. Matilda BP just adds insult to injury.

    Hence; the potential of a proper UK Matilda premium would finally correct this.
    Proper, as in; if it would be like the Matilda IV with the more powerful the AEC engine, 610 hitpoints but with the 2pdr gun instead of the Russian gun, it would be a long overdue but sweet UK tier 5 premium.

    – I fully agree about the Charioteer though.

  10. stormcrow99 says:

    Yet another copy.
    WoT Consoles premium tanks are by and large a complete fucking abomination. They have all the cancer, but on top of that a million Tigers, 500,000 T-34s and 499,999 Shermans. And just about every other tank in the game.

    But really, that’s all well and good until the FUCKING NAMELESS CAME AROUND.
    Now if anybody looked at an O-I or Patriot and said they were OP, fucking behold. This tank has ruthless firepower, medium tank mobility and disguting armor. It’s basically putting a Tiger in tier V.

    Console… Get a fucking grip.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I don’t like the reskin tech tree tanks starting from the bloody ugly tiger hammer wtf, they didn’t even do historical accuracy service for the captured Kv-1 with a proper German gun… they are that lazy…. I can go on and on… but I don’t mind the Nameless, I don’t think it is op, given it is very situation dependant, I have yet to win a game in it and I know my maps and where to aim. A tank is indeed op when a noob can drive it down hill and score 5 kills of equal or higher tier tanks… there are a couple of those, especially pc

  11. Anonymous says:

    can someone tell me why when my tanks ie deathstar has been nerfed pen ammo cost hasnt reduced why pay top dollar when not doing the same pen . why consol players are
    getting old maps that are not wanted on pc pc has new tanks buffed older tanks ie 5 heavy , is7, maus,e100 to name a few consol as usual getting fucked .

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