WoT Console July Overview w/ Opinion Piece

Once again WoT Console has released another overview for the next month. So far we’re in for… more of the same, but I’ll save the opinions for the later half of the post. So far, here’s what we have:

Frostbite Grizzly

To celebrate Canada Day and the 150th year since Canada’s confederation, WG is bringing out another Sherman variant, this time a Maple Leaf clad Sherman Grizzly:



In collaboration (of sorts) with the release of Christopher Nolan’s new war film “Dunkirk” WG will have another earn-op (so much for toning those down), with prizes being the French FCM 36 Pak 40, German Pzkpfw. T-15, and British Sexton II. Details for the operation will come at a later date.

And in the store, two new Dunkirk “inspired” premiums. First being a (apparently) Tier V Matilda:


And a… Charioteer? Ok then.


Project Valor

A new charity emblem for this month, proceeds this time going to the Fisher House Foundation, which provides comfort homes for the the families of wounded veterans while they recieve treatment.


July Emblems

And the new(ish) set of emblems for the month, including your standard US patriotic fare, and emblems for France, Canada, and Dunirk.





From here on out is my personal opinion, with some notes from others, based on this and recent trends from WG Chicago-Baltimore.

So, we have another earn op, which I won’t really comment on considering the details for the op have yet to be released. If it’s anything like May’s American Dream op which focused on rewarding good gameplay regardless of class, we should be fine.

As for the newest premium tanks, where do I begin?

Once again, rather than introduce some new content we haven’t seen on console, WarGaming has opted to leech from the tech tree in an effort to make a quick buck. Which might not have been too bad if the tanks selected where relevant. The Matilda obviously saw combat in France, but why is it suddenly a Tier V?One would figure with that kind of tier jump WG would be quick to explain the decision. As of now, going off appearances and without stats available, it seems they’re trying for another Tiger 131, a “historical” tank, likely overly buffed, but kept at a higher tier so they can charge more for it.

As for the Charioteer, why? Of all the British, French and German tanks we have that saw combat in the Battle of France, why do we have a conversion from the 1950’s? Was it really that hard to come up with something a bit more relevant? No, instead we have a random high-tier tank, so they can get that high-tier premium price, sprinkled with random bits of British memorabilia to try to sell it’s “authenticity”. A few elements from the 7th Armored Division may have been in France during the Battle of France, but they sure as hell weren’t driving tanks from 1953, and not enough to warrant slapping their emblem onto said tank.

So with that, I’d like your opinions as well, I’ve included a small poll, but would also like to see your opinions in the comments. What do you think about the liberties WarGaming is taking with the game? Does the fact that the game features some unbuilt or semi-fictional machines allow developers to throw history out the window with regard to events and content? And also, how do you guys feel about reskinning and selling the otherwise free content from the tech trees?



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