WoT Console June Overview/Opinion

WG Chicago-Baltimore have released another monthly overview, and this one is a bit troubling, and so far has the community at best a bit divided, and at worst in a bit of shit-storm. Here is what’s going on:

On Track to IS-7

First off the uncontroversial bit. The On Track Event for June will be for the IS-7. A bit curious as this one was subject of an On Track before, and there are several other lines in the Soviet tech tree alone that haven’t seen one, but it fits given WG’s decided theme for the month. The theme that is…

Crimson Knights

A series of new and familiar Soviet Premiums in WG patented perma-camo. The new addition will be the “Glory” IS-5 and the “Honor” T-28E:

As well at the reappearance of the T-54 Mod. 1 “Motherland” as well as the IS-3A “Fatherland”. Interesting that WG want to dig that one up considering the uproar it’s Earn-Op generated. Speaking of which…

“Bogatyr” KV-220-2 Earn Op



That’s right, a new earnable premium is coming for June. 755 total points are required to work up several tiers of operations for the tank. Points will be earned by damage done in game.

On that note, the tank will also come with an exclusive perk (whether you buy or earn it), “Iron Mace”. This perk increases the chance of your shell retaining penetration over distance. This perk is exclusive to the Bogatyr crew and cannot be retrained in others, or if you swap it for another perk/skill for gold.

While certainly not as daft as earlier exclusive perks (which required purchase of the attached premium tank), reaction is a bit mixed. Vote on the poll below, lets see what you’re guy’s opinion is on crew exclusive perks.

Valkyria Chronicles Tanks

Not much to say, but the previously announced Asian server only tanks are coming to console.

New Consumables- Patch Kits

Now for the bit that has the community split. On the weekend of June 30th WG will have a new consumable available, Patch Kits. This consumable will restore 20% of a vehicles HP over the course of 30 seconds.

While arguably a very situational consumable, it does raise a question of how far WG Chicago is willing to push things in regards to content. While they have always maintained being a separate entity from the PC game, is adding something like this, in combination with other content, ultimately making the game separate from the entire concept of World of Tanks entirely, and perhaps taking away part of the original appeal of World of Tanks entirely?

There’s no real word from WG on what they plan on doing with this consumable, though it does seem like they are testing the waters and gauging player reaction to it. Going off the forums and the WoT Console SubReddit, the reaction is hugely negative, and considering WG has spent the past few years ignoring ideas from the playerbase and feedback on broken tanks and mechanics, the future of the game is looking a bit questionable.

Since WG in Minsk seems to be taking certain ideas form console (again, we’re sorry for the flag paint tanks), lets get PC players opinions in as well, would you guys want to see an HP restoring consumable added in game?

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WoT Console June Overview/Opinion

10 thoughts on “WoT Console June Overview/Opinion

  1. I said yes for the health-repairing consumable, but I need to make a clarification. It either needs to have a separate slot to apply it to, and ideally be in a specific mode such as a full PvE mode (a la Armoured Warfare)

  2. RAD FROOD 25 says:

    Not interested in the hit point boost at all so probably won’t be playing on that weekend and couldn’t care less about the Valkriya tanks…… The bogatyr looks ok but that’s about it

  3. Anonymous says:

    I can’t say the HP restore thing is going to be good or bad. Really have to see how this play out.
    Say for my E-100 I regen 18 to per second for 30, for a total of 540. That’s not to bad is it?

  4. Stormcloud says:

    HP consumable is a HUGE power creep. It’ll become almost mandatory for every player to have one, you’d have to be stupid not to carry one.

    It’lll ruin games to a certain extent by having players guessing if their opponents had spent their HP pack. Unecessary overcomplication of tanking strategies.

    I’m not sure why WG feels the need to turn the game more arcade/shooter like with “extra lives” via the HP pack. It removes the unique mechanic of no respawn, whatever you do in the current battle matters. That’s what makes winning/surviving the battle even more noteworthy in WoT.

    Turn WoT in into arcade respawn (not literally, but indirectly through the HP packs), WG just threw away one of the thing that distinguishes WoT from the rest of the arcade. Lately, they keep trying to dig their own grave.

  5. mrwuvems says:

    Anyone else love the delicious joke of putting that perk on a soviet crew? Hand of Stalin guided shots aside, the only Russian tanks with good accuracy are the easiums, you know, the ones people spam HEAT on.

  6. NG says:

    I am extremely happy I left console for PC last year. I could see the writing on the wall. Seems like console is really geared towards children now.

  7. Moshpit400 says:

    I’m not a fan of the patch kit idea but I’ll hold my opinion until they speak of making it a full time consumable. I hate the crew exclusive perks (the snakebite still pisses me off) and think they should make them available to train. The new tanks don’t interest me nor do I think they’re to ugly but would prefer they were offered without the special camo at initial release so people could choose they’re preference. My biggest hope for June is that they fix the lag spikes.

  8. Xbox Gal says:

    The Xbox console version of WoT has already lost 50% of the playerbase in the last 12 months. Adding more Pay2Win features such as patch kits will only speed up the console exodus. Wake up Wargaming!!!

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