WoT console: Map Variants & Other


WoT Console is also introducing map variants, check this out:

And they brought back an old PC timer, Dragonridge revamped:


And Solid British and German camo:

Team coloured tracers:


And training room map selection:


I’m seriously tempted to get a console honestly…

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WoT console: Map Variants & Other

52 thoughts on “WoT console: Map Variants & Other

      1. Anonymous says:

        i wouldnt even dare call them clan wars… they are just tourneys that are won by the same team every time… it isnt a contest period.. if it was a true clan war, there would be different divisions.. but alas.. it doesn’t exist on console

    1. jorg2 says:

      Shame, other games like armored warfare have a really nice Cano system, and wot pc is stuck with 4 year old inaccurate camos on an always grey background…

      1. Yes and no. We’ve had the original version of Dragon Ridge, which PC players are familiar with. However Xbox and PS4 are getting an updated version, with less severe slopes and a lot more playable area.

      2. wheeledtank says:

        Ah. So it is getting reworked then. Guess that is what the picture of it represents (it did look less jagged)

  1. ljpunksdad says:

    If you could play your PC account of the PS4 I would. Those that consider PC gamers the “master race” are cringing.

    1. RagnarokBazil says:

      I want to transfer my stuff to consol too because im tired of wgs shit. Rather play the real wot pros then let the pc dev faggets ruin my experence my poor poor bert..

  2. Der_Typ says:

    wow Dragonridge looks beautiful and also those weather effects look rather nice but hey at least we got a crapy sandbox server on PC…

  3. BattleBudgie says:

    Seriously, the PC version is behing the console ones by a mile. All this because of the russian potato computers. Or at least they can use it as a pretense.

      1. wheeledtank says:

        Its on the PS4 now as well. That is what these updates are for (though the solid camo and other effects are probably being carried over to the Microsoft consoles)

      2. Not that proud says:

        Oh Jesus, people. The game is the same on the Xbox One and the PS4. 360 doesn’t have the processing power but Xbone players and 360 players play on the same servers. So, because it doesn’t have to work on the 360, the PS4 can run normal Ruinberg and Scorpion Pass, which is 1500 m X 1500 m. That’s the only difference between the PS4 and the Xbox versions. The new Dragon Ridge, which is going to be on Xbox One and 360 is gong to be 1200 m X 1200 m.

  4. Mr. B says:

    Really don’t understand why they can keep improving map graphics and make new maps for console but can’t do shite for PC. ridiculous.

  5. SMGJohn says:

    Imao, its usually the opposite that they downgrade games for console, not downgrade PC games for PC and ups the console version.
    This is fucked up on so many levels……….

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wot Pc: Absolute crap, guaranteed to get even more so after ‘rebalance’
    Wot Console: Looks very enjoyable, especially with night maps

    How i hate that WG PC team

  7. Xavier says:

    thank you russian potato PCs. You are the sole reason besiides lazy ass devs that literally console is better than PC.

  8. GU-7 says:

    If only Wargaming would just update their dam program here, maybe it would force them dam potato PC’s to upgrade… Like seriously, get out of the stone age folks!

  9. NewRandom says:

    Don’t wanna be mean or anything i’m just a direct person… Now since SS startet posting again this blog will slowly start to die.

  10. zombietropa says:

    If they implemented the solid camo onto PC, I’d find myself a lot poorer very quickly.

    To answer all those above whinging about how WoT console is better than PC, It’s been a well known fact that console is easier to optimise for. If your response is ‘POTATO PC’ (I’m going to go salty here), my response is **** off. People still play on computers with integrated graphics, which ever server you’re on. That’s how I started playing the game on PC, playing on the lowest possible settings (I actually started playing WoT on console). I actually congratulate WG for keeping the barriers to entry low, and not catering to those with dual 1080’s slapped into their rig (but o’ hyperbole here, but you catch my drift).

    Ps. You still can buy the E25 on console if I recall, and the WT E100 is still lurking about there as well. I’d much rather have a game that is addressing the balance issues than making it look pretty.

  11. TDMillard says:

    Console tanks looks really pretty. Damn you Russian toaster PCs!!! Not sure I’d prefer using a controller to mouse and keyboard though.

  12. wolvenworks says:



    (in all forms of seriousness, i really want my home turf to return…)

    1. Dreadmoth says:

      I started playing WoT in 2013, only got to play one or two normal games on Dragon Ridge before it was removed from the map rotation 🙁

      The console map looks a bit flat (and grey) compared to how I remember it.

      1. Not that proud says:

        We’ve had Dragon Ridge for a while now. Six or eight months at least. Everyone complained that it took too long to drive up the hills so the Console map team redesigned it. They said it’s going to be flatter to avoid that problem, but they are also going to make it 1200 m X 1200 m.

      2. wolvenworks says:

        it is flatter. the original Dragon Ridge was removed because whiners says “it’s too steep”. those noobs just don’t know how to maneouver sensibly. i mean, why would you drop a heavy down from a high 80-degree cliff and expect it to live?

  13. I played console WoT on my younger brother’s Xbox the other day. Whilst it seemed decent, it was obviously at lower tier so not a lot of testing could be done beyond who could machine gun you first, as is the case on PC as well. One thing that did kill it for me, however, was the aiming. Aiming in tanks on a console is horrific.

    1. Anonymous says:

      horrific for you maybe… aiming on console is extremely easy for someone who is good with a controller… the same can be applied to a mouse and keyboard.. so no, the aiming isnt bad.. its just the fact you werent used to it so you werent good with it.

  14. WG: night and weather effects either are not possible or make the game unplayable, we tested it and night maps suck.
    Players: anw come on we want them
    Console: ayyy lmao

  15. panzerpete75 says:

    If my info is correct, you have to research “packages,” so not cross tank tree module usage. If you research the T29 from the M6, you HAVE to use a COMPLETLY STOCK T29, the 90mm is in a package later in the research tree. No ifs, ands or buts. That’s one downside. Also, no type chat, only voice. And (at least for 360) you need Xbox Live Gold to play any online game, including World of Tanks.

    1. Not that proud says:

      You’re info is incorrect. We have packages, but modules are shared across tanks in the same way as PC. The only way you have to play the T29 with the 76 is if you go through the Jumbo. Now, in some instances the stock packages do suck, but it’s not that hard to save up some free XP and skip them. The bad ones are on the M46 and the E 50 at tier 9. Also, we earn more XP per battle than PC players do–they wanted console players to process through the tech tree faster. I think it’s a 1.25 X modifier, but I could be wrong.

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