WoT Console: Mercenaries

Good day everyone,

Quick post to answer the questions posed in this post, yes, WoT Console is indeed getting a ‘mercenary’ tree…. or half of one to start with:

Here is the full news post for those interested, but the short version is essentially the backstory to Armored Warfare, Frankenstein tanks (rather than the assembly of little known variants from smaller nations that most hoped for) and these are all unlocked through what’s looking to be a version of Personal Missions from PC. Or you can just skip all of that and pay for them directly. 

The tree will consist of 5 tanks at the start, with names such as “PlagueBringer” and consist of such oddities an IS hull with a T29 turret and L/56 8.8 and Tiger 1 mantlet.


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WoT Console: Mercenaries

24 thoughts on “WoT Console: Mercenaries

  1. I feel like one day, the “developers” of WoT console were just watching a child trying to slam a square block into a circle hole and decided “Hey we should do that with the game! Force together two things that don’t fit and then demand people accept it” 😛

    1. not really, at least 2 of them are real:

      >>the Sherman 90mm: M4A3 with the Pershing turret and 90mm M3 cannon
      >>M36B1: the Sherman with the M36 TD turret and cannon, several built during the war because they just couldn’t modify enough M10A1 hulls in time to complete all requests, if I am not mistaken the M36B2 is the same but on older M10 hulls

      1. wheeledtank says:

        From what I saw, the Pz IIJ With 50mm(?) is a tier IV, so it will actually face things that could get through its hull

    1. with this 2 of the 3 90mm armed Shermans are being added to the game, although for console only, the 3 are:
      M36B1: check
      M4A3 + M26 Turret: check
      project for a modified M4 with lower profile and larger turret ring for the Pershing’s Turret to fit in: maybe in the future

      1. Anonymous says:

        Why do you need make a turret ring bigger? Both turrets got the same size of the ring… thats why M4A3 got a T26E3 turret

  2. Jon says:

    When the idea you came up with while stoned gets taken seriously by the company far longer than it should have been.

  3. RAD FROOD 25 (Console) says:

    I’m going to give them one last chance if the balanc changes that have been pushed back into autumn don’t meet my expectations then I’m off to play war thunder or back to Skyrim

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is that an M4A2E4 Sherman hull being used for the Jackson-Sherman and Pershing-Sherman hybrids? What have they done to my beloved Beta Tester M4?! Don’t they know those exclusively were built on M4A3 hulls?

    Joking aside, if WoT is literally making up tanks now they’re really scraping the bottom. Maybe this is their desperate attempt to try and prevent from having to fix the game. Then again, this is console. Maybe us PC players will get trees of multiturret tans instead?

    1. wheeledtank says:

      I mean… the very first fake tank in the game was the T28 Proto, then we got the E-50M, T110E3 and E4, the Eldwiese and Nameless on the SEA and Consoles, Warhammer in Blitz, Chinese TDs, Italian Premium, Top tiers of the Polish tree. All of those are fake. Its frankly nothing new in this game

    2. Anonymous says:


      Varieties of others beg to differ, it’s nothing new for WG to make up tanks.

      However this time they are being honest about it being an Alternative reality line. Then claiming something existed that didn’t

  5. Blackhorse_Six_ says:

    Sigh ….

    I see an M36 turret on an M4-E2 hull here, but WG won’t put the REAL Jackson TD (M36B1) on PC … As I see it, all this Fantasiewaffenkrappen is ruining the game – and I worry that the ignorant masses are taking their history from this crap ….

    1. Blackhorse_Six_ says:

      My bad – Didn’t have (and still don’t) the exact nomenclature for the torsion bar suspension variant of the M4 …. Nevertheless, If WG can do this on console, there is no fkn reason they can’t make a proper M36B1 Premium TD for PC

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