WoT Console: Mercenary Update Q&A

Good day everyone,

Q&A video from WoT Console with developer Jeff Gregg going over the rhyme and reasoning behind the Frankenstein ‘Mercenary’ tech tree being added into the game.

Opinion time: I do find it pretty interesting how a dev team that ignores an entire forum “because they’re not representative of the whole community” in one video can then equate some hand picked group of people as “in collaboration with the community” for this, especially when the consensus in that community is that this iteration of the ‘mercenary’ line is nothing like what was teased over the years, and I personally feel that the game itself risks losing it’s identity with such a bizarre and unguided addition of content. Especially if such content will be overwriting actual historical content (picking the anniversary of D-day to announce your alternate history line, probably on par with forgetting Armistice Day to promote your comics WG). Especially when such content risks you losing your core audience when player numbers are at a low as it is (with Xbox global population numbering around 10-11k players at peak hours).

And for those who missed just what these “Mercenary” tanks look like:

Now for your opinions! I’ve heard some say that PC players will be envious of the upcoming exclusive content coming to console, so here are a few polls for you and another for everyone playing all versions of WoT (simple yes and no), and of course, feel free to express your opinions in the comments.


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WoT Console: Mercenary Update Q&A

16 thoughts on “WoT Console: Mercenary Update Q&A

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a stupid thinking. Disgusting. Horrifying. A hybrid of IS chassis, T29 turret, gun and mantlet of a tiger. If anything similar to this ever comes to PC, i will uninstall immediately. Just enough fantasy.

    1. Ragnarokbazil says:

      Judging on the new polish tanks that’s exactly what they are doing, let us not forget about charging us to trade in tanks.

  2. wheeledtank says:

    Frankly, I don’t really mind that such a tree exists. We already have/had plenty of fake vehicles in PC (In case you forgot, WT E-100, T28 Proto, Chinese TDs, Top tier Polish vehicles, the new Warhammer skins, The Eldwiese and Nameless…), but I’m probably the more minority in terms of wanting Balance over Gameplay, and fake vehicles offer alot more flexibility in this.

    Not to say that said vehicles should take priority over historic vehicles, but there isn’t an infinite amount of vehicles that can fit in the game, and most of the realistic choices (and quite alot of the more outlandish choices) are already in the game

    1. Blackhorse_Six_ says:

      No, just NO.

      “We already have plenty of fake vehicles in WOT PC” is always used as justification to add even more of that crap. Yeah, let’s make that pile of BS even bigger, like it doesn’t stink now.

      No, just NO

      1. wheeledtank says:

        I wasn’t using that as an excuse to add them in. In fact, I rather indifferent about their inclusion whatsoever.

    2. Bob says:

      Already having a lot of fake shit is not a good excuse, especially for franken tanks made up of parts that were never meant to fit together.Admittedly we already have one, the 59 Patton, which has a turret mounted on a hull that doesn’t have a compatible turret ring unless you modify it to the point that the track runs are disrupted and you are likely to throw tracks at anything but crawler speeds.

  3. WOT looks more and more like its running out of ‘good ideas’

    frankly this video brands WG as simply naively stupid in so many bad ways for a large company that by now should know better,

    pity the folk that have spent cash money on WOT console that now face this utter crap from WG

    here is hoping this complete crap stays on the console version only
    so a big NO!

  4. Anonymous says:

    “the game itself risks losing it’s identity”

    Oh. I thought the general consensus of the core-community-forum-experts was that the game is already a piece of shit…

  5. RAD FROOD 25 (Console) says:

    I shall give them one last chance to redeem themselves when they finally give us a fucking balance update.

    Welcome to the beginning of the end for world of tanks console this will make even more people leave.

    Minsk should go over there and kick them all up the arse for ruining a game with so much potential. The Devs make a game for themselves not for the players, FUCKING LAZY CUNTS

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m so glad I quit before Christmas, I just checked the frequent player numbers (using their numbers for players over 28 days), and from when I quit to now WG console has lost 40,000 (rounded down) players in that time. Do these Devs even know what’s happening or are they just “hey, let’s keep pumping out reskins and shit mercenary tanks that no one asked for”.
    Roll on War Thunder for Xbox that’s all I can say, sure that’s not perfect but it’s hell of a lot better than WoT.

  7. Renzo says:

    I really hate this mercenary stuff.

    I really wish they would have released the mercenary tree that was teased years ago. A tree with tanks from different smaller nations.

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