WoT Console Micro Update

Good day everyone,

Quick post on what came in the micro-update for WoT Console this morning:

First off, they actually buffed something that needed buffing!

-Centurion Mk.1 and Mk.7/1 both have had their top speeds increased to 50 kph.

-Centurion Mk.7/1 reload for the 105mm L7A1 decreased from 12 seconds to 11.2 seconds.

For content, we also have a new map, and (sigh) another extreme weather variant:

Kasserine Pass:


Taking inspiration from the Battle of Kasserine Pass in North Africa. From limited experience the map isn’t too bad. Dunes in the apparently open areas help when crossing, and it doesn’t look to shabby either.

Airfield (Sandstorm):

And WG Chicago just couldn’t resist dropping another extreme weather variant in. This one plays just like the other variants of the type: quick, messy, and very little in the way of map strategy.

Overall a nice little update (extreme weather map aside). If WG could keep dropping balance updates like this it’ll be a welcome change from having to wait 3-6 months between major updates. Though it seems more likely this is just a one off to prep for the desert themed Centurion Huntsman coming on sale soon.


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WoT Console Micro Update

17 thoughts on “WoT Console Micro Update

  1. Anonymous says:

    i got my centurion1 back today 2 hours before this update so i hope the grind to the mk7 will be a bit better now since i can get to key locations a bit faster.

    1. They can be hit or miss, but I do give the map guys a break for being just about the only thing we don’t straight up copy from PC. The extreme weather variants are horrible though.

      1. Ragnarokbazil says:

        I want an extreme weather in PC it would make Light tanks very useful making meds useless.

      2. Anonymous says:

        thats your opinion as well deco.. I for one like the extreme weather maps as it allows players to play more aggressively.. the trade off is you still have to know what you are doing cause you can easily get destroyed once you get detected

      3. That’s your opinion, and thats fine. I simply come from the opinion that it’s not the best idea to force every tank into a brawling role. Especially so in the imbalanced mess of the Tier X.

    2. ArticaPLR says:

      You’re getting better maps this year. All of them actually. Everything run done “Skyrim” style in HD.

      1. Morganator says:

        This will change the quality of the graphics on the maps not the map itself and the shit corridor meta

  2. Afrika says:

    My Cent 1 was cursed. 83 games with 33% win rate.

    Rage sold it back in Feb never to buy it back again.

    That was the end of the British MT line for me.

    Interesting thing was that I never lost games in the stock T-44 (53%) but couldn’t win in the cent.

    Always got either campers on my team or unicim plats on the other.

  3. bbmoose says:

    Ok, good news for the console guys. But what about Foch? I would really like to know how you feel about that how you think about the things Foch spoke about…

  4. Great news on the Centurion buffs, though odd that it took them this long after the turret nerfs.
    Silly that the FV4202 has been untouched though, it’s just so mediocre and even more outclassed now.

    1. That’s one variant. We have the regular form of Airfield as well, which looks about the same. The “Wartorn” variant is actually the best of that time of variant in my opinion, and I like the atmosphere of it as well (yes, I’m a sucker for good atmosphere in games)

      1. I didnt even notice that only the Cent 7/1 got the DPM buff… they didnt buff the Mk. 1’s DPM… nor did they touch the 4202 at all…

        Such a shame that they buffed the speed though… the Cents and 4202 needed DPM and gun handling buffs… not speed. (And the 7/1 still needs a DPM buff)…

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