WoT Console: October Overview

Once again, it’s time for another preview of the content coming to World of Tanks Console over the next month. It’s, well, it’s what you’ve come to expect by now…

Swedish Debut

The first Swedish premiums are set to come to the store this month, with a standard version of the autoloading Strv. m/42-57, and a painted up version of the Strv S1:

Maps: Redshire 1944 & Pilsin

So in an interesting move (considering the developers previous statements on limited space on consoles) the current version of Redshire on PC will be appearing on console alongside the older (though less bush filled) version of Redshire currently available:

As well as that, the Czech tank factory map, Pilsin, will also be making it’s debute on console:


War Stories: Kennedy’s War

A new chapter for the War Stories mode will be coming, this time it’s Kennedy’s War. In this alternate history timeline, US forces will directly engage the Soviets off the coast of Florida during the Cuban Missile Crises.

“Monster” Tanks

And in the grand WoT Console tradition of duplicating everything, two new Halloween themed reskins will be made available alongside the KV-5, O-I, Panther and T71 variants from last year. This year we’ll be getting the Höllenhund leKpz M 41 90 mm & Dragon Type 62

monsterheroes (1)

Standard version will be made available as soon as marketing remembers they exist.

In addition to these, last years tanks will be available for another Earn Op, and a fittingly themed “Monsters Awakened” game mode will be brought back from October 27th to November 1st.


That’s all for now. As of this writing a small update has gone live in the hopes of improving the map rotation after the loss of several maps this summer. By most accounts though, it seems WarGaming has simply removed the tier restrictions from several maps. Hello Tier X Widepark!

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WoT Console: October Overview

8 thoughts on “WoT Console: October Overview

  1. Gotta love when WG sells an obnoxiously bright hero tank and doesn’t give us the option to get the regular version. They would probably sell more if they simply gave us more options. “Here is a new tank.. it is a stealthy sniper.. so we painted it bright blue and yellow for you to make it easier to see.”

  2. Your Best Friend says:

    Hahaha I know, right – that STRV1 is dumb!!! It’s SOOOOOOOO STUPID and UNCREATIVE!!!! Why can’t Wargaming give us Historic paintjobs on the tanks like everyone asks for?????

    ……. Waittaminute.


    It’s an actual paintjob that was applied to an actual tank by the actual Swedish military?


    How on earth could anyone have known about that?


    One of the more famous special paint schemes applied to a military vehicle that shows up in the first 12 results of Google image search?

    Wow. It’s almost like people look for things they dislike and rail against them whether or not the complaint makes sense.

    Personally, my favorite part of these monthly Console Overview articles is how they’re just the press release posted by Wargaming but with any and all positivity replaced by negativity and derision.

    1. DecoNoir says:

      Not exactly, more replaced by the common sentiment of the community and some honest feedback replacing hype. Considering how much work is put into gimmicks (and sorry, being based on a tank in parade dress doesn’t make it any less silly) than into game optimization or balance improvements, and the developers actually removing large chunks of content, it’s more than fair that some actual honest feedback is posted.

      Nonetheless, I appreciate you going out of your way to make yet another new email just for the express purpose of commenting.

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